Gold Wire Drawing Machine

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More Details of Gold Wire Drawing Machine

The wire drawing machine is used in the metal working process to reduce the cross-section of a wire by pulling a wire through a series drawing die.

The process of wire drawing begins, a spool of wire is placed at the beginning of the machine on a spool. In order to fit through the machine, the end of the wire must be cut or flattened.

It is fed through the pay off wire wheel, left cone pulley, wire eyes arrangement frame and the right cone pulley to achieve its final sectional area. The end of the machine has a wire take up device so the finished product coils into it. Metals can be used to draw wire made from gold, K-gold, silver, copper, etc.

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    Features of Gold Wire Drawing Machine


    The machine has high working efficiency. Line wheel is made precisely of imported materials and the carburization on its wheel surface improves abrasive resistance.


    The motor adopts step less speed modulation design and is equipped with automatic winding displacement and rewinding machine.


    The whole machine is equipped with automatic cooling system which can automatically stop the machine when the work is finished.

    Details of Gold Wire Drawing Machine

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