Wax Stone Setting Machine

Introduction of Wax Stone Setting Machine

The above video is the introduction of SuperbMelt wax stone setting machine.

This equipment is mainly used in the wax setting process in the jewelry manufacturing industry. It can complete diamond setting of different colors and sizes. Highly automated and intelligent technology completely replaces manual setting.

More important is that it works very fast, one wax stone setting machine can replace 8 highly experienced inlay workers, and the cost savings can be easily calculated.

You don’t have to worry that the machine’s work can’t achieve the effect of manual fineness. Its suction nozzle has added a buffer device, which can 100% imitate the manual force, and can perfectly achieve the artificial inlay effect without damaging the wax model.

Moreover, our wax stone setting machine adopts high-intelligence recognition technology. When the suction nozzle detects that there are no diamonds in the tray or misplaced diamonds, it will automatically skip, so it is better to avoid the occurrence of wrong drilling and missed drilling.

Wax stone setting machine is operated by plc control system, it is very easy to use, and SuperbMelt will provide professional training programs to ensure that your wax setting work is carried out normally.

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