Gold and Silver Smelter

Gear Tilting Induction Gold and Silver Melting Furnace

More Details of Gold and Silver Smelter

The gold and silver smelter also known as gear tilting furnace is designed to melt about 10kg to 50kg of ferrous and nonferrous metals.

The gold and silver smelter is used in foundries, refineries, recycling plants, research and development industry. This can be used for all sizes of melting in foundries.

Supermelt’s gold and silver smelter requires between 15kw to 90kw of energy.

The chain tilting technology makes it very easy to remove molten metal after each melting operation, which improves efficiency. Tilting control becomes more flexible and tilting speed can easily be controlled.

It is an easy to install furnace, easy to use and maintain. The efficiency of melting is better than traditional melting.

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    Features of Gold and Silver Smelter

    Small Induction Furnace feature

    The power supply with SIEMENS’s PLC control system is more intelligent for the whole melting process.

    Small Induction Furnace

    The motor of the small induction furnace drives the chain to realize the tilting, stability and safety.

    Small Induction Furnace feature

    The power supply has an omni-directional protection to ensure the safety of the machine and operator.

    Details of Gold and Silver Smelter

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