Induction Platinum Melting Furnace

Induction Platinum Melting Furnace Description

Induction platinum melting furnace adopts medium frequency induction heating method to melt 1kg – 4kg platinum, gold, palladium or alloys.
The max heating temperature could be up to 2600℃.
It is a highly reliable guarantee 100% full load, 24 hours of continuous work ability, with over-current, over-voltage, owe water, lack of phase, load discomfort such as multiple protection of intermediate frequency power supply to rapid heating and reduce electromagnetic stirring effect on metal so that obtain high temperature and highly uniform metal liquid.
There are other many obvious benefits like easy operation, convenient maintenance, safety working, low loss, low noise and 24 hours continuous working.
The occupied land is less than 1 square meter.
The machine is equipped with a water pump, which can be directly cooled by water supply, so as to save investment in cooling line equipment
For quality warrantee, we will take test video for each machine for customer confirmation before delivery.

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