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2kg tilting type platinum smelter

More Details of Platinum Melting Machine

Superbmelt platinum melting machine is used to smelt precious metals measuring up to 4kg. Metals that can be melted with the gold smelting equipment are platinum, palladium, gold, silver, steel, copper and their alloys. The maximum melting temperature is 2800 degree celsius, melting is done within 3 minutes.

Superbmelt platinum melting machine for sale has a strong electromagnetic stirring system that ensures homogeneity of molten metal, especially good for alloys.

The tilting furnace design helps to easily remove molten metal after melting. The gold smelting furnace is able to smelt continuously for 24 hours. Our platinum tilting melting furnace is easy to use, maintain, and improves production efficiency with low operation cost. The furnace makes zero noise and pollution when in use.

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    Features of Platinum Melting Machine

    Induction melting equipment is equipped with a full range protection to ensure the safety of the machine and the operator.

    Comparing with market messy circuit design, adopts advanced micro computer controlled power save over 30% consumption. More durable and stable.

    With tilting furnace design to prevents spillage which reduces the risk of operator damage from hot liquid metal splashes.

    Details of Platinum Melting Machine

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