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The most popular SuperbMelt silver testing machine on the market

Superbmelt silver testing machine is used to accurately analyze precious metals for purity and authentication. The silver percentage testing machine can also be used to test the thickness of metal coatings and analyze the percentage of all metals purity.

Our silver testing equipment offers you speed, precision, compactness and ease of use. Superbmelt silver testing kit comes in two models, SPB-XR1200 and SPB-XR3200, suitable for different testing requirements.

Superbmelt silver testing machine is suitable for testing gold, silver, platinum, etc, in jewellery making, scrap recycling industries, etc. We are a silver coin testing machine manufacturer that ensures your electronic silver tester gets to your doorstep on time, without retail interruptions.

At Superbmelt, we guarantee you the best silver testing machine price. We are ISO, CE and SGS certified, we offer the best quality silver testing solution to meet your needs. You will get an instant reply when you send us your inquiry.

Gold testing machine features
Analyze the percentage of all metal purity
Gold Analyzer feature
Analysis of gold, silver, platinum, palladium purity
Gold Analyzer feature
Testing the thickness of metal coating

2 years warranty

The warranty for our machine is one year longer than the warranty provided by other factories.

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We will give response within 24 hours against your problem by our professional engineer.


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Over 15 years R&D experience in gold machinery with a top engineer team supported
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    Silver Testing Machine Buying Guide

    Chapter 1:

    Why do You Need a Professional Silver Testing Machine?

    Running a jewellery business is not an easy task. To gain the customers’ trust, you need to make sure that you have the purest form of gold, silver, and other precious metals. While you can go for some traditional material testing methods, such methods are very time-consuming. Besides, some methods can damage the metal. So, is there any solution to check the purity level of silver without damaging the metal? The XRF silver testing machine is the perfect solution for you.

    A professional XRF metal analyzer is an advanced solution that is developed to perfectly meet tough industrial challenges. Using this, you can effectively lower the risk, streamline the cost and boost your production efficiency. No matter what types of metals you want to check, with the professional silver testing machine, the test can be done within a few seconds.

    These machines have made it easier to find the metal element level present coins, bars, or jewellery. The devices can easily calculate the silver’s purity value with maximum precision. So, are you planning to buy such a machine and feeling confused? We have written down all the essential information that you need to know about the machine so that you can make your decision and choose the suitable machine for you. Have a look.

    1.1, Do You Really Know That Precious Metals are Real?

    It can be said that precious metals are real, and they are quite valuable. As the demand for precious metals is getting up, some people are now taking advantage of the condition and making counterfeit or duplicate metal to make money. Some people also have encountered such issues, losing a lot of money by buying fake jewellery.

    However, now you can easily check the originality of the precious metal you are buying using a portable XRF silver analyzer machine. While a more significant number of manufacturers are faking the appearance of palladium, silver, gold, platinum, and other precious metals, the XRF machines have become a useful device.

    Gold and silver plating, fake items, etc., are some types of challenges that most pawnshop owners, gold traders, and jewellers deal with regularly. To ensure better profitable transactions, you need to find out the accurate value of the metal.

    The modern XRF analyzer or gold-silver testing machine can demine the value 100 per cent accurately. So, get it now and keep yourself safe from counterfeit products.

    1.2, Impure Gold Types that cannot be Identified by Simple Methods

    You will find different types of impure gold jewellery pieces in the market where you can’t detect the impurity level through simple methods. The reason behind this is that the precious metals that are used as the base materials for the jewellery pieces can have the qualities and properties that will match with gold. Well, you can try out different precious material testing methods. If you find those methods time taking, you can always use the XRF tester to test the purity level of the metal.

    As the demand for pure precious metal has increased in the industry, people are using them for jewellery making, for investment, and in different industrial applications. However, it is crucial to make sure that the precious material that you are using is 100 per cent pure. For that, you can try out these common methods.

    • Analyzing in naked eye

    If you go to a professional and experienced jeweller, he can detect the authenticity of the metal or jewellery pieces just by looking at the pieces through a magnification glass. However, there is no guarantee that you will always get 100 per cent accurate results with this. So, don’t trust this method blindly.

    • Testing material using nitric acid

    There are some jewellers who believe that this is an effective method. This method includes making a small scratch on the metal and then applying nitric acid. If the metal is pure, you will not see any reaction. However, if the metal includes zinc or copper, it would react. Based on the concentration level of the acid, the purity of the metal can be evaluated. But remember that this method can damage your precious metals. Besides, as you will be using acid, you need to follow the steps carefully.

    • By checking density and weight

    Silver is a dense metal. By dropping it into the water and measuring how much water it displaces, you can quickly evaluate the purity level. But silver can also be alloyed with different metals, and this can increase the weight. So, this test can’t be trusted.

    • Check the marking

    Silver jewellery pieces come with some identifying marks, and those marks prove the purity level of the silver. For example, you can see 925mark. However, such marks can be faked. So, this method is also no reliable.

    Now you might be wondering how to check the purity level without damaging the metal? Well, the answer is the XRF silver analyzer machine. The XRF analysis leaves your precious metals undamaged and intact.

    The machines produce X-rays that trigger the atoms located in the metal, making them emit energy, and the analyzer tests the energy level to evaluate the purity value. Different studies have proved that such machines produce 100 per cent accurate results.

    XRF method doesn’t require sample digestion or dissolution. You can now easily detect the inaccuracies. Anyone can be taught how to use the machine, and it takes only a few seconds to get the result. So, what are you waiting for? Get this machine now.

    1.3, Identify and Avoid Fake Precious Metals

    Do you want to check the authenticity of the precious metals that you have? Well, even though you can use an XRF metal analyzer for this, there are some facts that you should know. Have a look.

    • The weight of precious metal is more.

    Whether it is an absolute gold, silver, or platinum metal, they will weigh more than their counterfeit options, where mercury and other elements are used to create a real-looking fake material.

    • All the precious metal-made jewellery pieces have hallmarks.

    The hallmarks imprinted on the jewellery pieces show the purity level and presence of precious metal contents. For example, if you are buying gold jewellery, then you can see a 24k or 124k hallmark. In sterling silver-made jewellery, you will find 925 hallmarks.

    • Precious metals are non-magnetic in nature.

    Pure gold, silver, and platinum are non-magnetic in nature. So, you can check the metal using a magnet. If the metal sticks to the object, then it is not pure.

    XRF analyzer- A device to accurately detect the purity

    Well, these methods are helpful, but you can’t expect to get 100 per cent accurate results from them. This is where the XRF analyzer comes to play. These machines are designed to offer accurate results using X-ray technology. XRF analysis is a faster, precise, and non-destructive way to detect materials’ purity. XRF machines can be very useful for miners, jewellery makers, refiner, specialists, and recyclers.

    The X-ray technology used in the device is very accurate, and the result can be obtained within 10 to 15 seconds. Using this, you will also be able to enjoy some impressive benefits. One of the most crucial benefits is that you don’t have to apply any harmful chemicals or acids to test the purity. Other benefits to consider are:

    • Inexpensive metal testing option
    • Minimal sample preparation
    • Can analyze different elements located in the metal simultaneously
    • Faster analysis
    • The machines have received global acceptance.

    This method can be used to analyze palladium, platinum, silver, gold, and more along with different base metal alloys, such as silver grades, platinum alloys, gold plates, karat gold, and more. Don’t think much and don’t take the risk of using traditional material analysis methods. Ge this modern gold and silver testing machine now.

    gold testing machine

    Chapter 2:

    What Types of XRF Analyzers are in the Market?

    Talking about XRF- X-Ray Fluorescence is one of the most common and widely used investigative methods that can offer quantitative and qualitative data by analyzing the composition of the sample. The method works on the principle where atoms absorb the X-rays’ energy and produce secondary X-rays.

    In the market, you will find two common types of XRF analyzers. These are handheld XRF and desktop XRF testing machines. Let’s talk about these machines in detail.

    2.1, Desktop XRF Testing Machine

    These machines are also called benchtop XRF machines. The XRF gold testing machines can detect simple elements, and you can trust this for sophisticated analysis. Different studies have proved that the desktop XRF model can provide you with an impressive level of sensitivity and resolution as the machine can produce a constant source of X-ray.

    Talking about the mode of operation, well, the machine is simple to use. Just place the machine on a table and connect it with your computer, and you are all set to carry out the test.

    Let us explore some significant benefits of the machine; the machine comes with a programmable stage. Using this, you can easily measure different points per sample and can carry out multiple samples for each run. There is no need to go for a manual setting.

    Besides, you will enjoy an excellent level of efficiency as you can set the samples and return them later. Some other major benefits are mapping functions, multiple collimators, and an excellent level of versatility.

    With all such features and benefits, a desktop XRF analyzer can be a perfect option for testing the coating thickness. The advanced configuration of the machines lets it to analyze more than a single layer of coating. It comes with the latest software version and consumes less power.

    The desktop XRF analyzer can be used for petroleum & petrochemicals, cement production, mining, and polymer industry. Besides, it is also useful in the industries like cosmetics, food, healthcare products, forensics, pharmaceutical, and glass production.

    2.2, Handheld XRF Testing Gun

    When it comes to buying a portable metal analyzer, the handheld XRF testing gun can be a perfect option for you. This facilitates material testing at the site. Now, you don’t have to take the material to the labs. One of the major benefits of such a device is its portability.

    You can carry it with you wherever you go. Besides, when you buy it from a good brand, the machines come with a powerful battery that can keep the machine running for more than three days.

    In terms of application, the machines can be used for waste metal recycling, mining and exploration, steel smelting, machinery manufacturing, shipbuilding, scrap sorting, archaeology, jewellery making, and more.

    While offering quality results, the machine can cope with your mobility requirements. It can also correct the ambient temperature automatically as well as pressure fluctuation. Without making any calibration, you can easily choose the material.

    2.3, Modern Techniques of Identifying Original Gold

    The purity level of the silver metal can be detected utilizing different methods, such as fire assay, desktop analyzer, atomic absorption spectroscopy, and more.

    AAS- Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy

    This method works on the principle of optical radiation absorption. This technology utilizes the light’s wavelengths that are generally absorbed by the element.

    Fire Assay

    Under this method, the gold sample is melted properly, and impurities are removed. Once it cooled, the remaining content is measured. Even though it is effective, it can take a lot of time.

    Handheld and desktop analyzer

    One of the latest introductions to metal analysis is a handheld and desktop XRF analyzer. Both the machines use X-ray fluorescent technology to test the purity level of the precious metal. They don’t damage the material and entirely safe for use. Besides, you will find them less labour-intensive.

    Chapter 3:

    How does the Superbmelt Silver Testing Machine Work?

    SuperbMelt manufactures the top-quality and reliable silver tunch machine or silver metal analyzer that works based on the XRF technology. Measuring the fluorescent level produced by the samples after getting exposed to an X-ray source, the machine offers 100 per cent accurate results. It is ideal for both qualitative and quantitative analysis.

    3.1, The Principle of Superbmelt Silver Testing Machine

    The machine has an X-ray tube, and when you press the trigger, it produces a powerful X-ray beam. The beam is so powerful that it can effectively propel the electrons present in the atoms’ inner shells. When the x-ray beam gets in touch with the atoms of the sample material, it makes them displace the electrons.

    The difference between the energy level of the XRF machine’s x-ray beam and the binding energy leads to displacement. The electrons leave the place, creating vacancies. After that, the atoms become unstable. In order to prevent instability, other atoms fill the vacancies, and they come from the higher orbit to the lower orbit. Well, during the process, they create some energy, called fluorescent energy.

    The XRF machine test that energy to know the value of the elements present in the material. All these things happen within 5 to 10 seconds. As a result, you will enjoy the faster result.

    3.2, The Features of Superbmelt Silver Testing Machine

    Well, the XRF silver testing machine comes with some fantastic features to provide you with accurate results. Have a look at some significant features.

    • As the name suggests, the XRF analyzer utilizes x-ray fluorescence analytical metho. This method is multielement, environment-friendly, non-destructive, and very accurate. Within 10 seconds, you can get the result.
    • Besides, our device can easily measure different atomic elements range from 12 to 92. That means it can cover magnesium to uranium.
    • The machine comes with a customized system, for example, 1G CPU, 1G memory, 32GB of storage.
    • The analysis time may range from 1 to 60 seconds, and the content range can be 99.99 per cent PPM.
    • Our XRF machine has Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and a GPS system that can track location and send the result to different devices.
    • Our handheld XRF machine comes with a powerful 9000mAh rechargeable battery and can run for up to 12 hours. Besides, you will get a 2700mAh of additional battery.
    • The devices had an optional SDD detector that helps in testing light elements, for example, silicon, magnesium, Sulphur, aluminium, phosphorus, and more.
    • The resolution of the detector can reach up to 128ev.
    • The XRF handled device has a 500W high-resolution camera and facilitates better documentation of the samples.
    • The LCD screen located in the device is 5 inches large, enabling proper display as well as viewing of analyzed results. The LCD panel resolution is 1080×720.
    • Our XRF analyzer has digital multi-channel technology and supports quick analysis and SPI data transmission.
    • Speaking about the operational humidity level, it is ≤90%, and its operating temperature limit is -20-degree C to 50-degree C.
    • In terms of dimension, the length of the machine is 244mm, and the width and height are 90mm and 330mm, respectively.
    • We have added an intelligent warning indicator system to the device. If it shows yellow light, then there is no error. A green indicator means the device is ready to use, and during the test, a red light will flash.
    • The best part is that the device comes with a military-grade storage box. In the box, you will get PDA accessories, a radiation shield, a 4GB SD memory, a card reader, and two powerful battery.

    3.3, The Benefits of Superbmelt Silver Testing Machine

    Using SuperbMelt’s XRF silver metal analyzer, you will witness the following benefits:

    • The machine is lightweight, and it weighs around 1.7kg. So, you can comfortably take this machine with you wherever you go. On the other hand, it comes with an ergonomically designed handle that makes it comfortable to hold.
    • You will get a large 5-inches LCD panel that can rotate at 360-degree, and you can clearly see the result at night or during the daytime.
    • It is dustproof and waterproof. So, you don’t have to worry about the machine while using it in a harsh environment.
    • The machine is quite famous for offering quick, accurate, and non-destructive analysis processes compared to the traditional methods.
    • What’s more? This singlegold jewellery testing machine is enough to test different elements, such as iron, ruthenium, tantalum, hafnium, silicon, niobium, germanium, zinc, copper, nickel, chromium, tin, cobalt, bismuth, and more.
    • The XRF machine can be used without helium as it has a unique near optical path design.
    • Comes equipped with a 2700mAh battery, the machine can work up to 3 days once fully charged.
    • You don’t need compressed air, gases, or water to run the XRF analyzer.
    • It consumes very low electricity.
    • The handheld XRF machine from SuperbMelt is a perfect device to use in different industries, such as steel, iron, metal smelting, recycling, aerospace, food processing, and more.
    Chapter 4:

    How to Choose the Right Analyzer

    1. Why use XRF?

    Why choose the XRF analyzer when you can go for other metal testing methods? First of all, the traditional methods don’t always offer accurate results. Besides, methods like acid testing can damage the material. So, using an XRF machine makes sense. This machine utilizes non-destructive XRF technology to test the elemental composition of the material. XRF evaluates the chemistry of the sample by effectively measuring the fluorescent produced by the sample. No matter what the condition is, this machine will offer you 100 per cent accurate results. Are you worried about the cost? Well, it comes under your budget. Check the gold and silver tunch machine price at our site and place your order now.
    1. Identify the Materials You Want to Analyze

    Before buying the XRF analyzer, we would suggest you first understand what materials you want to test. For example, will they liquids, solids, or powders or known or unknown? Remember that based on the material you want to test, you need to configure the machine accordingly, and not all machines support this feature. However, with SuperbMelt’s XRF machine, you can test any material you want, and it supports auto-calibration.
    1. Choose a Detector Type: PIN or SDD

    Another important factor to consider is the detector type. When it comes to XRF machines, they come with two different types of detectors, i.e., PIN and SSD. In the case of the PIN detector, the technology is very old, and the sensitivity level is also low. But SSDs are the most advanced detectors. SDD can easily detect various light elements, like aluminium, sulfur, silicon, and more. If the machine has the SDD detector, then it can offer you faster results. We would like to tell you that our XRF machines come with SDD detectors.
    1. Select a Detector Size

    While buying an XRF analyzer, you can go for a large-area SDD or a standard SDD. Always keep in mind the for a good analytical sensitivity, go for a machine with large-area SDD. On the other hand, the detection limit should be between 1 to 500 ppm. For this, you can trust our XRF analyzer.
    1. Choose an Anode Material

    You will find different types of anode material with different models of XRF machines. Some widely used anode materials are rhodium, silver, and tungsten. Tungsten anode material is good for measuring light elements. Besides, this material is also suitable for high-energy elements. If you are low in budget, silver anode material can be a good option.
    1. Understanding the Specifications for Your Environment

    Before buying one, you need to understand the environmental condition of the place where you want to use the device. For example, if you will be using the machine in a hot condition, make sure the analyzer has a robust design. Besides, check the IP rating of the machine to make sure that the machine is dust and water-resistant. A good IP rating means the analyzer can easily sustain rugged industrial conditions. No matter what the environmental condition is, our XRF silver testing machine will never fail to show you the accurate result.
    Chapter 5:

    The Applications of the Superbmelt XRF Silver Testing Machine

    5.1, How to apply the SuperbMelt XRF Silver Testing Machine

    We would like to inform you what our XRF silver analyzer can’t determine the purity level of silver directly by testing a single point on the surface. Why? Some jewellery pieces come coated with some other precious elements of the material. So, testing specific points may not offer you an accurate result. However, there are two proven ways that you can use to test the purity level of the metal.

    Melting silver before the detection

    While working with silver, you need to make sure that you have the purest form of silver. So, the test should be carried out. To make sure you are using the XRF machine properly to analyze the purity, you should get the silver in craft in the purest state.

    For this, you need to melt the silver in jewellery or craft using a high-quality gold and silver melting machine, or you can also use the furnace. After that, you can test the melted gold using our XRF silver analyzer to know the purity level.

    Four cross-sectional testing

    Another popular method of testing silver while using the XRF silver analyzer is to conduct four cross-sectional testings. How to do that? For this, before testing the metal from one point on the surface, you need to cut the jewellery piece into four cross-sections.

    Now, test the purity level in every section using our XRF metal analyzer. Now, take the average value of the total results, and you can ascertain the possible silver quality percentage.

    Besides, you can also drill the silver to check the purity level. Use the silver particles generated during the drilling to test the purity.

    It may be noted that the XRF silver testing device can’t penetrate silver to test its internal purity. In such a case, you can use these methods for accurate results.

    5.2, Some Factors Influencing the Efficiency of SuperbMelt Silver Testing Machine

    Well, understanding the principles of our XRF gold silver testing machine will not be enough to test the materials. You should understand that there are some other crucial factors that can significantly influence the final result. Here are some points that you should keep in mind while using the machine.

    • First of all, you should strictly follow the instructions provided by the manufacturers to know how to use the machine.
    • You should always use a silver testing machine that can quickly obtain silver samples in their purest forms.
    • Follow the above-mentioned methods, like cutting the metal in four equal parts for testing. This you can get an accurate average result.
    • After using the machine, you should keep the machine in the box and keep it under suitable environmental conditions. Make sure the external factors are now affecting the machine.
    • Well, our machine is easy to use, and the users don’t have to develop technical skills to use it. However, it would be better if the machine is used by an expert or professional with knowledge about its operation and handling.
    • Before using the machine, properly check the parts, whether all the parts are working properly or not.

    5.3, Comparison

    You will find different types of silver testing machines or equipment in the market, and before buying one, you should know all the things about each machine. In general, you can go for chemical methods, desktop silver measuring machines, and hand-held or portable silver testing instruments.

    In terms of location of use, the chemical method is used in the labs. The handheld XRF analyzer is a portable machine, and you can carry the machine wherever you want. In the case of the desktop edition, you need to place it on the desk.

    Considering the safety factor, the chemical method is not 100 per cent safe to test silver. In some cases, you may need to use acid, which can damage the material. However, both desktop silver analyzer and XRF analyzer are safe to use and will not damage the metal.

    Another thing to consider that to use chemical methods, you will require substantial training. But an XRF analyzer can be used after a simple training session.

    Chapter 6:


    Is XRF silver testing machine safe to use?

    As per multiple studies, the XRF silver testing machine is relatively safe to use. Now, let’s discuss about the reason. When you go for the traditional method, you will have to use different types of chemicals to test the purity of the precious metal. However, with XRF testing guns, you don’t need to use any chemical. The machine utilizes x-ray technology. XRF analysis offers you a non-destructive analysis method. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with SuperbMelt now and buy the best gold silver testing machine.

    Can XRF silver testing machine detect gold?

    Yes, when you have the XRF silver testing machine with you, there is no need to buy a new tool to detect gold. This single machine can detect silver as well as gold. Besides, SuperbMelt’s XRF tester can also be used for some other precious materials, for example, niobium, vanadium, manganese, iron, chromium, titanium, and more. You can trust our machine for accurate results. Get it now.

    How does an XRF gun work?

    The XRF gun or you can say our XRF silver checking machine, function by using a powerful x-ray. Take the gun closer to the metal that you want to test. After that, press the trigger. Once done, wait for a few seconds. The x-ray technology will measure the purity level by studying the atom’s reaction in the material, and the value will be displayed on the gun’s LCD panel.

    What is the principle of XRF?

    It may be noted that XRF is part of x-ray fluorescence. This is the method where electrons are carefully displaced from the atomic orbital position. This action will release a burst of energy. The energy level released will be registered by the XRF gun’s detector. Now, let’s talk about this in detail. A powerful x-ray beam released by the gun affects the electrons located in the atom’s inner shells. The beam is emitted from the front side of the XRF analyzer. After that, the beam interacts with the atoms by displacing the electrons of the atoms. The displacement happens due to the difference between the binding energy and the primary x-ray beam. It happens when the beam emitted by the XRF gun is higher than the electrons’ binding energy. Then the process leads to fluorescence. This process takes only a few seconds, and you can get the result faster.

    What elements can XRF detect?

    The invention of the XRF detector has revolutionized the way people used to check metal and the combined elements. With just one device, now you can easily detect different elements. Let’s take the example of our XRF gold and silver testing machine. This small and hand-held machine can easily detect various elements, such as titanium, zinc, nickel, copper, cobalt, germanium, phosphorus, silver, gold, rhodium, silicon, magnesium, and more. Want to know more about our machine? You can get in touch with us now.

    How do you use the XRF silver testing machine?

    First of all, let us tell you that our XRF silver testing machine is easy and simple to use, as it doesn’t need any special or complex method. Speaking about the steps of using the machine, you need to bring the machine close to the material you want to test. After that, press the trigger of the machine. Wait for a few seconds, and the testing gun will display the result. When you use SuperbMelt’s XRF handheld analyzer, you will get 100 per cent accurate results. Why try those destructive methods of testing your precious metal when you can use this non-destructive testing machine! Get this now.

    What are the benefits of using a portable XRF silver testing machine?

    Our portable XRF handheld silver testing machine is very popular for the benefits it offers to the users. Some of the significant benefits are:

    • The portable XRF portable silver purity testing machine is very lightweight, and you can easily carry the machine to the worksite.
    • Made of advanced XRF technology, the machine offers improved statistics and can carry out high-density analysis, offering 100 per cent accurate results.
    • The XRF handheld analyzer machine offered by SuperbMelt comes with a large 5-inches LCD screen, and that supports a 360-degree rotation.
    • Offering you a faster analysis, you can get the testing result within just 15 seconds. There is no need to take the material to the traditional testing laboratory and wait for days or weeks to get the result.
    • Our XRF machine comes with advanced application software designed for the alloy and metal industry.

    It can also be used for exploration and mining applications.

    How accurate is an XRF silver testing machine?

    SuperbMelt has designed this machine to provide the users with accurate results in the non-destructive material analysis way. While testing, remember that heavier elements can be less accurate than lighter elements. That’s why 0.01 – 100 per cent of accuracy can be a little more than 1ppm – 100ppm of accuracy range. To improve the accuracy, you can set the response of the device for a particular material. But the machine is much better than the traditional material testing procedure.

    Is XRF a surface technique?

    Well, the XRF method is an elemental analysis technique and is designed to effectively quantify multiple elements present in the sample. The X-ray photons’ characteristics developed in the sample produce a certain level of energy, and while moving towards the XRF detector, they get absorbed by the sample’s atoms.

    Why can XRF detect light elements?

    XRF gold jewellery testing machine can also be used to test light elements as most of the light elements have a low energy level, and they always struggle to escape without getting absorbed. AS the XRF machines come with some improvements, they can easily detect light elements, for example, magnesium. Previously, this was an impossible task as the signal is very weak. So, check out our XRF handheld analyzer and place your order now.

    What is an XRF instrument?

    As the name suggests, the XRF instrument works by using X-ray technology. You can use this for faster and accurate, and non-destructive analysis of different elements present in metals, minerals, rocks, fluids, and sediments. You can trust our XRF analyzer or spectrometer for 100 per cent accurate results.

    How does XRF measure thickness?

    The coating thickness can be measured using an XRF analyzer, and it offers non-destructive analytics. The machine reads the fluorescent x-ray released from the samples when coming into contact with the x-ray source. The thickness can be measure by analyzing the signal strength. The entire process of testing the thickness will take around 15 seconds.

    What are the purity ranges of gold jewellery?

    The gold purity level is described as 10k, 18k, 14k, and 24k. It may be noted that easy level has its pros and cons in terms of durability, strength, and risk of skin infection. For the purest gold, 24k gold is best, but it is very malleable and soft. On the other hand, 10k gold is very durable, and the purity level is low.

    What are the purity ranges of silver jewellery?

    The purity level in silver jewellery is described as 99.9 per cent, 92.5 per cent, 80 per cent, and 83.5 per cent. Some silver jewellery pieces come with a 925 mark, which means they are made of sterling silver. This is the most common form of silver used in the jewellery industry. Silver and its marks are 999, 990, 925, and 800.

    What are the purity ranges of platinum jewellery?

    In the case of platinum-made jewellery, you can find 90 per cent or 900pt and 95 per cent or 950pt pure platinum jewellery. Even though this material is durable, it is malleable. So, while crafting platinum jewellery prices, manufacturers mix other platinum metals to form the alloy.

    What are the purity ranges of palladium jewellery?

    Palladium is one of the purest and precious metals used in the jewellery industry. Speaking more about it, palladium is a part of a platinum metal group, so it demonstrates a few similar qualities to platinum metal. The purity of palladium is marked by 95 per cent or 950pt. The material is hypoallergenic and can be used with gold.

    What are the characteristics of X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy?

    If you are in search of a reliable a high-quality silver purity testing machine, then you can always trust SuperbMelt’s XRF analyzer or XRF spectrometer. The result offered by the machine is very precise. It carries our 100 per cent accurate analysis within a few seconds. Besides, it offers a non-destructive material purity analysis method. On the other hand, this single machine can be used to analyze liquid, powder material, and solid material. Check our silver purity testing machine price and order it now.

    What is the working principle of the XRF silver testing machine?

    The XRF machine’s working principle is very simple to understand. The X-ray source from the XRF silver testing machine triggers the sample. The x-ray propels the electrons, making them move out. The electrons located in the outer electron shells emit fluorescence radiation with a certain level of energy. The machine then tests the fluorescence radiation level to measure the purity of the metal. Check the gold silver testing machine price and buy it now for better results.

    Does the use of the instrument require any special maintenance?

    Well, if you have the XRF machine from SuperbMelt, then you don’t have to worry about the maintenance. However, to keep the machine running for years, use the machine properly and store it in the box provided by the supplier. Our machine is durable and will come under your budget.

    What is the precision and accuracy of your instrument?

    Based on the metal you are analyzing, the accuracy and precision level of our handheld XRF machine will vary. However, the deviation will remain between 10 to 30 ppm. Our machine is quite famous for its accuracy.

    How long does it take to replace the test sample of SPS XR 5000?

    Our SPS XR 5000 model has a fast SSD detector. It is known for its faster purity analysis, and the machines can offer you the result within 5 seconds. Try it out now.

    Chapter 7:


    The actual value of ornamental objects and jewellery pieces lies with the value of the items being sold and bought. This is determined by the precise elemental composition of the metal.

    Testing gold, silver, and other precious metals is crucial as the finished products need to meet the required quality level. The ability to accurately and quickly analyze these metals is essential for manufacturers and narrow-profile specialists, for instance, in the field of research, enterprises, science, and laboratories.

    Suppose you are working with a precious metals trader or you have a jewellery store. In such a case, a gold silver testing machine will be an essential and useful tool for you. Well, you can use the traditional metal analysis method to check the purity, but that is very time taking and as you will use acid, it can damage the metal.

    However, you can test the metal in a non-destructive way by using our XRF analyzer. The machine can test different materials and offers faster results, thereby increasing your productivity. It comes with a powerful battery that can keep the machine running for more than three days.

    The collimation filter system combines 12 groups and will perfectly meet your requirements. The best part is that SuperbMelt’s XRF silver checking machine is ISO, CE and SGS approved.

    When buying a machine to analyze precious metals, there are some important factors that you need to consider before making the purchase. As per the experts, you should consider the points like the average cost of the machine, result accuracy, durability, battery capacity, and types of metals the machine can analyze.

    You will not want to buy a silver testing device by spending a lot of money that doesn’t have the required features. Getting the wrong silver analyzer can make you suffer a huge loss. But with our XRF machine, you don’t have to worry about this as the machines come equipped with the latest technologies and features. So, what are you waiting for? Check out the model at our official site and place your order now.

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