10 benefits of vacuum jewelry casting machine

jewelry casting machine application Gold/silver vacuum jewelry casting machine is designed for jewellery castings. This machine is designed to meet the more severe needs in wax casting production. This machine works with new concepts and has several advantages as compared to other ordinary machines. Jewelry vacuum machine benefits over ordinary machines are as follows:
  • Comparatively more space for metal casting

Our jewellery making machine has comparatively more space as compared to other metal casting machines. If casting is done by having small amounts of metal at a time, then, it would take greater time lowering the production.
  • Vacuum melting and casting both performed in one machine

In ordinary machines metal melting and casting are performed in different machines which lower the product quantity as some of the quantity is lost in transferring molten matter from one machine to other. But in our machine, both processes are done in the same machine which omits the requirement of moving molten mass from one machine to other resulting in enhancing the yield.
  • Provides quality metal casting

Though metal casting is not guaranteed in all machines. Some machines leave the metal incompletely stirred resulting in poor quality results. But our vacuum metal casting machine provides good quality products, and ensures the quality to be best in our products. The casting process is under pressurized condition to urge the mold filling in maximum. The finished jewelry is with smooth furnace, high density and no air bubble,
  • Strong stirring to ensure even colour

In metal melting and casting machine, stirring is an important factor. Ordinary metal casting machines have lower level of stirring which leaves the product in an uneven tone. The jewellery being made in uneven tone and colour definitely looks unattractive.Our newly designed and advanced jewellery casting machine ensures constant stirring. Electromagnetic stirring is being used in this machine which ensures even colour.
  • Unique casting cylinder separated from vacuum device

Although melting and casting is done in the same machine but the cylinders for both processes are kept separated to keep the machine work fast and independently. The purpose of keeping both processes separate is to keep them qualitatively good. If done combined then both processes affect each other.
  • Compact design

Due to its compact design, our machine requires less space to be installed. Small and compact design makes it usable in all kinds of area either large industries or small ones. Also the work of two separate machines is done in the same machine having two different cylinders, so there is an additional benefit of less space consumption.
  • Alarm system

Various alarms have been integrated in the machine to stop the melting and casting process in the machine immediately to avoid any loss. This alarm system keeps your system away from any kind of harm to machine that may occur due to clocking of one process. It adds to the efficiency of the system.
  • Faster casting process

As this machine supports more quantity of metal (gold) at a time, it fastens the productivity rate. Also the two separate cylinders for performing casting and melting apart make the performance better leading to better yield.
  • PID temperature control system

The temperature control system keeps the vacuum jewelry casting machine from increasing temperature to such an extent which can be harmful for machine or which is not suitable for the metal melting and casting process. A higher temperature is not only dangerous for vacuum machine but it also boils up the metal which was to be molten and thus the metal goes wasted. Our vacuum machine has a temperature tolerance capability of ±2°C with a maximum temperature capacity of 1600°C.
  • Auto and semi-auto options available

Most of the time workers are needed to run machinery, and they need to be near the machine to avoid any damage to the machine, or overcoming the conditions if the machine does not work properly. This requires a large number of staff members to handle the working of a large number of machines in an industry. Our newly designed vacuum jewelry casting machine is designed to work under all conditions. It is provided with an automatic and semi-automatic options to handle machine without any extra staff. The semi-automatic settings can be adjusted as required to make the machine work as you require. This lessens the need of extra staff to take care of machines. The vast benefits of our vacuum jewelry casting machine are numerous as compared to ordinary metal melting and casting machines. It increases the productivity rate and yield overall and reduces the labour cost, hence making a huge profit to your business. And it provides best quality products that may increase your clients over the globe. This greatly beneficial machine is proved to be worth having. CLICK TO INQUIRE US

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