Why Choose Us

  • Product Advantage:

    1.Product Advantage:

    1.Complete category: Based on induction melting furnace,there are other relative equipments will be designed for various requirements. Such as, billet heating machine, water cooling system, continuous casting machine, rectifier transformer, rolling mill, etc.

    2.Technical support: Based on our outstanding R&D, comparing to other suppliers,the advantage in energy-saving,safety and high efficiency is obvious. We have got 62 patents in the equipment designs.

  • Quality Control

    2.Quality Control:

    All induction furnace system before they leave our company all through a series of strict test, especially the induction coreless coil must be tested to ensure reliable. In addition, electric device must be tested in function(medium frequency power supply, capacitive device, electrical control cabinet,control panel etc.)

    The seller guarantees that the equipment supplied will be in strict accordance with the contract and the agreement required, use of high-quality materials, advanced manufacturing technology, and to ensure that the supplied equipment for the new unused.

    We take use of assembly line production.The arranged worker must be responsible for the quality of the part which he is in charge of.So the responsibility of the worker is clear in our factory to ensure the quality guarantee.

    Our company of circuit board production process as shown below :

  • Supply


    As for some customers want to build steel plant or foundry,relative to supply only the equipments, we are more professional at conducting the whole program for you.One-stop solution including the connection setting of every equipment, installation and commission will be figured out based on your workshop and civil foundation.

  • Convenient Transportation

    4.Convenient Transportation:

    There are two big Superb production foundations in Shanghai and Zhejiang.They are close to the Shanghai port and Ningbo port.The transportation cost will be saved in a high level comparing to other distant suppliers. It also lowers the risk of damage.

  • Service


    • 1.Superb team provides installation and commission service after sale onsite.For melting furnace,we must finish 6 times of successful melting process until customers’ satisfaction for turning over.
    • 2.You will get free lifelong technical maintenance for the equipment,our team is your strongest backup.
    • 3.Guarantee for equipment spare parts, wearing parts of preferential prices for the supply of.
    • 4.Quality acceptance: capacitor quality assurance 6 months, the host equipment warranty year, excluding wearing parts, except wear furnace.
    • 5.The Superb service technicians are best equipped to keep your machines in a high efficiency operation.