Precious Metal Testing Machine

The most popular SuperbMelt precious metal testing machine on the market

SuperbMelt precious metal testing machine is used to perform non-destructive testing of precious metals and other metals. The precious metal testing kit can also be used to test the authenticity and metalization thickness of metals. Metals that can be tested and analyzed with the Superbmelt precious metal testing kit are gold, silver, platinum, palladium, etc. 

Superbmelt precious metal testing machine performs an efficient, clean and fast metal analysis process. Testing and analysis time is between 1 to 120 seconds. The excited source uses an ultra low power X-ray tube and air cooling for optimum analysis. It is suitable for use in the scrap metal industry, jewellery making, pawnshops, precious metal mining, banks, etc.

Superbmelt precious metal tester has two models you can choose from to meet your specific requirement. We provide you with a long-lasting, non-material wastage and efficient metal testing kit. Contact Superbmelt today for the best precious metal tester for sale.

Gold testing machine features
Analyze the percentage of all metal purity
Gold Analyzer feature
Analysis of gold, silver, platinum, palladium purity
Gold Analyzer feature
Testing the thickness of metal coating

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Over 15 years R&D experience in gold machinery with a top engineer team supported
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    Precious Metal Testing Machine Buying Guide

    Gold is one of the most precious metals that is quite popular in different cultures and different customer groups. Therefore, when it comes to showing off the style, good-quality gold jewelry helps a lot. Besides, there is also a great demand for jewelry pieces made of different precious metals, such as silver and platinum.

    But to enjoy the maximum benefits of gold, you need to make sure that you are using the purest form of gold.

    Why people love gold?

    • It is rare

    Gold is a noble metal, a metal that includes the ones that are relatively rare compared to others. As metal is rare, it is more valuable.  

    • Some historical reasons

    Throughout history, precious metals were considered very important. Many stories were told about the process of finding gold and getting rich. Those stories have attracted more people to buy gold.

    • It is associated with being rich

    Gold is a symbol of wealth. When you have gold, you will feel rich, and you will count among the rich ones.

    • Its unique chemical properties

    Gold jewelry pieces can be kept safely for years without reacting with the environment. So, gold can be an ideal source of value as it can be kept safe compared to other metals.

    • To show off fortune

    In different cases, people use gold-made accessories to show off their wealth and fortune. Therefore, gold is more of a symbol of stratus.

    But how to make sure that the gold that you have is real? For this, you can use a gold purity testing machine, or you can say the XRF gold testing machine. So, let’s talk about this detail.

    Chapter 1:

    Do You Really Know That Gold Is Real?

    1.1, The Karat Gold

    The purity level of gold is generally expressed in carats or K. If the gold has a 24K mark, then the gold is 100 percent pure. An alternative method to express the purity level of gold is “Fineness.” Fineness expresses the gold purity in parts per 1000.

    In different cases and for different purposes, gold can be alloyed using different metals, for example, zin, silicon, copper, or silver, to produce gold products with less than 24K purity. Silver and copper are widely used alloying elements for gold. As pure gold is very soft, alloys are combined with it.

    The metal selected as an alloying element may influence properties, for example, workability and color.

    In most cases, the purity of the gold is generally marked onto jewelry by stamping as well as using laser engraving. This is generally done after the test of the alloys by a qualified testing laboratory.

    Based on the country, the fineness or karate will be stamped into the jewelry items to prove their purity.

    But do you really think that most of the jewelers follow the necessary procedure when it comes to marking the items? Well, the answer is no. Some jewelers are taking advantage of fake marking by adding hallmarks on fake gold products. As a result, the buyers face a considerable loss.

    How to know to check the purity of the gold? Is there any reliable and faster way? Well, you can use a gold purity testing machine equipped with XRF analysis technology here.

    1.2, Different Gold Karatage

    Before moving to the list of different gold karats, remember that the higher the number of karate, the more the quantity of pure gold will be in the products.

    8 Karats = It contains 33. 75 percent gold

    9 Karats = There will be 37.8 percent gold

    10 Karats = The gold percentage will be 42 percent

    12 Karats = 50.25 percent gold

    14 Karats = You will get 58.5 percent gold

    18 Karats = 75 percent gold

    21 Karats = The product has 87.5 percent gold

    22 Karats = 91.75 percent gold

    24 Karats = 100 percent gold

    If the jewelry pieces have a 24-karat mark, then they are made of 100 percent pure gold.

    Let’s talk about some popular gold types.

    24K – 100 percent pure gold

    24K is the best type of gold to buy.  But remember that pure gold can be bent or scratched very easily. So, you should not use them for daily wear. Such jewelry is for special occasions only.

    22K – 92 percent gold and 8 percent alloyed metals

    22K gold is durable and stronger than the pure 24K gold as it contains 8 percent alloyed metal. However, that doesn’t mean that you should not take good care of the jewelry. This is still the softest form.

    18K – 75 percent gold and 25 percent alloyed metals

    18K gold has a deeper yellow tone than 14K gold. As the gold content is higher than the 14K gold, it will be a little costlier than the 14K gold. 

    14K – 58 percent gold and 42 percent alloyed metals

    If you are looking for jewelry pieces for everyday use, go for this one. Most of the wedding bands or engagement rings are made of 14K gold.

    1.3, The Dangers and Economic Loses of Impure Gold

    It is not a good thing to use a large amount of fake gold to make jewelry, as this can create a lot of disadvantages. Let’s discuss two significant disadvantages.

    Economic losses

    Gold produces made of low karat gold will be very cheap. For instance, a genuine 1 oz gold coil can cost you around USD 1000 or more. However, a fake or low-quality gold coin can be brought under USD 800.

    You will think that the product is cheap but do you know, when you buy the coin, you wasted USD 800. Once purchased, you can’t sell it for a better value.

    Now just think about its effect on the country’s economy. If one country gets billions of low-grade gold coins, this can ultimately affect the economy. So, you should always check the purity level. And for this, use a precious metal testing machine.

    It affects the business’ reputation

    If people found you are selling low-grade gold products, that will create a negative image of your brand among them. As a result, you may not be able to gain the trust again, and you may face various legal consequences for selling counterfeit gold products.

    Chapter 2:

    Why Do You Need A Professional Precious Metal Testing Machine?

    It is a fact that precious metals are not meant only for the jewelry industry. Different industries, such as banking, medicine, electronics, labs, and more, also use high-quality precious metals to make different things.

    However, to ensure the metal is real and has the appropriate properties, you need to properly analyze the metals. This is where you can use a precious metal testing machine.

    It is essential to understand that what types of elements are used in the alloy and what types of layers are used as that can affect the metal’s quality to resistance to corrosion, metal strength, and more. For better quality testing, you can always trust an XRF gold testing machine.

    However, to test the precious metals, you should use a professional metal testing machine. If you fail to check the purity level, this can severely affect you in different ways. Let’s talk about the problems that you can face if you have fake gold.

    You will lose your money, and it will damage your business

    If you have received fake gold, then the money you have spent will go to waste. Besides, selling fake gold to your valuable customers is not a good idea at all, as this can completely ruin the reputation of your business in the market.

    As you will be used fake gold, the products made of fake gold will be very poor in quality and will not last long.  

    You will face color issues

    Some materials used in gold jewelry to make counterfeit products will not create the similar shining color of gold. Well, some of them may shine better when you buy them, but with time, the color will fade away. Besides, they can’t withstand the pressure and stress that real gold can withstand.

    You will lose your customers

    When your customers know you are selling low-quality gold products, they will not prefer to buy the products from you, and you will lose your customer base.

    If you want to save your jewelry business, you should try your best to prevent buying fake gold metal. You should invest in a professional gold analyzer to test the purity level faster and accurately. Use the best quality precious metal testing machine and eliminate the risk of selling fake gold products to your customers.

    2.1, Impure Gold Types That Cannot be Identified by Simple Methods

    On this planet, gold is the most valuable and sought-after commodity. As the gold value is more, inexpensive jewelry pieces can be made that will look more expensive, and you will think that it contains pure gold. But in reality, that can be fake gold. So, how to identify if the gold is real or not without using a precious metal testing machine? Well, here are some simple methods that you can follow.

    Check the hallmark

    One of the best ways to detect the purity of the gold is to check the hallmark. This is a small stamp that will show the karat weight of the gold. However, the measurement will vary based on different locations. For example, In the United States of America, the number will be a fraction of 24. That means a hallmark of 12K means the jewelry has 50 percent gold. The pure gold value is 24K.

    In the European countries, you will find the purity number between .000 to 1.000. The 1.000 means the jewelry has 100 percent pure gold. If the gold jewelry doesn’t have the hallmark, then you should consider that as not pure. However, this method of metal testing is not reliable as some jewelers can fake the mark. So, don’t always go for this.

    Check for the letter mark

    If the jewelry item has the letters GF, GP, or GEP stamped on it, that means that real gold is used to make the jewelry. GP suggests it is gold plated. If it has GF, then the item is gold-filled, and GEP means the jewelry pieces are gold electroplated. But this method is not sufficient to check the purity level of the gold used.

    Using nitric acid

    For this, make a small scratch on the jewelry product, perhaps under the clasp or inside part of the ring. Make a mark deep enough and scratch through the top layer of the item. Now, carefully apply a few drops of nitric acid to the mark. If the gold is real, you won’t see any reaction. If fake gold is used, the mark will turn into milky and green shades.

    You can test using a magnet

    As the gold is not magnetic, you can try testing by using a magnet. See if the magnet attracts the jewelry.  You need to use a magnet from a hardware store as your kitchen magnet works better in this test as it is not powerful. If the gold is missed with some types of magnetic materials, for example, iron, you may see a reaction. However, in some cases, some jewelers use stainless steel, which is a non-magnetic item. In such a case, this test will now work.

    Well, these metal testing methods can provide you an indication of whether the precious metal is real or fake; you can’t trust these methods blindly. There are different impure material types that can’t be easily identified utilizing these simple methods. The reason behind this is the precious metals used as the base materials will have properties as well as qualities that will match with the gold’s properties.

    This can make the jewelry shop owners very confusing, and they may not be able to detect the actual gold or silver. You can’t differentiate between jewelry pieces made of pure gold and Tungsten with a pure gold layer. However, tungsten-made jewelry pieces are brighter than some gold jewelry.

    So, how to make sure that you are buying 100 percent pure gold? Well, to eliminate the issues, different advanced metal testing methods have been introduced. Let’s have a look at those methods.

    2.2, An Introduction to Precious Metal Testing Machine

    There is no doubt that most of the advanced gold purity testing machines can offer better results than the traditional material testing methods. Some of the popular gold-analyzing techniques are:

    Melting and sampling method

    This method utilizes a thermoanalytical method, known as Differential Scanning Calorimeter. The metal is melted to remove the impurities and then checked for purity. Well, this process is very time-consuming as well as expensive. However, it offers better results than the traditional methods.

    Metallographic testing

    Remember that every metal has some unique metalogical properties. The method considers those properties to detect fake and real gold. In this process, microscopy is used. You will need two types of microscopy, i.e., Scanning Electron Microscopy and Optical Microscopy.

    Smelting method

    In this process, you will have to melt the ore or alloy of the metal to get the base elements. For this, you can use SuperbMelt’s melting equipment that can produce the required level of heat to melt ores of different elements. After smelting, the material will be tested.

    Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry

    Under this method, you will have to ionize the sample with an inductively coupled plasma. After that, you can use mass spectrometry the separate as well as measuring the ions.  This simple method can be very useful in measuring the pure gold composition percentage.

    XRF method

    This method works by producing a beam of X-ray photons that hits the atoms located in the sample. After that, the electrons of the sample material produce a different amount of energy. The machine considers those energies to detect the elements.

    From all these methods, XRF analysis is considered the most effective material testing method. For example, you can easily detect fake gold using an XRF gold analyzer.

    Chapter 3:

    What are the Precious Metal Testing Machine in the Market

    3.1, Gold Spectrometer

    The gold spectrophotometer generally analyses the light reflected by a metal sample to determine its SRC- Spectral Reflectance Curve value. The SRC value is expressed as a three-digit number and can vary based on the color. This makes it quite useful in testing the gold content of any item without damaging them.

    3.2, XRF Gold Analyzer

    XRF gold testing machine is quite popular in the jewelry industry for analyzing the metal purity level. You will find two different types of XRF gold analyzers.

    3.2.1, Desktop XRF precious metal testing machine

    This machine is quite helpful in analyzing the metallization thickness, authenticity, and purity of the precious metals. You can expect 100 percent accurate results from this machine, and the analytical tolerance range can be between 0.01% to 0.3%.

    The machine can test Cr, Fe, Ir, Rh, Ni, Pt, Zn, and more. All you need to put the metal that you want to test on the test areas, and the machine will do the work.  

    3.2.2, Handheld XRF precious metal testing machine

    Speaking about the handheld XRF analyzers, they are very portable and can be used to carry out a non-destructive material testing process.

    This mini precious metal testing machine can easily detect various metal components as well as alloys, for example, Tungsten, nickel, zinc, cobalt, stainless steel, silver gold, and more.

    Therefore, you can use the machine for different applications, such as automotive, oil and gas, metal recycling, construction, and more. The machine works by analyzing the fluorescent x-ray released by the sample when hit by a primary x-ray source from the XRF machine.

    3.3, Comparison of these Gold Analyzers

    You will find different types of measurement tools and machines in the market. And before you can start using them, you need to know about them properly. For example, you should at least know about the gold measuring kit, desktop measuring instrument, and handheld measuring instruments.

    Speaking about the chemical method, this is generally used in labs and partially safe. On the other hand, a handheld XRF precious metal testing machine is very portable and safe to use. The desktop metal testing machine fits on the desk and can produce 100 percent accurate results.

    Compared to the chemical method, you will find XRF machines quite affordable and reliable. After all, using these machines, you can carry out the test without damaging your precious metals.

    Chapter 4:

    How Does the SuperbMelt Precious Metal Testing Machine Work?

    4.1, The Principle of SuperbMelt Precious Metal Testing Machine

    Speaking about XRF, this means X-ray Fluorescence. Under this process, electrons are displaced from the atomic orbital positions. The process produces a higher level of energy, and that is the characteristic of the element.

    When the energy is released from the sample material, the detector located in the XRF machine reads it and then categorizes the reading value by the element.

    The machine functions in a different process. The analyzer emits x-rays. It hits the sample and makes it fluoresce, and then sends secondary x-rays back to the analyzer. The machine measures the spectrum of the energy. This will tell you which elements are present along with the amount. SuperbMelt’s XRF machine can easily measure elements between 12 to 92 atomic numbers.

    4.2, The Features of SuperbMelt Precious Metal Testing Machine

    The machine is quite portable, and you can use it without facing any issues. Made with the latest technologies and software, this will offer 100 accurate results. Its space-saving, robust body structure, and portability make the machine durable and long-lasting.  

    The machine can easily detect different elements in the material, such as Ti, Cr, Mn, Au, Ag, Ta, Mo, W, Si, Sb, V, Mn, Sb, and more. Besides, the machine can be used to test powder, liquid, and solid metals.

    The machine comes with a 27000mAh of powerful battery that can keep your machine running for more than three days.

    No matter what model you choose, you will get one year warranty with every model. However, you don’t have to worry about the technical issues as many customers have reported that they use the XRF machine for years without any problem.  

    Our powerful XRF analyzer comes with an advanced collimation filter system that combines 12 groups. So, the machine will definitely meet your requirements.

    4.3, The Benefits of SuperbMelt Precious Metal Testing Machine

    The first that you will enjoy while using our precious metal testing machine is the superfast analysis of the metal. Made with advanced technologies, the machine can produce the result within just 20 seconds.

    Besides, the machine is straightforward to use, and you can start using the machine without going through any training. Just follow the instructions given on the box, and you are ready to use it.

    If you go for the handheld edition, you will find the machine compact and easy to carry. Moreover, the machine doesn’t need any installation process. That’s why this is widely used in pawn shops, jewelry stores, laboratories, and more.

    The machines are designed to work at a higher level of precision. So, you can use them for analyzing different precious metals, such as palladium, copper, silver, platinum, gold, and more.

    In terms of price, the SuperbMelt precious metal testing machine is priced comparatively lower. Well, before placing your order, you can ask for a free quote and compare the price with the competitor’s products.

    Chapter 5:

    The Application of the SuperbMelt XRF Precious Metal Testing Machine

    Even though the machine is quite powerful, it can’t detect the purity of gold by testing a single point on the metal’s surface.

    The reason behind this is some jewelry pieces come with coating done using different materials and very precious elements. So, by checking a single point, you may not get an accurate result. In this case, you can use the below-mentioned methods.

    5.1, How to Apply the SuperbMelt XRF Precious Metal Testing Machine

    Melt the metal before using the machine

    When it comes to making gold jewelry, you should always use the purest gold. Using low-quality gold can be damage your reputation. So, you need to conduct a test. Before using the machine, you should melt the metal using the melting machine.

    You can get the best induction furnace for this from SuperbMelt. Once done, you can analyze the melted gold using a gold jewellery testing machine. This way, you can get the correct purity level of the gold you are using.

    Four cross-sectional analysis

    If you don’t have the required machine to melt the gold, then you can go for this particular method.  Go for this method while using the XRF machine for the best result. For this, you need to carefully cut the metal into four equal cross-sections. After that, use the XRF machine to test each section. Once done, consider the average value of the four results, and you will get the gold quality percentage.

    Drilling the gold

    Under this method, you need to drill the gold bar to check the purity. When you drill, you will get gold particles. Now use the XRF machine and test those particles to measure the purity.

    XRF machines can detect the purity of the internal metal. So, apply any of these methods to enhance your precious metal analysis.

    5.2, Some Factors Influencing the Efficiency of SuperbMelt Precious Metal Testing Machine

    You should remember that the XRF machine will not be enough to test the metals. Some factors can significantly influence the testing results. So, how to make sure that the machine is working correctly and the result is 100 percent accurate? Well, here are some things to know about this.

    While using the machine, carefully follow all the instructions given by the machine manufacturers. Besides, you need to use the bestgold purity analyser to test the gold in the purest forms. If you think the result is inaccurate, then consider recalibrating the machine, or you can cut the metal into four parts and then conduct the test.

    While using the machine, keep it at a reasonable distance from the machine so that the x-ray can perfectly trigger the atoms. After the analysis, store the machine properly and prefer to keep it in the storage box that you have received with the product. While storing, make sure that the machine is not getting affected by external factors.

    SuperbMelt’s XRF gold jewellery testing machine is very easy to use, and to use this, you don’t need to acquire any technical knowledge. Just follow the instructions and use the machine properly to get an accurate result every time you use it.

    5.3, Comparison

    In the market, you will find different types of metal testing machines. Some will come under your budget, and some will be a little expensive. But before buying the machines, you need to understand everything about the machines. You can choose between chemical methods, ICP, desktop XRF, or handheld XRF machines.

    For the best result, you can go for both desktop and handheld XRF machines. They work based on XRF or X-ray fluorescent technology. For maximum portability, you can go for the handheld version.

    Chemical methods are used in the labs. But handheld XRF analyzer can be used on-site for faster analysis. In fact, you can carry the machine wherever you go. Of course, if you are using a desktop version, you need to place that on the desk.

    Now, talking about the safety factors, the chemical method can affect the metal. But XRF machines are very safe and offer non-destructive metal analysis methods. That’s why these machines are quite popular among jewelers and in different industries.

    Chapter 6:

    How to Choose the Right Precious Metal Testing Machine

    6.1, Why use XRF?

    You might be thinking that you can use the traditional metal testing technique to analyze the precious metals, so why should you invest in this?  Well, as discussed above, traditional metal testing methods are not reliable and can damage your products as you may need to use acids.

    This is a significant reason why you should use the XRF precious metal testing machine. What’s more? Measurements by the XRF machine are done directly on the metals, and there is no need to go for any sample preparation.

    So, this will lower the chemical waste. In addition, the process is entirely non-destructive, and you can view the result within just 1 to 10 seconds.

    In terms of cost, you will find the XRF machines are most cost-effective than the AAS or ICP methods. Here, you don’t need expensive gasses, fume hoods, or acids. A single machine will carry out the task.

    As there is no acid, liquids, or gasses are used to operate this machine, you can place it in the production facility to enjoy at-line process control. The best part is that the machine doesn’t need regular re-calibration.

    There are more amazing benefits that you can enjoy after using the gold purity analyzer. So, don’t waste your time and get this machine now.

    6.2, Identify the materials you want to analyze

    Remember that not all the XRF machines available in the market can detect all the elements. So, you need to understand what type of material you want to analyze. For instance, solids, powder, or liquid elements. Based on your requirements, choose a machine.  

    If you are looking for a machine that can support different materials analysis, then choosing our gold silver testing machine can be a perfect option for you. Check them out now at our official site.

    6.3, Choose a detector type: PIN or SDD

    Another crucial factor to consider while buying the XRF gun is the type of detector used in it.  You will find two different options, such as SSD and PIN. Talking about the PIN detector, this technology is very old and has a low sensitivity level. As a result, you may not get an accurate result, especially while testing light elements.

    The most advanced detector type is SSD. It can detect both heavy and light elements, like Sulfur, silicon, gold, aluminum, and more.  However, the gold purity testing machine price will vary with the detector type is used in the machine. Our XRF analyzer comes with SSD or fast-SSD detector.

    6.4, Select a detector size

    In the case of detector size, you can go for the standard SSD or large-size SSD.  If you want to enjoy excellent analytical sensitivity, you can go for a machine with a large-size SSD.

    Don’t forget to consider the resolution of the detector and go for a machine that can attain around 128eV of resolution. The detection limit should be between 1 to 500 ppm. SuperbMelt’s XRF analyzer comes with such features.

    6.5, Choose an anode material

    Don’t forget to choose the anode material used in the machine. Different XRF machines will come with different anode materials. For example, Tungsten, silver, rhodium, and more. Which one is good?

    Well, for a better result while testing high-energy elements, you can go for tungsten anode material. It is also useful in testing light elements. However, if your budget is low, go for the silver anode material.

    6.6, Understanding the specifications for your environment

    Before buying the gold karat tester machine, you should understand the environmental specifications and where you want to use the machine. Why does this matter? If the working condition is very hot and you want to use this in industrial conditions, buy the analyzer with a robust design.

    On the other hand, make sure the device has an impressive IP rating. This will make the machine resistant to water. Well, this is where you can trust the gold bat testing machine of SuperbMelt. Our machine can work perfectly under any environmental condition. Go for it now.

    Chapter 7:

    FAQ Guide of Precious Metal Testing Machine

    How many elements can the XR1200 analyzer analysis?

    The XR1200 can carry out qualitative and quantitative analysis of Ag, Pd, Pt, Cu, Au, and more. It may be noted that Ni and Zn will be calculated in Cu. In terms of qualitative analysis, the machine can test Co, Zr, Ni, Ru, Cd, Os, Fe, Rh, and more. In general, it can test more than 20 elements.

    What is the initialization used for?

    Speaking about the initialization, this is generally used to set the peak value to 0. The value can be the same as the scale. While using the scale, it is important to adjust to 0. After that, you can weigh different weights of the metals. As every element has a signature, every spectrum will display a different position on the X-axis of the software. So, it is better to fix the reference spectrum to 0. After that, fix the spectral position of the elements. For example, if you set the spectrum of Au to 0, the software will understand where the Cu spectrum and where the Ag spectrum is. The process will depend on the software, and we use the latest software for this.

    What jewelries could do the initialization?

    You will need software to use different metals for initialization. Jewelry made of silver, platinum, and gold can be used for the initialization. You can’t use the XRF machine for initialization, but using the machine, you can test the purity level of the design.

    How often do we do calibration?

    Well, when you are using our gold silver testing machine, you don’t have to worry about the calibration. However, if you think the result is inaccurate, then you can try calibrating the machine.

    What are standard samples?

    Speaking about the standard samples, these are used to calibrate to develop the working curve. For more detail, you can talk to our technical expert team.

    Could XR1200 analyze plating jewelry?

    Yes, the XR1200 can attest to the platting jewelry. However, the surface of the platting should not be thick. For various elemental thicknesses, from 5 to 15 microns, the machine can be configured to test multiple thicknesses based on your requirements.

    How long is your warranty?

    We offer one year warranty on our product. Some parts can have five years warranty. However, our machine can run for years without developing any problem.

    What kinds of precious metals can your machine test?

    We have designed the XRF machine to analyze the powder, liquid, and solid precious metals. Even though the machine is small, it can quickly test different elements, for example, cobalt, copper, germanium, gold, rhodium, magnesium, nickel, titanium, and more. Explore more about the machine by getting in touch with us.

    Can it detect the exact percentage of the gold? Like 18kg is 75% gold?

    Yes, we have advanced XRF machines that can quickly test the gold percentage in the material. The equipment will display Ag, Pd, Cu, and Au. What’s more? Our machine also comes with a printer that can print the result instantly.

    How do you use XRF gold testing equipment?

    To use the XRF gold testing machine, you need to point the device close to the metal and then press the gun. It will produce an x-ray beam to test the metal’s purity level. The result can be seen within 1 to 10 seconds. So, for faster and better analysis, get this machine now.

    What are the benefits of using a portable XRF machine?

    The machines are very lightweight and easy to carry around the worksite. With the best gold jewellery testing machine, you can witness 100 percent accurate results no matter what type of materials you are testing. The best part is it offers a non-destructive way to test the metal, and the process is also relatively faster than the traditional metal testing methods. What’s more? You can get the machine under your budget. For this, you can contact SuperbMelt.

    How accurate is an XRF gold testing equipment?

    When it comes to testing the metal’s purity level with a maximum level of accuracy, you can always trust our silver purity testing machine. However, we would like to tell you that heavier elements or metals can be less accurate than lightweight elements. So, 0.01 – 100 percent of accuracy can be more than 1ppm – 100ppm of accuracy range. So, how to improve the accuracy rate of the machine? Well, you can set the device for that particular material you want to test. However, XRF machines are much better as well as accurate than the traditional method of metal purity testing.

    Are XRF gold testing equipment safe?

    Well, during the testing process, the XRF analyzer produces a directed radiation beam through the tube. So, a reasonable effort needs to be made to maintain exposure to radiation. You need to follow the ALARA- As Low as Reasonably Achievable principle. There are three factors that can help you in lowering the radiation exposure; these are shielding, distance and time. But it can be said that the XRF precious metal testing machine is safe to use.

    Can XRF detect aluminum?

    Yes, our XRF testing machine can detect aluminum. This is because this metal comes under the light metal category, and the XRF machine can easily detect different light metal elements.

    How does an XRF gold testing equipment work?

    The XRF gold purity analyzer works by utilizing X-ray. Just point the gun towards the metal you want to test and press the trigger. After a few seconds, you can see the testing result on the machine’s LCD panel.

    What is the principle of XRF?

    The principle of XRF is very simple to understand. The XRF gun produces X-ray beams, and that can trigger the electrons of the metal sample’s atoms. It leads to the displacement of atoms’ electrons. The atoms become unstable, and other atoms move toward the empty space to maintain stability. This process generates energy. The XRF gun read those energies to detect the purity level.

    Is XRF a surface technique?

    XRF technique is an elemental analysis technique and can test different metals and alloys. The photons characteristics created in the sample due to the X-rays create energies that the XRF machine detects.

    Why can XRF detect light elements?

    Light elements have a very low energy level, and they struggle to escape without getting absorbed. However, the modern XRF equipment comes with improvements; it can quite easily detect light elements.

    What is an XRF instrument?

    In simple words, the XRF instrument uses X-ray technology to test the purity of the metal. The machine can be used to carry out accurate, faster as well as non-destructive testing of different minerals and metals. The gold purity analyzer by the SuperbMelt offers 100 percent accurate results.

    How does XRF measure thickness?

    The best part of the XRF gold testing machine is it can easily measure the thickness, and the process is entirely non-destructive. The machine analyzes the fluorescent X-ray produces by the metal when it comes into contact with the primary x-ray beam of the XRF gun. First, the machine considers the signal strength to measure the thickness.

    Can machine test the fake gold?

    As discussed above, the gold purity testing machine tests the point of the testing material surface to test the purity of the gold. However, there are two effective ways to test the fake gold located inside the products. Speaking about the first method, here, you need to melt the gold using a melting furnace. Then use SuperbMelt’s gold purity analyser to check the purity level. Coming to the second method, you need to drill the metal, like its back, middle, and four corners. Then use the machine to check the purity.

    Chapter 8:


    There is no doubt that when it comes to testing the purity percentage or purity level of any precious metals faster, you won’t find a better option than an advanced precious metal testing machine.

    However, to get the best performance and result, it is crucial to choose the best machine. As you will be spending a lot of money to buy the machine, you will not prefer to get one that doesn’t have the necessary features.

    Besides, if you get the wrong machine, you will not be able to check the purity level accurately. So, for the best XRF gold testing machine, it is advisable to contact SuperbMelt.

    As a leading manufacturer in the industry, we offer top-quality machines having some advanced features to make your precious metal testing process smoother and easier.

    Whenever you are purchasing the machine, you need to consider some significant factors, such as the cost of the machine, durability, battery capacity, and more. Besides, you need to make sure that the machine can be used to test different metals and alloys.

    This useful guide has all the required information that you need to know to about how to buy and use a gold and silver testing machine. So, get in touch with SuperbMelt now and check out the machines offered by us.

    You can ask us for a free quote to know the XRF gold testing machine price. If you have any doubts, please feel free to ask us anytime you want. We are here to offer you the best quality machines at the most affordable prices.

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