Gold Bar Maker

JD4 Vacuum Gold Bar Making Machine

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The Superbmelt gold bar maker is used to cast high quality ingots or gold bars. It allows users to measure and cast ingots of different sizes.

The use of the Superbmelt gold bar maker ensures fast production of gold bars because you can cast up to 4 pieces of gold bars at once or a single piece of 15kg gold bar. Superbmelt gold bar maker is widely used in foundries, financial institutions, jewelry industry, electronics industry, machinery repair shops, etc.

Metals that can be cast into bars with the gold bar making machine include; silver, gold, karat gold, etc. Making silver ingots with the Superbmelt gold bar maker is now easy because the casting process is automated.

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    Features of Gold Bar Maker

    gold bar casting machine

    Without contact with air, the surface of gold bars are more smooth, no oxidation, no porosity.

    silver bar casting machine

    The whole casting environment is closed, and no precious metal will be lost.

    gold bar making machine

    Comparing normal casting, vacuum casting bars are with flat and shiny surface and density.

    Details of Gold Bar Maker

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