Gold Wire Rolling Machine Price

7.5HP metal rolling mill to roll square wires

More Details of Gold Wire Rolling Machine

The jewelry rolling machine is used for rolling wire. Its grind groove corresponds to the circular and square shape in the upper and lower pressure wheel surface, that extrudes with different shapes and sizes of the metal lines.

The jewelry rolling mill for wire has a circular and square shape in the lower and upper pressure wheel surface. Which provides high quality wire during production.

Metals added through extrusion have a smooth surface. The pressure wheel surface is smooth, hence the product surface is smooth. The pressure roller has a mirror effect, hence the product has a mirror effect. The gold wire rolling machine price is very affordable for both small and large businesses. The rolling machine is easy to install, use and maintain.

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    Features of Gold Wire Rolling Machine


    High hardness roller material makes the sheet extremely flat and produces uniform thickness.


    Equipped with emergency stop mound layer and has a good safety protection performance.


    Roll different precious metals without excessive flash and losses; fast, highly accurate, and automatic fuel filling.

    Details of Gold Wire Rolling Machine

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