Silver Smelting Kit

The most popular SuperbMelt 1-2kg silver smelting kit on the market

mini silver smelting kit
mini silver smelting kit

Superbmelt silver smelting kit is used for melting silver, gold, copper, brass, bronze and their alloys, measuring up to 2kg. Superbmelt home gold smelting kit has a melting temperature of 1600 degrees celsius that melts within 2 minutes.

Superbmelt silver smelting kit China has an IGBT induction heating technology that makes the melting process highly efficient and easy to use. The induction heating technology also conserves energy use.

 The silver melting kit for sale by Superbmelt is applicable for use in jewellery making, precious metal mining, personalized melting, etc. Contact Superbmelt today for an affordable and high-quality mini smelting kit.

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mini silver smelting kit
Extremely speedy melting within 2 mins per batch and 24h continuous working greatly improve the efficiency of production.
mini silver smelting kit

Small 1-2kg gold and silver smelting machine is portable size design, light weight, easy to carry and fix.

mini silver smelting kit
Comparing with traditional melting, SPB-DH reduces the loss of precious metal, safe work, save operation cost.

2 years warranty

The warranty for our machine is one year longer than the warranty provided by other factories.

Strong service team

We will give response within 24 hours against your problem by our professional engineer.


Why SuperbMelt Gold and Silver Smelting Kit

Professional R&D Team:
Over 15 years R&D experience in gold machinery with a top engineer team supported
High Quality:
Only choose famous brand main electric components for production
ISO CE SGS Approved:
Professional certification bodies certify that the machines are of high quality

    Any Question About SuperbMelt Gold and Silver Smelting Kit

    FAQ Guide of Silver Smelting Kit

    Many people might have silver jewelry with various defects, such as broken bracelets and missing links in silver chains. In addition, the ease of melting silver jewelry scraps to create new jewelry designs is also a favorable aspect. This is why the demand for silver smelting kit has increased profoundly in recent times. At the same time, it is also inevitable to wonder about the best ways to melt silver at home. The following discussion helps you find answers to some of the top questions regarding the functioning and efficiency of silver melting machine.

    1. How to Melt Silver Nowadays?

    Silver is easily one of the most commonly available precious metals in present times. It finds applications primarily in jewelry, albeit with prominent applications in electronics, medical supplies alongside many other industrial use cases. In the form of an abundantly available precious metal, silver gives the flexibility of working with it for various reasons. On the other hand, melting silver could be a considerably complicated task for beginners. However, it is possible to start melting silver nowadays with the right supplies, knowledge, and work skills. You can follow simple steps for melting silver at home.

    It is easy to have a silver melting furnace at home with the right selection. First of all, you should start with a foundry crucible, which is basically a container used in metal production. In addition, you should also get heavy-duty crucible tongs for handling the higher crucible temperatures. Another requirement for melting silver at home is a graphite stir rod. The graphite stir rod is essential for stirring the molten silver alongside ensuring that it melts completely before casting.

    The most important requirement for melting silver is the silver melting furnace. The furnace is a suitable pick for individuals interested in working with silver melting frequently, especially with large amounts. Finally, you should also ensure to get safety equipment such as industrial-grade goggles, aprons, face shields, or gloves. Once you have procured all the items required for silver melting, you could just place the silver products in the crucible and put the crucible on or in the furnace. That’s it! You could have your own apparatus for melting silver at home.

    2. How to Melt Silver in Induction Furnace?

    When you are trying to find the right silver melting machine price, you could come across induction furnaces as one of the top choices. Most important of all, it is important to remember that the right furnace has profound implications for the process. Even with the availability of different options on the market presently, only a few alternatives could offer the ease and control which you could find with induction furnaces. Interestingly, you don’t need any genius IQ for understanding the working of an induction furnace.

    The working of the induction gold melting furnace could show exactly how to use it for melting silver. Basically, the power supply to the induction furnace helps in generating a high-frequency current. The high-frequency current then passes through a water-cooled copper coil, thereby resulting in high-frequency magnetic flux. Subsequently, the magnetic flux passes around the silicon carbide crucibles holding the silver precipitate.

    At this point, you can witness how the induction furnace helps in melting silver. The temperature of the silicon carbide crucibles increases due to the high resistance. As a result, conduction heat transfer starts between the crucible and silver precipitate, thereby increasing the temperature of the silver precipitate. The silver precipitate would start melting once it reaches the melting point.

    3. How to Use Silver Melting Furnace for Silver Mining?

    The mining industry easily comes as one of the top entries in the energy-intensive manufacturing sectors. As of now, furnaces continue to be the most commonly used instruments across various mining companies for successfully smelting gold or silver. A new era of furnace designs has led to the arrival of electric and induction silver smelting machine.

    The new furnace designs have the capability of saving energy with smelting processes in comparison to traditional furnace designs. So, what are the possible ways in which silver melting furnaces could help with silver mining? Here are some of the important value advantages you can obtain from a silver melting furnace for silver melting.

    The first advantage of using a modern silver smelting machine for sale would be energy conservation. Induction furnaces leverage non-contact heating method, which offers considerably higher energy efficiency. At the same time, reduced wastage of energy also implies considerable savings in the total energy consumed for melting metals.

    Silver mining could benefit productively with a furnace that offers a higher melt rate. As a result, the mining site could carry out various batch melts in a short course of time.

    Another profound value proposition of smelting furnaces for silver mining is the cleaner and effective method for heat production. Heating of metals within short time periods alongside the lack of need for startup time or warm-up and cool-down cycle make them more efficient for silver mining.

    4. How Silver Melting Furnace is Useful for Precious Metal DIY Enthusiasts?

    DIY enthusiasts also look forward to many applications of a small silver smelting machine without any doubts. DIY arts and crafts with silver become a lot easier with a melting furnace at your disposal. All you need is the proper knowledge of best practices and essential requirements for melting silver at home. Once you are ready with the required information and equipment, DIY silver melting could help you create interesting pieces of art and jewelry.

    The best way to get suitable value from a small silver smelting furnace at home for silver DIY enthusiasts is through the development of casts or molds. With the cast or mold, you could easily find some interesting ways to shape up molten silver into attractive products. DIY enthusiasts should understand the important implications associated with creating a mold or cast. First of all, you should note that it is possible to create casts and molds from materials such as clay, wood, ceramic and specific alloys. Even if they are an inexpensive part of supplies in silver melting, they have critical importance for any silver DIY enthusiast.

    Carve or shape the desired material according to the desired detail and relevant size. If you are trying to use clay or ceramic, then you must fire the mold to temperatures more than 1000 degrees Fahrenheit. After melting the silver, you must pour molten silver into the mold immediately. Make sure that you are carefully slow and gentle while pouring the molten silver so that you don’t spill silver. It is important that the silver reaches all angles of the shape you have created in the mold. At the same time, the silver must be distributed uniformly in all parts of the mold.

    5. How Silver Melting Furnace is Useful for Silver Mining Laboratories?

    One of the notable requirements of silver mining laboratories in a large or small silver smelting machine would be continuity. Silver mining laboratories would require prolific and continuous melting of silver for different applications. Starting from research on quality of silver jewelry to the study on effectiveness of new designs, silver mining laboratories have a lot on their hands. With the help of a portable electric silver melting furnace, you could experience many promising benefits. Now, it is inevitable to wonder about the benefits of precious metal melting furnaces for silver mining laboratories.

    The foremost benefit of a portable furnace is the ease of portability. The advantage of a compact size helps in easier transportation and maintenance of the furnace.

    Electric metal melting furnaces are also exceptionally favorable choices for melting gold, copper, bronze, brass, silver, and their alloys.

    The higher efficiency of new furnace designs with water cooling units alongside reduced concerns of overheating give another plausible reason. No matter how many hours you have to work in your laboratory, the electric or induction silver melting machine could be a top pick for you.

    Most important of all, a small silver melting furnace designed for safety ensures that all the melting happens in a closed chamber. As a result, you can also be safe from exposure to molten silver during your work in the laboratory.

    6. Could I get 9999 Silver from your Silver Melting Furnace?

    No. Another common question that emerges with respect to the effectiveness of a silver smelting kit refers to authenticity. There are many factors that come into play for defining the quality of silver generated from melting furnaces. For example, the technology advantage works profoundly in favor of the Superbmelt crucible melting pot. The benefits of induction heating technology with the Superbmelt silver melting machine give the assurance of quality of the silver. The melting furnace works effectively by preventing the loss of silver, which is observed commonly in the traditional melting process.

    Most important of all, you have the flexibility of choosing from different types of crucibles for melting silver. The Superbmelt crucible melting pot helps you choose graphite crucibles or the ones made of silicon carbide according to needs. With the help of induction heating technology, you can have consistent texture in the molten silver. At the same time, the Superbmelt crucible silver melting pot also works on restricting the concerns of oxidation, shrinkage, and porosity in metals after the casting process. As a result, you can have the assurance of highest quality of silver with an induction heating furnace.

    7. What is the Heating Principle for Silver Melting?

    The basic principle related to the working of an induction gold melting furnace or silver melting pot focuses on a higher voltage electrical source. The high voltage of electrical supply flowing through the primary coil helps in generating higher current and low voltage in the metals. Basically, the whole melting process works on the concept of induction, i.e., transferring heat energy to metals without any contact. The concept of induction heating for melting silver is considerably simple and has changed the ways in which silver and gold are used in different applications.

    For the case of a silver melting furnace, induction heating principle has promising benefits with higher responsiveness of silver. Interestingly, silver features the highest electronic conductivity among other elements. At the same time, silver also features the highest thermal conductivity among metals. With the help of induction furnaces, users could heat silver to high temperatures without actually applying heat. The use of induction heating helps in improving efficiency of silver melting. Furthermore, it also helps in avoiding the negative impacts on environment due to pollution.

    8. Could We Use This Furnace to Melt Most Metals like Iron, Gold, Silver, Copper, and Aluminum?

    The introduction of advanced silver and gold melting furnace manufacturers has led to profound benefits for melting metals. The arrival of modern melting furnaces and equipment advancements has facilitated plausible replacements for the manual process. In comparison to traditional processes, you could now depend on the Superbmelt crucible melting pot for melting your desired metals.

    Most important of all, you could be able to melt metals such as iron, aluminum, gold, silver, and copper within a matter of minutes. The flexibility for melting any type of metal gives prolific advantages for any user. You have multiple options for a melting furnace, such as an electric or induction gold melting furnace. Electric and induction furnaces by Superbmelt could give you adequate flexibility in melting gold, copper, silver, aluminum, platinum, and many other metals.

    9. Can You Melt Silver at Home?

    Yes, you could easily melt silver at home with trivial silver melting machine price. At a low cost, you could find an excellent quality melting pot for melting silver and gold. When you choose the right melting point, you have the job half done already. First of all, you need to start by taking note of the melting point of silver. This will help you find a suitable melting pot that can reach the desired temperature. An induction melting pot that could bear the impact of higher heat levels would be the ideal choice for melting silver at home.

    Most important of all, you also need to review the melting capacity of the pot. You need to check the size of the melting pot on the grounds of applications for which you need to melt silver at home. Furthermore, it is also important to check the induction heating machine for its specifications properly. Once you have selected the right melting pot for silver, you could easily melt silver at home with few simple steps.

    10. Can You Melt Old Silver Rings to Make New Ones?

    One of the prominent applications of induction or electric silver melting furnace refers to recycling old jewelry. It is easy to melt jewelry scraps into new jewelry with comparatively lower costs. The induction heating technology in modern melting pots could help in melting silver while ensuring consistency. Silver has the ideal properties suited for induction furnaces and offers ease of melting without any complications.

    Collect all the items you want to melt down like your old silver rings. Some of the other items which you can choose for melting silver to make new jewelry include coins, cutlery, and decorative items. All you have to do is place the old silver items in the crucible of the melting pot. Now, heat the furnace to a temperature beyond the melting point of silver and make sure that you monitor the temperature of the furnace. It is equally important to ensure that you remove the silver only after it has melted completely.

    After the silver melts, use your graphite stir rod for skimming the slag from the top of the molten silver. Slag generally comes in the form of impurities and other materials which have come out of silver during melting. Once you have removed the impurities from the molten silver, you can pour down the molten silver into new casts. If you have readymade or custom-built molds, then you could get silver jewelry effortlessly without additional costs.

    11. Can You Melt Silver and Gold Together?

    When you are looking for silver or gold smelting equipment, you may come across the need to melt silver and gold together. It is definitely possible to melt silver and gold together when you have the right idea of melting temperature. The resulting alloy from melting gold and silver together is known as Electrum.

    As a matter of fact, Electrum offers improved strength, malleability, and flexibility. The interesting fact about Electrum is that it is available in naturally occurring forms in certain cases. In the natural state, Electrum could include elements of platinum, copper, and other metals.

    Melting silver and gold together would lead to a product that determines color on the basis of amount of gold and silver in the mix. Silver can be responsible for lightening the properties of gold. So, the addition of more silver in the mix would lead to a whiter appearance. In some cases, adding copper in the mix helps in adding hues such as rose gold for a better aesthetic appearance.

    12. Does This Machine Need Water Chiller?

    No, you don’t need a water chiller for this silver melting machine for sale. First of all, the use of induction heating technology ensures that the melting pot stays within desired temperature limits. At the same time, the system features a unique and highly productive water cooling system.

    As a result, you don’t have to worry about continuous operations of the machine for hours. Generally, water chillers are required for silver and gold melting equipment due to staggeringly high temperatures required for melting metals. Additionally, you could also get the functionality of monitoring the temperature of the unit constantly.

    Therefore, you could easily identify any concerns about overheating. Another important feature of the machine which takes away the need for a water chiller is the PLC control system. With everything configured according to your specifications, you could achieve better efficiency in controlling the melting process and associated conditions.

    13. How Do You Get Impurities Out of Gold?

    In the case of commercial or portable gold melting equipment, you could find that melting gold would burn off majority of the impurities in the furnace itself. Gold is generally extracted from the mines and comes with various impurities, such as traces of metals. The purification of gold primarily involves the addition of chemicals such as mercury or cyanide. On the other hand, addition of such chemicals could lead to coagulation, thereby developing clumps. So, you could opt for a favorable alternative to this process of removing impurities from gold.

    Try putting gold in a silver melting machine and heat it to the melting point of gold for a few minutes. You could see the slag forming at the top of the molten metal. Carefully remove the slag from the top of the molten metal and stir the gold properly after every cleaning. Continue repeating all the steps in the process until you find that there is no slag formation.

    14. How Do You Melt and Purify Silver?

    You could easily choose the Superbmelt crucible melting pot for melting silver without too much effort. The arrival of advanced melting machines gives prolific advantages in speed of melting silver. At the same time, users also have concerns about purity of silver from a silver smelting machine.

    You could try out the DIY measures of skimming off the slag before adding molten silver to the molds. On the other hand, the crucible melting pot will not give you any special refining functionality. So, you may need an additional refining mechanism for purifying silver after melting.

    15. How Do You Melt Silver Dust?

    Melting silver is definitely easier with a small silver melting machine featuring advanced and innovative functionalities. However, you could come up with certain setbacks along the way if some factors go out of the way. This is where you should come to terms with silver dust melting. There are many possible technologies that you could use for melting silver dust.

    For example, an electric silver melting furnace, a coal furnace, or a gas torch could be some proven alternatives. However, melting silver dust is different from regular silver melting. You need to have a flux with the silver dust before melting while ensuring the crucible is pre-heated sufficiently.


    The choice of a good silver melting kit is more important than you think. A crucible melting machine is not preferred only for the advantages of improved productivity but also for ease of use. Modern melting equipment requires minimal maintenance while also facilitating better opportunities for melting different types of metals.

    The availability of melting machines could also present favorable reasons for melting silver at home or in laboratories. Most important of all, the use of advanced technology such as induction heating could deliver prolific value advantages. Find more about silver melting equipment available at the best prices right now!          

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