Sheet Rolling Mill

10HP sheet rolling machine to roll copper, gold, silver, etc

More Details of Sheet Rolling Mill

The jewelry sheet rolling mill is designed to roll metal into thin sheets, which can later be used for making hollow tubes in jewelry production lines. Metals that can be rolled with the sheet rolling mill are silver, gold, copper, titanium, etc.

The jewelry rolling machine makes metal sheets extremely thin and uniform after passing the high hardness facial compression several times, with a maximum thickness of between 9 to 11mm.

The jewelry sheet rolling mill is capable of turning raw materials into sheets and square wire. The jewelry rolling machine saves time and energy cost during production. The power required is between 4kw to 5.5kw and a revolving speed of 22 to 24 rpm.

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    Features of Sheet Rolling Mill


    High hardness roller material makes the sheet extremely flat and produces uniform thickness.


    Equipped with emergency stop mound layer and has a good safety protection performance.


    Roll different precious metals without excessive flash and losses; fast, highly accurate, and automatic fuel filling.

    Details of Sheet Rolling Mill

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