Vacuum bar casting machine for making quality silver and gold bars

Vacuum Bars Casting Machine Description

The vacuum bars casting machine is designed for gold or silver ingots casting with customized weight and size.
Under the vacuum and inert gas protection,it perfectly solved the problems of metal oxidizing, metal shrinking, irregular shape and wave surface in the casting gold or silver bars.
The vacuum bars casting machine is based on Superb advanced IGBT induction technology, it highly improves the casting efficiency to realize high production rate and safe running.

The Vacuum Bars Casting Machine Features:

1. Almost no loss of gold in bar making process;
2. It avoids gold bars’ oxidation, shrinkage and water wave under vacuum;
3. It is fameless to ensure worker safety;
5. One button realizes fully automatic casting process;
6. Other advantage: High efficiency, Self-diagnostics,No pollution, Low noise.

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