Ball Diamond Cutting Machine

More Detals of Ball Diamond Cutting Machine

SuperbMelt automatic ball diamond cutting machine cut materials through 360-degree rotation, giving special shiny shapes in a fully automatic system. Many models can be applied by changing the 8 axes of a cylindrical diamond knife-feed rate, or any model can be reselected in the memory in the working software program. Superbmelt ball diamond cutting machine with multiple patents, which enables us to create facets on the surface of spherical objects and holes.

Equipped with computer numerical control, suitable for various decorations, facets, punctuation, beats, stars on beads.
Superbmelt hollow ball diamond cutting machine allows you to perform diamond cutting, in addition to the usual 2D calibration objects, 2D irregularly shaped objects (balls, beads, opals, etc.), and 3D objects with complex and irregular shapes (conical and spiral, Parallelepiped, etc.) by using 2 robotic arms and 3D laser scanning.
The instrument is equipped with a base, electrical and electronic devices, LCD+keyboard, automatic beading device, horizontal interchangeable stand head, protective cover, maintenance wrench, spare belt, etc.

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