Silver Bar Making Machine

1-2kg Gold and Silver Bar Casting Machine

More Details of Silver Bar Making Machine

The silver bar making machine is designed to cast about 1kg to 2kg of ingots. The silver casting machine allows you to cast silver and gold ingots according to the LMBA standards.

Superbmelt silver bar making machine provides a clean, accurate, non precious metal wastage and efficient way of casting ingots compared to traditional method of casting ingots. The pressurized inert vacuum gas of the silver casting machine prevents cast ingots from shrinkage, porosity and oxidation.

Ingots cast with Superbmelt silver bar making machines are always top quality with a mirror appearance. The silver casting machine is very affordable for your business, easy to use, install and maintain. The casting machine is very safe for both operator and the environment.

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    Features of Silver Bar Making Machine

    silver bar casting machine

    Without contact with air, the surface of gold bars are more smooth, no oxidation, no porosity.

    silver bar casting machine

    The whole casting environment is closed, and no precious metal will be lost.

    gold bar making machine

    Comparing normal casting, vacuum casting bars are with flat and shiny surface and density.

    Details of Silver Bar Making Machine

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