Gold and Silver Melting Kit

20-30kg PLC Manual Tilting Induction Melting Furnace

More Details of Gold and Silver Melting Kit

This gold smelting machine is designed to melt ferrous and nonferrous metal of about 20kg to 30kg in a single melting operation. It is capable of melting at 1800 degree celsius in less than 8 minutes. The gold and silver melting kit uses induction power of 25 to 35kw.

The gold smelting furnace is designed such that molten metal is easily removed by tilting the furnace. This makes it difficult to record molten metal spills in foundries. It is widely used in refining laboratories, jewelry casting companies, foundries, etc.

The speed of melting saves time on production and it can work continuously for long hours. The use of the gold and silver melting kit is totally safe because there are no toxic emissions into the environment.

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    Features of Gold and Silver Melting Kit

    gold smelting furnace feature

    Induction gold melting furnace is equipped with a full range protection to ensure the safety of the machine and the operator.

    gold smelting furnace feature

    With tilting furnace design to prevents spillage which reduces the risk of operator damage from hot liquid metal splashes.

    Integrated compact design, no need to disassemble it when you meet problem, we support the set replacement.

    Details of Gold and Silver Melting Kit

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