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More Details of Centrifugal Casting Machine

The centrifugal casting machine is used to cast metals that have high melting temperatures. Such metals include platinum, palladium, stainless steel, etc. The centrifugal casting machine for sale has a melting temperature of 2600 degree celsius.

The centrifugal casting machine for sale by Superbmelt is easily adoptable for use in jewelry making, casting of crowns and bridges for dental practices and purposes, making awards and medals, used in making kitchen tools, etc. For jewelry production, multiple jewelry items can be cast at once using the centrifugal casting machine.

Centrifugal casting machine process involves pouring molten metal into a rotating mold at a controlled temperature. The mold rotates at a certain speed controlled by an electric motor that causes the molten metal to rotate in its central axis.

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    Features of Centrifugal Casting Machine


    The whole process, including melting and casting, is carried out completely in a vacuum environment, which is extremely friendly to metals that are easily oxidized.


    The melting temperature is as high as 2600 degrees Celsius, which is very suitable for palladium, platinum and stainless steel casting.


    The rotation of the mold exerts extreme pressure on the molten material, causing lighter contaminants and impurities to separate from the denser metal.

    Details of Centrifugal Casting Machine

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