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The automatic beads making machine is to make hollow balls, beads, olive balls, abacus balls, etc. It automatically hammers 2mm to 14mm balls, and it is capable of producing 130 pieces per minute. The hollow ball making machine automatically performs the task of feeding, stamping and forming hollow balls.

It is mostly used in the jewelry industry. Metals used for making hollow balls are copper, silver, K-gold  and gold. The beads thickness varies between 0.15-0.23mm, 0.08-0.45mm, 0.15-0.45mm.

It is possible to customize hollow ball shapes such as abacus bead, water drop bead, bamboo knot bead, cylindrical bead, round bead, olive-shaped bead, etc. Despite the automatic function and capacities, the automatic beads making machine requires only 2.2kw to 3.7kw.

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    Details of Automatic Beads Making Machine

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