Electric Metal Melting Pot

Hydraulic Tilting Induction Metal Smelting Furnace

More Details of Electric Metal Melting Pot

Superbmelt’s electric induction furnace is used to melt between 50kg and 250kg of metals. Metals applicable for melting in this electric metal melting pot are gold, silver, copper, zinc, aluminum, steel and lead.

The electric metal melting pot is a very big furnace that is mostly used in large applications such as scrap metal recycling, precious metal mining, steel production companies, etc. The electric metal melting pot has a melting temperature of 1800 degree celsius within a short time.

The IGBT induction technology reduces power consumption by 15 to 30%. The induction melting furnace can melt continuously without affecting production quality.

It provides efficient melting for industrial use while saving cost and time. The furnace is safe to use both for the operator and the environment.

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    Features of Electric Metal Melting Pot

    Electric Induction Furnace

    Adopt hydraulic tilting type furnace to realize the pouring of metal liquid, stability and safety.

    Small Induction Furnace with PLC

    The power supply with SIEMENS’s PLC control system is more intelligent for the whole melting process.

    Small Induction Furnace feature

    The power supply has an omni-directional protection to ensure the safety of the machine and operator.

    Details of Electric Metal Melting Pot

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