Box Chain Making Machine

More Detals of Box Chain Making Machine

Superbmelt box chain making machine is designed for making box chains from thin precious metal sheets. Materials such as silver, stainless steel, gold, karat gold, platinum and so on are suitable for making jewellery chains. The jewellery chain making machine is able to make box chains with widths ranging from 0.8mm to 2.0mm.

The gold and silver chain making process is highly automated with the Superbmelt jewellery chain making machine. The process requires feeding the automatic machine with thin square metal sheets and setting the parameters. The maximum production capacity of the Superbmelt box chain making machine is 600rpm/min. The machine produces up to 500 grams of chains within an hour. The power required for operating the automatic jewellery chain machine is about 200W. The PLC control unit is user-friendly and allows users to control the speed and pressure of production. Box chains made with Superbmelt fully automatic gold chain making machine are strong, durable and not easily broken.

At Superbmelt, we provide you with top quality automatic jewelry chain making machines that are suitable for meeting your production demands. Contact Superbmelt today for all enquiries and the best box chain making machine that meets your needs.

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