continuous mesh belt furnace

More Detals of Continuous Mesh Belt Furnace

The Superbmelt continuous mesh belt furnace is used to heat a metal workpiece to a temperature higher than its recrystallization temperature, and then once the workpiece is maintained at the desired Celsius temperature for an appropriate period of time, then it is cooled.

The mesh belt furnace is divided into three stages. Annealing under ammonia gas, recrystallization and grain growth. The mesh belt furnace is an annealing furnace used for chain welding, metal annealing, metal tempering, and jewelry annealing. In the coin casting line, a mesh belt furnace heats precious coins or gold bars to soften them and prepare them for pickling.

The mesh belt furnace is used for the annealing of K gold and silver chain link parts and the welding of chains. The mesh belt furnace improves the machinability, mechanical and electrical properties of the material.

The Superbmelt annealing furnace is equipped with a temperature regulator, a cooling chamber linear regulator, and a room thermal regulator, which can effectively anneal the workpieces in a controlled manner.

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