Superbmelt’s outdoor outreach activities

In order to enhance the cohesion of our team, we cultivate team members’ hard-working and courageous dedication to promote the communication between team members, and we have organized this outdoor development in the combination of work and rest.

Our destination is the Nan’ao outdoor development base. We entered the field, CS activities, water activities and aerial activities.

The event is not compulsory, but no one has turned down the activity, fully demonstrates the cohesive force of the team is very strong.

Shenzhen in August, is a hot season, close to 40 high temperatures, but this can not resist our enthusiasm, every team members are enjoying the event, nervous and tired are gone.

This event is mainly based on team activities, fully embodies our unity.

At the end of the event, we took a group photo to commemorate the event. Everyone was tired and a lot of sweat, but we always smiled and thanked us for our life and our work.

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