Tilting 20-100kg Induction Metal Melting Furnace for Au, Ag, Cu

20-100kg Metal Melting Machine

Superbmelt tilting induction metal melting furnace is designed for 20-100kg gold, silver,copper, brass, bronze melting based on induction technology.

Superbmelt induction metal melting furnace is equipped with a motor driven tilting device to improve the stability and safety of the equipment when it is poured.

Incorporated into this electric induction metal melting machine is a digital Simen control system (PLC). It gives a better control over the melting process.

Comparing with SCR/KGPS technology, IGBT technology can save 15%-30% energy and is much more efficient than gas-fired and coal-fired method. 24 hours constant working will meet your long time melting.

Small light, a lot of models can be selected to melt different amount of metals. Not only is it suitable for the factory, but also suitable for the college researching companies to use.
The crucible replacement is very easy for different metal material.

Modular design, ease of maintenance, no need to repair any special foundations, requires low operation cost, easily operable, produces no pollution and noise.

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