Making Gold Ingots

Vacuum bar casting machine for making quality silver and gold bars

More Details of Gold Ingots Making Machine

The gold casting machine is designed for casting 1kg to 2kg of silver and gold bars. With the gold casting machine, you enjoy the flexibility of making silver ingot as desired in accordance with LMBA specifications.

The gold ingot casting machine can cast silver and gold materials into ingot. It is widely used by miners, jewelry businesses, financial institutions, etc. Making gold and silver ingots with the silver casting machine is done under vacuum, which prevents ingots from oxidation and porosity.

Superbmelt’s gold ingot casting machine is very easy to install, use and maintain. The silver ingot making machine can be operated by a single operator. If you are looking at casting high quality silver and gold prices while saving cost and time of production, then the gold ingot casting machine is for you.

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    Features of Gold Ingots Making Machine

    silver bar casting machine

    Without contact with air, the surface of gold bars are more smooth, no oxidation, no porosity.

    silver bar casting machine

    The whole casting environment is closed, and no precious metal will be lost.

    gold bar making machine

    Comparing normal casting, vacuum casting bars are with flat and shiny surface and density.

    Details of Gold Ingots Making Machine

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