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Superbmelt automatic coin minting press is a new coin minting technology that is designed for stamping logos, images and texts on blank metals. The automatic coin pressing machine is equipped with a robotic feature that automatically picks the blank coin or bars and places them in-between the die and the hydraulic press. The hydraulic press automatically stamps your gold and silver coins up to 100-300 tons. 

Superbmelt operator panel has the manual mode, semi-automatic mode and automatic mode that allows users to choose the mode of stamping best suitable for them. This means that irrespective of the level of expertise in coin minting, it can easily be used by anybody. Once the “start” button is pressed, the injector and feeding system picks the coins automatically and stamps them within a seconds. The entire process is fast allowing you to stamp large batches of gold, silver and copper coins and bars within few minutes. Thereby, saving cost and time of production. The automatic coin minting press has an adjustable pressure controller that allows you to control the pressure of stamping easily. Superbmelt automatic hydraulic coin minting press is easy to maintain, therefore, ensure a long service life and a good return on investment. The stamping dies can easily be removed and replaced for proper cleaning after each use. The pressing machine by Superbmelt is made of high-quality materials that also ensures long-lasting use. 

Superbmelt automatic coin minting press is used in ingot production, coin production industries, precious metal foundries, and so on. Contact Superbmelt today for all enquiries and automatic coin minting machine, we will respond within a short time. We also provide technical support and guidance for installing your automatic bar pressing machine when you purchase from Superbmelt. 

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