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The most popular SuperbMelt precious metal handheld xrf precious metal analyzer for gold, silver, platinum

Superbmelt precious metal analyzer is used to perform non-destructive analysis of elements present in a material. The XRF precious metal analyzer can detect and analyze elements in metals like gold, silver, stainless steel, cobalt alloys, bronze, zinc, etc. The precious metal analyzer gun can also detect elements in solid, liquid and powder form.

Superbmelt precious metal analyzer can measure and analyze elements of atomic numbers 12 to 92 at a fast speed. The speed of detection and analysis is between 1 to 60 seconds. The XRF gold tester is compact in size, easy to transport to different locations. The rechargeable 27000mAh can work continuously for 3 days. 

Superbmelt precious metal analyzer can be used in food production, precious metal alloy, iron and steel smelting, jewellery, pawnshops, waste metal recycling, fertilizer and chemical plants, etc. At Superbmelt, we have the technical expertise that guarantees you a high-quality analysis process with our precious metal analyzer for sale.

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    Precious Metal Analyzer Buying Guide

    Chapter 1:

    Why do You Need a Professional Precious Metal Analyzer?

    Are you planning to establish your own jewelry business? If yes, then there are some essential things that you need to know about. First, this is an industry where if you want to gain a maximum level of trust from your customer, you should provide your customers with the finest quality of materials.

    Second, people are investing a lot of money while buying different precious metals such as silver, gold, and more. And they want the best.  

    Well, to check the purity of the metals, you can follow some traditional methods. But such methods are very time-consuming and can damage your product, as in some cases, you may need to use acids. So, what should you do? Is there any safe way to check the purity value of the metal? Well, the answer is yes. For this, all you need to get a precious metal analyzer.

    Speaking more about it, such machines offer a perfect and cost-effective solution to test the metals without damaging them. As per the experts, these machines are carefully designed to meet the different industrial level challenges quite effectively.

    By deploying such machines, you can easily streamline and boost up your manufacturing process. Besides, you can lower the risk of getting fake metal to produce the jewelry. This portable machine can test different types of metals within a few seconds. You can easily find the level of precious metal content in jewelry, coins, and other items.

    Are you looking for the best quality and affordable XRF precious metal analyzer for your business? Well, don’t worry at all, as SuperbMelt has brought you the perfect solution by introducing the industry’s best handheld precious metal analyzer. Just check the gold XRF testing machine price and place your order now.

    When you have the most advanced metal analyzer machine, you can analyze silver, gold, and other precious metals with a maximum level of precision. Besides, you don’t have to wait hours to get the test result as the machine produces the result in real-time.

    However, for the most accurate result, you need to make sure that you are buying a suitable machine, and this can be a challenging task. However, not anymore as we have written down some vital information going through which you can choose the best precious metal analyzer for you. Have a look.

    1.1, Unable to identify the purity of gold in a simple way

    When it comes to gifting or investing something special for a festival, occasion, or wedding event, most people prefer to go for the gold.

    As the value of the gold keeps fluctuating, this has made the precious metal more vulnerable to counterfeiting, and the market has different pieces of jewelry made of fake gold.

    Throughout the history of gold, the metal has been used by jewelers to defraud their customers by offering counterfeited products.

    Now the central question how can you identify a fake old or what distinguishes original gold from counterfeit gold? As per the experts, anything that is below 10 karats of gold should be considered as fake. But you can’t detect the purity level so quickly.

    As a result, some vendors have an easy time duping customers. There are some easy ways to identify fake gold, but those methods are not reliable. If those methods don’t work for you, then don’t worry at all and get the best xrf gold analyzer now.

    1.2, Do you really know that precious metals are real?

    When people generally think about different precious metals, they think only think about super-expensive jewelry pieces, costly watches, and more. But in reality, special metals can be found in unimaginable places.

    However, there is no guarantee that the metal you have found is pure. So, you need to test the metal to know its purity level.

    It can be said that precious metals are real and quite valuable. As there is a tremendous demand for precious metals, it has been seen that many jewelers and counterfeiters have now started selling duplicated products. They use different substances to fake the item.

    So, before buying any unique metal-made products, you need to make sure that you can buy the original product. This is where you can use a gold XRF machine.

    It may be noted that counterfeit and gold plating are some of the significant challenges that every gold trader, pawnshop, jeweler as well as individual are regularly facing.  When it comes to making a profit or build trust, you need to get 100 percent original metal.

    This is where the handheld XRF analyzer developed by SuperbMelt comes to play. This is a non-destructive analytical machine that can easily different elements present in the materials. You can use this for metals like palladium, platinum, silver, and more.

    We will discuss about this late. When it comes to carrying out an efficient and effective precious metal analysis, for example, dental alloys or jewelry, SuperbMelt’s XRF machine will be the best option for you. As the machine requires less sample preparation, you can get test results much faster.

    1.3, Impure gold types that cannot be identified by simple methods

    When it comes to identifying fake gold, it is also essential to know about the different types of gold jewelry available in the market. To the naked eye, all will look the same and may differ only in terms of color as different finishing methods are applied. Now, let’s talk about the classification.

    New Gold

    As the name suggests, this can be compared with freshly baked bread. New gold products are the things that are made immediately after producing and purifying the new gold. Such gold can be found on display in the show glasses.

    Old Gold

    In general, old gold produced is manufactured by recycling old gold jewelry pieces. Besides, a combination of old and new gold also can be used. In terms of price, you will find old gold is a little cheaper than new gold as less new gold is used to make the jewelry pieces.

    It has been seen that some dealers or jewelry makers make a profit by selling old gold-made jewelry at the price of new gold. You can’t detect the metal.

    Fake Gold

    Fake gold produces when the composition of the pure gold products varies from the expected composition. Well, as the gold is malleable, you can’t use it to create jewelry. So, the jewelers combine different materials to make it durable and robust.

    But sometimes, they mix a more significant number of other materials that lower the purity level. So, how to make sure that the gold medal or bar that you have brought is pure? There are some easy-to-do methods that you can apply. Let’s talk about this in detail.

    Be careful as counterfeit gold is everywhere

    Gold may come with a stamp having a particular purity mark. But that can’t be considered as 100 percent correct and accurate certification about the purity level. There are some types of gold products with low quality that come with a fake higher fineness marking.

    Besides, there are different gold-plated fakes filled with various metals underneath the plating. Sometimes, you may encounter an unmarked gold jewelry piece. In order to understand the actual value of the jewelry pieces, you need to authenticate the piece.

    All these factors prove that why it is essential to know how to detect if the gold is genuine or not. It will help you in protecting your investment, and you can make sure that you are getting the exact gold for the amount you are paying.

    Well, this particular guide will provide you with all the information about testing gold for its purity. But is it possible to test your gold at your home without hiring an expert? Well, the answer is yes. There are many tests for gold and some of which you can perform yourself at home. Here you will learn how to avoid purchasing fake gold products by understanding some simple tests.

    Identifying fake gold

    You can go for various methods, for example, chemical assay, fire assay, or magnet test, to test the purity of the gold. However, if you are looking for an easy, faster, and reliable testing method, it is advisable to go for a handheld precious metal analyzer. When you use these machines, you can enjoy 100 percent accurate results. The usage of precious metals is increasing in different industries, and choosing the purest metal is essential. Some of the traditional or you can simple methods to test gold are:

    1. Magnet testing

    Remember that 100 percent pure gold is not magnetic, but other metals are. So, using a strong magnet, you can easily verify if your gold is genuine or not. For this, you need to put the magnet near the gold piece and watch if the magnet attracts the piece.

    When a magnet is put in front of fake gold, it is generally drawn to it. As magnets are available everywhere, you can efficiently conduct this test. However, you can 100 percent trust this testing as some jewelers have found a solution for this, and they use non-magnetic material to fake the gold.

    1. Check the hallmark

    To make sure if the gold is real or not, you can simply check the hallmark certification. Gold jewelry without a hallmark should be considered as fake. This particular mark specifies that the jewelry piece is of the standards. But some manufacturers put fake hallmarks to convince the buyer that the gold is real. So, you can’t consider this as a reliable way to test the gold.

    1. Contrast color

    This can be the easiest way to detect a fake gold jewelry piece. The fake gold will shine more than the real gold. So, if the product is shiny, then it can be a fake one. A close visual inspection will assist you in detecting the gold that varies from its composition based on the color.

    1. Cross-section check

    Remember that pure gold is continuous. No matter how skilled that jeweler is, he can only plate the surface with fake gold color. So, by cutting the gold from various positions, you can check the originality of the gold. If you found any irregularities, then the gold is fake. Carefully observing different layers or colors after cutting the gold is a symptom that you have fake gold.

    1. Naked eye

    You can take the help of an experienced jeweler who can detect the originality of the gold jewelry by seeing at them using a magnification glass. However, this method is no reliable. The quality of fake gold has improved with time, and a naked eye will fail to detect that.

    1. Float test

    You all know that gold is a hard and thick metal. So, you can detect fake gold by testing its density or heaviness. For this, put your gold in a glass of water. If it is pure, the gold will sink. It is advisable to buy jewelry from a trusted jeweler to avoid being getting duped by fake gold.

    1. Acid test

    This is an effective way to test the gold’s purity level. As per the experts, genuine gold will not react when it comes to contact with nitric acid. But another alloy will react, for example, zinc, sterling silver, copper, and more. However, you have to be very careful while carrying out the test. While doing the test, you should wear gloves and a mask.

    To test the meatal, scratch gently on the surface of the jewelry and then add a few drops of nitric acid. If the surface changes its color to green, then the gold is fake. If the gold has sterling content, a milky material will produce. But this purity testing method is not safe, and nitric acid can damage your gold.

    1. Vinegar test

    This method uses vinegar, a widely available kitchen item. To conduct the test, you need to drop a few drops of vinegar on the gold. It is not genuine gold if the metal changes its color.

    Apart from these tests, you can also use the image test and sound test method. However, all these above-mentioned methods have some drawbacks and can even completely damage your gold jewelry. So, is there any simple and safest way to check the purity level of the precious metal?

    Yes, and the answer is the best handheld XRF gold analyzer. This method is completely non-destructive and won’t cause any damage to your gold or silver products. The machine uses x-rays to analyze the level of content.

    The powerful x-ray triggers the atoms, and they release an energy source that the machine analyzes to show you the value. SuperbMelt’s gold analyzer uses powerful fluorescence rays to study the metal’s materials chemistry. Get it now and enjoy reliable results all the time. It is advisable to check the gold XRF testing machine price before placing your order.

    1.4, Identify and avoid fake precious metals

    How to check the authenticity of the precious metal that you have? Is it pure, or has some contaminated elements? If you are worried about this, then there are a few things that you should consider. Have a look.

    As per some studies, real precious metals will weigh more. Gold, silver, platinum, and more will weigh more if they are pure. So, by weight testing, you can detect fake metal.

    As discussed above, all the precious metals will come with hallmarks that will prove their purity. You can find the mark on the inside of the jewelry. For example, in the case of gold, you will see 10kt, 24kt, etc. in the case of sterling silver, the product will come with 925 hallmarks.

    Even though these things are essential to consider, if you are looking for the easiest way to detect the purity level of the precious metal, you can always use an XRF gold analyzer.

    Faster and accurate result

    The traditional methods can’t be used all the time, and they are not reliable testing methods. So, eliminate the risk, XRF analyzers have introduced in the market.

    When it comes to analyzing various precious metals in a non-destructive and precise way, nothing can beat the handheld XRF analyzer. These machines can be used by metal recyclers, miners, refiners, metal specialists, jewelry manufacturers, and more.

    The value of the precious metal is increasing with time, and more people are getting involved in buying and selling process of these metals. They need something using which they can test the purity level faster, and XRF analyzers help them in that. Then you can see the result within 1 to 10 seconds.

    Made using the latest and advanced technology, a precious metal analyzer can effectively detect the karats of gold and percentage of silver, gold, palladium, platinum, and more within 1 to 5 seconds. In addition, you can see the exact value of the material used in the gold jewelry.

    What’s more? Such machines can offer you various advantages. For example, now, you don’t have to use acid to test your precious metal. Some other significant advantages are:

    • The method is inexpensive
    • Analysis time is very fast
    • One machine is enough to test various metallic elements.
    • Minimal sample preparation is enough to carry out the testing.
    • The machine is globally accepted.

    So, don’t think much and get the XRF gold testing machine now faster the metal testing process and enhance your productivity. If you are looking for the best place to buy one, you can trust SuperbMelt.

    Chapter 2:

    What Types of Precious Metal Analyzers are in the Market?

    X-ray fluorescence is an advance metal purity analytical method that uses x-ray to determine the composition of the elements.  The method can offer you both quantitative and qualitative data on different compositions of the samples.

    The entire method is based on a principle that says the atoms of the metal absorb the energy produced from the x-ray, and then they become momentarily excited. As a result, they produce a secondary x-ray which is analyzed by the machine. All these things happen within a few seconds.

    If you search for an XRF gold tester, you will find two major types of metal analyzers. Let’s talk about them in detail.

    2.1, Desktop XRF precious metal analyzer

    Based on the design of the machine, it is also called a benchtop XRF metal analyzer.  

    Machines are very powerful and can carry out element identification and qualification tests. When it comes to enjoying more sophisticated metal analysis, you can always go for the desktop XRF analyzer. As these machines can produce powerful x-rays, they offer better resolution and sensitivity. Besides, it can support different types of elements.

    The size is compact, and it is easy to use. In addition, it comes equipped with safe x-ray instruments; you don’t need to use any additional chemicals to use the machine.

    gold testing machine

    The machine utilizes unique and advanced optical technology as well as calculation method to make sure that the analysis result is close to the traditional Fire Assay testing method. The analytic tolerance range of the machine is 0.01percentage to 0.3 percentage.

    Speaking about some benefits of the desktop XRF analyzers, they can carry out the testing process automatically. All you need to set the programable stages, and the machine will do the work. As a result, you will enjoy a hands-free operation.  

    Besides, the machine offers a higher level of efficiency, and you can save time as you can set the test and check the result later. You can take advantage of its multiple mapping and collimators functions.

    Worried about the protection from the x-ray? Well, when you have this machine, you don’t have to worry about harmful x-ray as the machine comes with different safety protection systems. These are:

    • Inner cover with a robust stepped construction
    • Automatic X-ray off features
    • Ultra-low-power x-ray tube
    • Completely enclosed durable metal box and more

    If you are looking for a reliable platform to buy the best desktop XRF silver tester, you can contact SuperbMelt. Our machines are sensitive, fast, come equipped with the latest software, support multiple configurations, power-efficient and more. These machines are ideal for industries like cement production, mineral beneficiation, petroleum, jewelry, and more. However, compared to the handheld XRF analyzer, a desktop XRF analyzer will cost you more.

    2.2, Handheld XRF precious metal analyzer

    If you are looking for something portable and efficient, then you can go for a handheld XRF gold analyzer. The machine lets you test the metals on-site, and there is no need to send a sample to a lab for testing. In terms of design, it looks like a pistol or a hot glue gun. The device will be an ideal option for facilities managers, jewelers, geologists, and more.

    Several industries can be benefitted from the use of the portable XRF analyzer. Choosing this advanced technology can bring a significant return on investment.

    For the manufacturers in different sectors, covering fabricate metals, aerospace, automotive and more, the XRF analyzer can offer faster verification of different metal alloys, for example, cobalt, nickel, aluminum, carbon steel, titanium, superalloys, zinc, palladium, and more.

    On the other hand, a handheld XRF analyzer can also excel at different on-site elemental measurements for geochemical and mining applications. Some of the examples are:

    • Ore grade and process control
    • Brownfield and greenfield exploration
    • Mike closure and environmental monitoring, and more

    The device can be easily carried around as it comes with an inbuilt battery that can last for hours. Besides, made from durable material, it will work perfectly under any industrial conditions.

    2.3, Modern techniques of identifying original gold

    Melting and sampling spectrum detection

    The method utilizes the thermoanalytical technique called Differential Scanning Calorimetry. The sample of the gold is analyzed along with the reference gold sample. During the process, same-level heat is applied. Fake gold can be easily detected from this as it can have multiple hear properties.

    Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy

    The testing method is based on the principle of Optical Radiation Absorption. The method uses wavelengths that are absorbed by the element.

    Fire Assay

    Even though this is a traditional method, but still effective in this modern age, under this process, the sample is melted using a furnace, and the weight is measured. After that, the melted gold is transferred to a crucible and then heated to melt the other elements. After the remaining gold is cooled and then weighted to know the real weight of the gold.

    Desktop Analyzer and Handheld Analyzer

    Both the machines use x-ray technology to detect the presence of different elements in the precious metal. They can offer 100 percent accurate results. These are popular for offering a non-destructive way to test the metals.

    Chapter 3:

    How does the SuperbMelt Precious Metal Analyzer Work?

    SuperbMelt has emerged as a leading manufacturer of metal testing machines. Its flagship XRF metal analyzer is quite popular in different industries for its accuracy and reliability. This single machine can detect more than 50 types of metals and alloys, including palladium, copper, platinum, silver, aluminum, and more.  It can be used:

    • To accurately measure the metal solution concentrations
    • To detect the content of precious metals
    • To measure the thickness of coating and more

    3.1, The Principle of SuperbMelt XRF precious metal analyzer

    The machine comes with an x-ray tube. The tube produces powerful x-ray beams that can instantly trigger the electrons of the atoms.

    The x-ray interacts with the atoms of sample metal, and this action displaces the electrons from the sample metal’s atoms.

    When electrons leave the place, it produces free space, making the atoms unstable. So, to maintain stability, other atoms fill the space.

    When the atoms move to fill the space, they produce energies called fluorescent energies. The XRF machine uses those energies, or you can say secondary X-ray source, to analyze the metal. The entire process happens within a few seconds.

    3.2, The Features of SuperbMelt XRF precious metal analyzer

    • The device is portable and can be easily carried from one place to another.
    • The x-ray fluorescence analytical method is environmentally friendly and produces an accurate result.
    • You don’t need a lot of space to use the machine. The machine can be operated on a small table.
    • The portable device can measure different atomic elements from 12 to 92.
    • Speaking about the content range, the machine supports 99.99 percent PPM of the content range.
    • It is faster, and the entire process can be done within 1 to 15 seconds.
    • The XRF analyzer for jewelry comes with GPS, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth functionality. So, there will be no issues regarding the connectivity.
    • One of the impressive things about the machine is it comes with a powerful 9000mAh of rechargeable battery. As per the result, it can last for 11 to 12 hours. What’s more? The XRF gold analyzer also comes with a 27000mAh of additional battery.
    • We have designed our device to work quite effectively on different elements such as solid, liquid, and powder.
    • It works perfectly under ≤90% of humidity level and talking about the supported operating temperature; it can test under +50-degree C to -20-degree C.
    • The machine has a long 5-inch LCD panel, and the resolution is 1080 x720p.
    • Our machine has an advanced SPI data transmission that can carry out a quick analysis of the material sample.
    • The XRF analyzer has a warning indicator system that can show you the different states of the machine. For example, yellow light means the machine is fine. A green indicator means the device is turned on. Red means you can use the device for testing.

    3.3, The Benefits of SuperbMelt XRF precious metal analyzer

    • The testing result will be 100 percent accurate.
    • The machine is cost-effective, and you don’t have to spend more on its maintenance as we offer a 2-year warranty period.
    • SuperbMelt’s XRF gold analyzeris 100 percent environmentally friendly.
    • Comes equipped with advanced technologies, the device highly protected against radiation, pressure, current, and low or high voltage.
    • The machine can detect different metals and alloys, such as ruthenium, silver, Sulphur, silicon, zinc, gold, aluminum, zirconium, chromium, magnesium, tin, iron, and more.
    • As it has professionally developed software, it is perfect for different industries.  

    So, what are you waiting for? Check the gold XRF testing machine price at our official website and order it now. The XRF analyzer is designed to offer you an unmatchable metal identification process and reliable elemental analysis.  

    Chapter 4:

    Some others Applications of the SuperbMelt Precious Metal Analyzer

    4.1, Analyze the percentage of all-metal purity

    How to make sure that the gold is pure? Well, for this, you can go for the assaying method. This is a method that analyzes the purity of precious metal objects. From bullion bars to jewelry, an assay test is carried to determine the purity and value. One of the best assay testing methods is XRF analysis.

    The XRF technology can test the purity with a maximum level of accuracy and faster without damaging your precious metals. Here, the metal is hit by the X-ray, and then the metal produces powerful fluorescent light at such an energy level that can trigger the atomic structure of the metal.

    Now, the machine measures the energy level and determines the purity along with the percentage of impurities.

    In general, the purity of gold is always specified by “Karat.” The purest form of gold is 24 Karat. On the other hand, the percentage of gold content is generally calculated by multiplying the karate with 4.167.

    To eliminate corrosion of the precious metals, X-ray fluorescence analysis is introduced. The primary objective of this method is to detect the percentage of different elements present in the metals.

    Under this process, powerful X-rays are carefully directed to metals; you can say gold or silver without harming the metal in any way. The X-rays make the metal glow.

    The advanced energy detection technology, the XRF machine can separate the colors of the fluorescence. The Secondary target fluoresces analyzed to detect the percentage. This is the safest method to detected purity and percentage of purity.

    4.2, Analysis the purity of silver, platinum, palladium, copper, etc.

    The precious metal analyzer developed by SuperbMelt is quite popular in different industries, like jewelry, banking, pawnbroking, jewelry testing center, mining industry, and more. One of the primary reasons behind this is, the machine doesn’t just detect the purity of gold; it also detects the purity of other metals, such as copper, palladium, zinc, titanium, silver, and more,

    With the increasing price and volatility of precious metals, you can’t afford the time and inaccuracies resulted from the traditional material testing method.  An accurate as well as reliable test results, remove variability, and you will be able to enjoy a fair transaction.

    For this reason, most businesses are now choosing SuperbMelt’sXRF machine for gold for reliable, accurate, non-destructive, and fast analysis of different precious metals. The machines simultaneously detect the content of gold and other precious metals, and you don’t have to calibrate the machine manually for the metal you need to analyze.

    The machine can easily determine the concentration and presence of more than 50 metals as well as alloying elements, including silver, platinum, lead, tungsten, nickel, silver, palladium, and more. Want to know more about the machine? Contact us now.

    4.3, Testing the thickness of metal coating

    Can an XRF analyzer for jewelry analyze the thickness of metal coating? Well, the answer is yes. Metal can be found in just above everything, for example, trains, cars, cell phones, computers, and more. But the thing that turns the metal so useful is the coating.

    With a perfect level of coating, you can add some valuable properties to the metals, for example, wear-resistant, corrosion resistance, machinability, brightness, lubricity, hardness, solderability, and more. Some of the significant industries that depend on the coating are construction, medical device, aerospace, automotive and more.

    Different substances can be used for coatings, such as Zinc, Nickel, Chrome, and more. The most widely used coating process is electroplating. Some other processes are sputtering, pickling, electroless plating, physical and chemical vapor disposition, galvanized coating, and more. However, no matter what method you choose, you need to measure the thickness of the coating.

    Why is it important?

    As per general rules, coating materials should be applied in a particular level of thickness to attain the desirable characteristics. Metals that are under-plated or over-plated will not perform well. Over-coating can lead to wastes of coating material. So, how to measure the coating thickness? For the best and accurate result, you can use a handheld XRF gold testing machine.

    As discussed above, XRF is one type of non-destructive analytical method that generally measure the secondary or fluorescence x-ray produced by a sample when excited by an x-ray source

    The signal strength is utilized to tech the coating thickness. On the other hand, a second reading can also test the substrate’s thickness.

    Some benefits of using an XRF machine to measure the coating

    Since 1928, when the XRF analysis was first discovered, the XRF machines have been enhanced significantly. Now, you can easily analyze the thickness of the coating using a portable handheld XRF gold analyzer. Some significant benefits of this to consider are:

    • The analysis doesn’t damage the material.
    • You don’t have to cut the coating to measure the thickness
    • The machine can be used for different purposes, for example, to test the purity of the metals.
    • The analysis process is very fast, and you will always get 100 percent accurate results.
    • This is the safest method for testing the thickness. The radiation level is very low.
    Chapter 5:

    FAQ Guide

    What elements can XRF detect?

    An XRF analyzer can detect tramp elements, identify alloys, analyze precious metals, determines plating thickness and coating weight, and provide geochemical data.

    How do you use XRF precious metal analyzer?

    Turn on the XRF precious metal analyzer and place the metal close to the window film. Then press the trigger. In the high-resolution LCD, you can see the results in few seconds.

    What are the benefits of using a portable XRF machine?

    A Portable XRF machine is excellent for use anytime and anywhere. It is extremely lightweight and has the ability to make quick decisions. Its accuracy, increased sample density, a multitude of mining applications, and real-time reporting are some more advantages.

    How accurate is an XRF precious metal analyzer?

    The XRF precious metal analyzer accuracy is generally good and is around o.2 to 0.5 percent.

    What is the time setting for analysis?

    The time setting for the completion of the analysis varies from 1 to 120 seconds.

    What is the initialization used for?

    With the help of initialization, you can adjust the peak value to 0. Each element can show a different spectrum, and therefore, it is necessary to set the value back to zero.

    What jewelries could do the Initialization?

    The software will require pure gold to finish the initialization process, and no other metal should be used for the completion of this procedure.

    How often do we do calibration?

    Calibration is not a necessary process which means you do not have to do it on a regular basis.

    What are standard samples?

    The usage of standard samples is done for calibration for building your working curve.

    What is the solution if the results are not satisfactory?

    If the XRF gold tester or metal analyzer does not give satisfactory results, then check the initialization is performed, ensure the placement of the sample is correct, and also check the samples of jewelry.

    Are XRF gold purity testing machine safe?

    The XRF gold testing machine that is handheld is less safe than the desktop ones. The on the desk gold purity analyser is highly safe for use.

    Can XRF detect gold?

    Indeed, XRF analyzers can easily detect gold and any other metal.

    How does an XRF gold purity testing machine work?

    It utilizes X-ray technology for accurate, faster, and non-destructive gold purity testing.

    What is the principle of XRF?

    The XRF principle is based on exciting individual atoms to emit x-ray photons of a certain wavelength. Through the calculation of photons numbers and energy radiated from samples, the element is quantified and identified.

    Is XRF a surface technique?

    The technique of XRF is an elemental analysis that quantifies several elements in a sample. The information depth relies on the energy released by a type of sample.

    Why can XRF detect light elements?

    Light elements have low energy levels and struggle to escape from the sample. So XRF detects it easily.

    What is an XRF instrument?

    XRF instrument is used for getting quantitative elemental composition information about elements present in several materials.

    How does XRF measure thickness?

    The non-destructive analytical technique and the strength of the signal in the XRF precious metal analyzer determine the thickness of the coating and substrate.

    Is your machine accurate?

    Yes, our XRF analyzer for jewelry is 100 percent accurate. The machine uses the energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence analytical method to test. Besides, it can produce accurate results within just 1 to 60 seconds. On the other hand, you can easily enhance the accuracy level by just adjusting the response time of the material. Furthermore, the deviation can range from 10 to 30ppm. When it comes to getting accurate test results, you can always trust our metal analyzer.

    How long is your warranty?

    Well, all our products come with two years warranty period. Don’t think that you will not get the best after-sales services after the expiry of the warranty period. When you are with SuperbMelt, you will enjoy top-notch technical support for a lifetime. Besides, all our products are made following all the manufacturing standards. So, they will last for years without developing many issues. Get one now.

    What kinds of precious metals can your machine test?

    Our XRF gold tester machine can easily detect different metals, such as vanadium, zinc, gallium, titanium, tantalum, gold, silver, platinum, copper, cobalt, nickel, aluminum, magnesium, tungsten, tin, silver, and more. Besides, the machine is also designed to detect ore, soil, plastic, paint, paper, and ceramic. It can be said that with just one machine, you will enjoy many solutions.

    Will your X-Ray analyzer harm to body health?

    We would like to tell you that the X-ray analyzers are safe to use, but you need to follow the required instructions. The XRF tool uses x-rays, and these are ionizing radiation. So, you need to minimize the exposure. Don’t place your hand between the metal and analyzer while testing the metal. Use carefully, and it won’t cause any harm.

    Can machine test the fake gold?

    Yes, the XRF precious metal analyzer is designed to test fake gold. All you need to pint the gun toward the metal and press the trigger. Within a few seconds, you can see the result. It can also test silver, zinc, platinum, and more materials.

    Can it detect the exact percentage of the gold? Like 18kg is 75% gold?

    Yes, our machine can easily and effectively test the gold percentage in the material. It is designed to show Pd, Ag, Cu, and Au. What’s more? If you go for the desktop edition, it comes with a printer to print the test report instantly.

    Chapter 6:


    After going through this guide, you may have understood some crucial facts about the advanced gold testing XRF analyzer. The primary idea behind this is to make your machine selection and buying process easier.  

    When you have a good quality handheld XRF gold analyzer, it will be a lot easier for you to detect the purity level of the metal you are using. You don’t have to send a sample to a lab and wait for a few days to get the report as this machine offers an instant analysis report. As you will save your time, you can spend more time on your business activities.

    However, there are some other crucial things that you need to keep in mind while buying the machine. These are:

    • You should always buy a gold or precious metal testing machine that will match your requirements.
    • Remember that gold testing machines are available at different prices and features. So, buy one that will match your budget.
    • Always buy an XRF gold testing machine from a reputed manufacturer who offers a warranty. For this, you can trust SuperbMelt as we offer two years of warranty.
    • When it comes to servicing, always contact the manufacturer or consult a reliable expert for the best servicing experience.

    Fake material can severely affect your image and profit. So, don’t take any risk and use a handheld XRF gold analyzer now. The machine brings you a non-destructive, effective, and fastest way to analyze the metal. Besides, the metal analyzer is very flexible and can test various components. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us now to explore more about your machine and place your order.

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