Gold Purity Testing Machine

The most popular SuperbMelt precious metal testing machine on the market

Gold Analyzer
Gold Analyzer

The gold purity testing machine is used to test the authenticity, purity and metallization thickness of precious metals. 

It is used by pawn shops owners, gold traders and jewelers to overcome the challenges of gold plating and counterfeit items. 

The gold purity testing machine is a fast and non destructive method of determining the authenticity of precious metals unlike acid tests and markings. Your jewelries, antiques and collectables are therefore protected.

Superbmelt gold purity testing machine comes in desktop design and handheld XRF analyzer. The gold purity testing machine can be used to test precious metals such as silver, platinum, palladium, ruthenium, rhodium, etc. 

The inbuilt software based on Win7 and Win8 displays the analysis result immediately after testing.

Gold testing machine features
Analyze the percentage of all metal purity
Gold Analyzer feature
Analysis of gold, silver, platinum, palladium purity
Gold Analyzer feature
Testing the thickness of metal coating

Why SuperbMelt XRF Gold Purity Testing Machine

Professional R&D Team:
Over 15 years R&D experience in gold machinery with a top engineer team supported
High Quality:
Only choose famous brand main electric components for production
ISO CE SGS Approved:
Professional certification bodies certify that the machines are of high quality

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    Gold Purity Testing Machine Buying Guide

    With the fickleness and exorbitant value of gold and precious metals, avoiding small mistakes and inaccuracies when evaluating the value and purity of gold being purchased, traded, or recycled would go a long way.

    Whether you are looking for an accurate Gold Purity Testing Machine or a gold purity checking machine, before heading to the market or visiting web platforms of trusted distributors, we recommend you explore this Gold Purity Testing Machine buying guide.

    This gold purity testing machine guide will help you determine the best machine for your needs, showcase gold testing machines that will tell you the specific gold content in your sample, its validity, and metallization thickness, efficiently and accurately.

    Chapter 1:

    Why Do You Need a Professional XRF Gold Purity Testing Machine

    There is an overwhelming amount of fake gold all over the market—its important you know how to test the accuracy of your gold before trading with it. To achieve highly accurate gold analysis results, you need a professional gold karat testing machine. A formidable XRF gold purity testing machine can help you test the purity of your gold and distinguish impure gold samples.

    X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) gold purity analyzer is an exact and speedy gold testing machine. It sends a beam of X-rays to the gold sample to excite the atoms momentarily, making them move to a higher energy state. The atoms emit radiation as they resume their ground state. The XRF machine detects and analysis this radiation to determine the purity and genuineness of the metal.

    XRF Gold Purity Testing Machine is widely used to examine the purity of gold within the shortest time. Its accuracy and dependability have greatly improved with time. Today, you can calculate the karat of your gold within few seconds using this machine. There are multiple XRF Gold Purity Testing Machines in the market today, it is fundamental you invest in buying one that best suits your needs. With this gold percentage testing machine, you will safeguard your company/job, yourself, and your customers from irredeemable loss resulting from dealing with impure gold.

    Below are some major benefits you can realize from using the best XRF gold testing machine.

    • It does not interfere with the quality of your gold during analysis, hence, giving you 100% non-destructive analysis.
    • Provides precise, accurate, and faster analysis compared to any other gold testing method.
    • Convenient and simple to use as it requires no intricate training before use.
    • Very accurate in identifying pure gold in all types of gold materials, including but not limited to gold bars, gold jewelry, gold nuggets, white, yellow, and rose gold, among other valuable products.

    1.1, Unable To Identify the Purity of Gold in a Simple Way?

    Every investor in the market for precious stones knows that knowledge is power. Considering the exorbitant prices of these metals today, you cannot afford to make mistakes. Being able to differentiate the fake precious metals from the real precious metals will help you steer clear of arguments, save time and money.

    Needless to say, there are malicious, counterfeits, and prohibited precious stones circulating everywhere in the market. It is, therefore, very fundamental that you understand real gold’s physical and chemical properties. Consider the accurate gold tests below that you can do at home.

    • Gold cannot be oxidized. Unlike metals like copper, silver, aluminum, and brass, it does not tarnish or rust when oxidized.
    • Gold is nonmagnetic. Gold has very weak magnetic properties and cannot be magnetized like iron, cobalt, and nickel. If your ‘gold metal’ responds to magnetic, it is fake gold.
    • Gold possesses a high electrical conductivity. It also an effective thermal conductor. Although copper and silver are the best conductors, gold outlasts them because it is resistant to tarnish and it does not corrode with ease. As a result, gold is very vital in electronics.
    • Gold is a soft metal that can be cut using a sharp object.
    • Exceptional ductility. It can be outstretched into the thinnest circuit wires without breaking. You can draw one ounce of gold into 80km of thin gold wire, five microns of a meter thick.
    • High malleability. Gold is an extremely malleable metal that you can flatten into incredibly thin sheets. A single ounce of gold can be hammered into a thin sheet measuring 5 meters on a side. Gold sheets, also called gold leafs, are used in arts and teeth fillings.
    • Only dissolves in nitro-hydrochloric acid. Gold does not dissolve when subjected to treatment with a single acid. However, when nitro-hydrochloric acid is prepared by mixing nitric acid with hydrochloric acid to treat gold, it dissolves.

    1.2, Do You Really Know That Precious Metals are Real?

    Have you ever wondered whether the precious market is worth the puffery and if precious metals really exist? Research shows that although rare, precious metals have existed since historical times, they were as significant as currency.

    Today, precious metals are considered investments and industrial commodities in the making of jewelry and arts. Gold and silver are by far the most known precious metals appreciated for their capacity as investments and a store of great value.

    The value of gold is dictated by the market any time of the day throughout the week. All precious metals, including gold, silver, platinum, and palladium, are traded 24 hours a day on the global commodities market.

    These naturally occurring metallic components are highly profitable and have a great potential to rise in value and maximize your returns. Precious metals are real, and there are tons of remunerative reasons for every investor to join the treasure hunt.

    You ought to pay very keen attention to the type of precious metal you are selling or buying. For instance, since the value of pure gold is especially high and valuable, fraudsters opt to trade in fake gold.

    The Karat gold, popularly known as the K gold, has an exceptionally high degree of purity in it. It has been refined, and all impurities are taken out. The purity of gold is measured in karatage. It is of vital you know the amount of pure gold present in your gold material. A higher karatage indicates that the amount of pure gold in your material is high.

    Various Gold Karatage

    • 24 Karats = 100% pure gold
    • 22 Karats = 91.75% pure gold
    • 21 Karats =87.5% pure gold
    • 18 Karats = 25% pure gold
    • 14 Karats =58.5% pure gold
    • 10 Karats = 42% pure gold
    • 9 Karats = 37.8% pure gold
    • 8 Karats= 33.75% Pure gold

    1.3, Impure Gold Types That Cannot Be Identified By Simple Method

    The value of gold, to a great extent, rests on its purity. The presence of minimal amounts of some naturally occurring elements can contaminate pure gold and lessen its value. Some natural processes exist for gold contamination to occur, and one gold extraction method, per se, does not have a distinctive benefit over the other with reference to purity. The most common impurity in fine gold is silver. Other impurities that may be existing in small but noteworthy amounts are iron, lead, zinc, copper, and silicon.

    Silicon, iron, and lead cause hard spots and a notable decrease in gold ductility. Since these impurities isolate at the grain boundaries, it is hard to determine their presence by simple techniques. Besides, other gold impurities like Tungsten can be extremely hard to identify because they have closely similar properties and characteristics to those of gold. It may be very difficult for gold dealers to distinguish pure gold from impure gold.

    Measuring low levels of impurities in ‘bulk’ methods can give misleading purity results. It is only by using professional gold purity testing machines like the XRF analyzer that the final product’s purity can be assured. Professional analyzers are fundamentally changing the way people do business in the world of precious metals by giving fast, simple, and accurate analysis of gold metal content.

    1.4, Identify and Avoid Fake Precious Metals

    Testing the accuracy of gold samples has been made easier than ever before. There are feasible solutions for people who want speedy results with high accuracy. For jewelry dealers or investors, keeping customers in wait for long is now a thing of the past. Banks, gold testing centers, hallmarking centers, gold refineries, wholesalers, and manufacturers have built their reputation and trust with customers by using the best Gold Purity Testing Machines in the market.

    The encouraging news is that these machines are simple to operate, and you don’t need complex training to use them. Since gold has highly distinctive physical and chemical properties, there are numerous testing machines that you can use to analyze its purity. Gold purity testing machines are highly professional and advanced to give better results separating fake gold from authentic gold.

    Chapter 2:

    What Types of Gold Purity Testing Machines are in the Market?

    Are you on the lookout for the highest accuracy gold purity testing solution? Gold purity testing machines will help you to test and analyze your gold instantly, accurately, and within seconds. You need little or no skills at all to use the machines. Whether you are a gold miner, an investor, jewelry manufacturer, or a banker, there is a machine in the market that will best suit your needs and safeguard your business from losses due to fake, impure, or counterfeit gold.

    X-ray testing machines are the best gold purity testing machines in the market today. They are available in a versatile range, including desktop XRF gold purity testing machine, handheld XRF gold purity testing machine, and the Superbmelt XRF gold purity testing machine.

    2.1, Desktop XRF Gold Purity Testing Machine

    Desktop X-ray fluorescence (XRF) gold purity testing machine delivers fast mineral analysis that considerably improves efficacy, hastens exploration efforts, eliminates risks, and ultimately boosts your customers’ confidence. Desktop XRF analyzer is ideal for many companies since it provides elementary analysis and results that meet worldwide standards and regulations. It is designed specifically for countertop use in retail environments to give non-destructive gold analysis.

    The machine works by sending an X-ray beam directly to the gold metal. When the X-rays hit atoms within the gold sample, they momentarily get excited and eject electrons from the inner shell. Electrons from the outer shell drop down to fill the gap. This movement triggers the release of fluorescent radiation.

    The energy of the fluorescent radiation emitted equals the energy difference of the two-electron shells. This difference is unique for every element, and it is this difference that the machine uses to determine and analyze the specific elements. For years now, XRF technology has been used to deliver accurate and quality data determining specific elements present in each gold sample.

    High-quality desktop XRF gold purity testing machine price may range from US$15,000 to US$35,500. Below are some of the cost-effective gold analyzing advantages that come with using Desktop XRF machine.

    • It has an elegant industrial design that fits seamlessly into any retail establishment.
    • You do not need complex training to use the machine.
    • It is ready to use as soon as it arrives at your site.
    • It has an in-built system check that safeguards it from damage, thus, maintaining its accuracy.
    • The shielded chamber design ensures the safety of its operator and customers.
    • Desktop XRF machine gives you and your clients peace of mind with accurate and precise analysis results.

    2.2, Handheld XRF Gold Purity Testing Machine

    Handheld XRF gold purity testing machine eliminates the challenge of identifying gold plated items and impure gold samples in remote testing locations. With the portable XRF analyzer, gold purity testing troubles are now a thing of the past. It brings you fast, precise, and reliable XRF-based gold analysis in a portable, easy-to-handle design.

    Handheld gold purity testing machine works on the same principle as the desktop gold purity analyzer. It transmits X-rays directly to the gold sample. This excites the electrons momentarily, making them move at a high state. In the process, the atoms release radiation, and the XRF machine reads this radiation to analyze the purity and authenticity of the gold sample.

    It is a very affordable and economical method of testing gold as a high-quality portable XRF gold purity testing machine price ranges from US$5,00O TO US$20,000. Always open the instrument box to confirm whether it contains all the necessary items before taking it home. Look closely for each of the following items:

    • An x-fluorescence analyzer
    • Two batteries
    • A charger
    • An onboard charger
    • USB data cable
    • A card reader
    • An adapter
    • Power cord
    • Instrument card
    • Instrument schedule
    • Bluetooth printer

    Below are precautionary measures you need to keep in mind when using the XRF handheld detector.

    • Before using the machine, ensure the batteries are fully charged.
    • Great care must be taken when handling the detector. Handle lightly to avoid breaking the detectors’ window due to external forces.
    • Don’t touch the window film with your fingertips.
    • Keep the tester film away from any contact with cutting edges to avoid scratches and breakages.
    • Never direct the device at humans to prevent injuries.

    2.3, Modern Techniques of Identifying Original Gold

    First, gold appears in a golden yellow color, its texture is soft, and it is highly ductile. So far, that is pretty obvious. However, distinguishing genuine gold from the unoriginal one necessitates a much deeper, detailed, and keen inspection. Discussed below are some modern techniques that you can use to identify original gold.

    • Fire Assaying Technique

    This technique utilizes excessive heat and flux to melt the gold sample. This test pattern is closely blended with a suitable flux that allows fusing at high temperatures with the impure minerals present within the pattern to form a slag that remains liquid at fusion temperature.

    The separated precious metals are rummaged by way of molten lead and moving to the bottom-most part of the fusion crucible. Once it has cooled down, the lead button is isolated from the slag, and the lead is set apart as well, leaving precious metals behind. The remaining precious metals are treated with nitric acid to eliminate any traces of silver, and the ultimate pure gold is left behind for weighing.

    • X-Ray Fluorescence Technique

    XRF is a non-destructive method of analyzing gold samples to determine their elemental composition. XRF machines analyze the chemistry of a gold sample by reading the radiation emitted by the gold atoms once they are excited by a primary X-ray source. Each element present in the gold sample emits unique fluorescent radiation energy. The XRF spectroscopy is an excellent technique for accurate qualitative and quantitative analysis of gold sample composition.

    • EDXRF Method

    EDXRF method is majorly used in transportable gold analyzers. It is made to analyze the components within elements simultaneously, thereby, identifying individual elements and their relative concentration. It gives the basic chemistry of each gold sample.

    Energy-dispersive X-ray fluorescence (EDXRF) presents an unmatched high accuracy, non-adhesive, and reliable analysis of the chemical composition of numerous substances. You don’t need to undergo any complex education to use it, and it is an efficient method for strong, liquid, and powdered samples.

    Chapter 3:

    How Does Superbmelt XRF Gold Purity Testing Machine Work?

    The Superbmelt XRF gold purity testing machine is very popular for being portable and its’ ability to analyze gold accurately and fast. With time, its efficacy and precision have increased, and today, it can be used to measure the karat of gold. Superbmelt gold analyzer can accurately analyze the gold content, silver content, platinum content, and palladium content.

    It can also identify metal types like Zn, Au, Ag, Cu, AU, Zn, Mo, among others, and show more than 20 elements at the same time. Additionally, you can use it to analyze the thickness of the plating metal, and the analysis results will be presented directly.

    3.1, The Principle of Superbmelt XRF Gold Purity Testing Machine

    Superbmelt XRF gold purity testing machine is designed to use X-ray technology to accurately analyze the purity, authenticity, and metallization thickness of precious metals. It can accurately analyze the purity of gold and other precious metals, including silver, palladium, and platinum. Superbmelt gold analyzer integrates high-tech motherboards and multi-tech controlling computers to bring you a simple and smooth analyzing experience. It has an analytical tolerance of 0.01% to 0.03%.

    Using SuperbMelt XRF gold purity testing machine to identify impurities is very simple. All you need to do is place the precious metal in the test area, press the ‘measurement start,’ and the intelligent analysis system will automatically analyze the purity of the sample. The machine does not destroy or alter the original precious metal; thus, avoiding losses.

    3.2, The Features of Superbmelt XRF Gold Purity Testing Machine

    The Superbmelt XRF Gold Purity Testing Machine with a portable design is easy to assemble, lightweight, and simple to use. Its features listed below make it even more convenient and suitable for testing the purity of gold.

    • Extremely fast when testing the purity of gold and other metals.
    • Easy maintenance.
    • It has a unique optical technology to provide highly accurate analysis results that are close to fire Assay Results.
    • Simple to maintain and needs low operation cost.
    • Compact, portable, and does not consume a lot of space.
    • Streamline body design and durable for the long-life application.
    • Its’ Wi-Fi connection allows it to be suitable for remote controlling.
    • Ultra low power X-ray tube fully enclosed metal box, automatic X-ray switch off, and an inner cover with stepped construction.
    • USB interface and a direct current power supply that makes it convenient to connect to external machines like printers, keyboards, and mouse.
    • It is environmentally friendly. Minimizes pollution and noise.

    3.3, The Benefits of Superbmelt XRF Gold Purity Testing Machine

    As the numbers of counterfeit and fake gold continue to flood the market, it is paramount that every gold dealer or investors have the best XRF gold testing machine. Below are some of the benefits you can enjoy from using a Superbmelt XRF gold purity testing machine.

    • It provides precise, accurate, and non-destructive analysis. It does not tamper with the quality of the gold.
    • It is portable and therefore ideal for use in remote areas.
    • It gives fast results within a period of about 5 seconds.
    • Highly intelligent analysis. You do not need complex training or professional knowledge to know how to use the machine.
    • Detects pure gold in all types of gold components, including jewelry, gold nuggets, gold bars, gold ore, gold pins, gold plating, among others.
    • It is designed with a multilevel protection function that causes the machine to switch off the X-ray automatically in case the chamber cover is opened when still in operation.
    • It is completely in line with the safety stands with active radiation protection, high voltage protection, and X-ray overheating protection.
    • Ideal for use in remote areas and can be charged with vehicle power supply and battery.
    • Superbmelt XRF analyzer does not restrict the sample size and sample shape to be analyzed. It can test various sizes and shapes, including gold pins and gold bars.
    • Professional certification bodies have certified it as a high-quality gold purity testing machine.
    Chapter 4:

    Some Other Applications of the Superbmelt XRF Gold Purity Testing Machine

    Superbmelt XRF gold purity testing machine incorporates tons of innovative ideas into its hardware and software. Innovative ideas provide it with numerous utility functions enabling it to meet each customer’s needs. Discussed below are some of the other applications of the Superbmelt XRF gold purity testing machine.

    4.1, Analyze the Percentage of all Metal Purity

    XRF is the ideal analytical technology for a wide variety of materials. Superbmelt XRF gold purity testing machine uses X-ray fluorescence to provide elemental analysis that is fast, accurate, and highly efficient.

    The machine sends a beam of X-ray on the metal sample. The X-ray excites the atoms of the metal, causing them to release fluorescence radiation. The energy of the radiation is unique for every element. The machine, therefore, identifies the purity of each metal by analyzing the characteristic fluorescence radiation.

    4.2, Analysis the Purity of Silver, Platinum, Palladium, Copper, etc

    Superbmelt XRF gold purity testing machine is a non-invasive analytical technique that analyses the elements present in a sample. It works by exposing a sample to an external X-ray source. The X-ray excites the atoms within the sample, causing them to emit fluorescence X-rays. The emitted X-rays are used to determine the chemical makeup of the material sample.

    Every element present in a sample produces its’ unique fluorescence X-rays. So, the machine can accurately analyze the purity of silver, platinum, palladium, and other metals. This process is relatively fast, and you will collect accurate analysis in a short time. Portable XRF gold purity checking machines can provide accurate analysis from any remote location.

    4.3, Testing the Thickness of Metal Coating

    Superbmelt XRF purity testing machine is a highly efficient technology for spot analysis of metal coatings. It uses X-ray fluorescence to determine the thickness and composition of metal coating with unmatched accuracy. XRF is a non-destructive technique that measures the x-rays released from a test sample once its’ atoms are excited by an external X-ray source.

    The strength of the signal is then used to measure the thickness of the coating, and another reading is done to measure the thickness of the substrate. Superbmelt XRF can measure metallic coatings and multilayer coatings such as zinc, nickel, and copper, among others.

    Chapter 5:

    Conclusion: An XRF Gold Purity Testing Machine Buying Guide

    Whenever you want to buy an XRF Gold purity testing machine, there are some crucial factors that you must always consider before making your final decisions. Remember that buying a wrong machine that won’t serve its’ intended purpose is equivalent to throwing your money away.

    Therefore, take your time and read through this buying guide to discover everything you need to be aware of before buying your XRF gold purity testing machine.

    • Durability

    If you are making a decision to part with your money, it is imperative that you put into consideration every detail about the analyzing machine. Consider its durability and usefulness. Do not waste your money purchasing a gold machine that will break down in the long run. Do a deep research and consider the following.

    1. Does the gold analyzer have all the features and capabilities I require?If you need to purchase a gold analyzing machine, it must be for a specific purpose. You must, therefore, only buy one that has every feature and capability to serve your desired need-a machine that will analyze your gold accurately, precisely, and fast. The purpose of your research goes beyond the gold karat testing machine price to ensure you get value for your money with a high-quality-performing machine.
    2. Does it have warranty?Buying an XRF gold purity testing machine with at least 1 or 2 years warranty protects you from incurring repair costs and saves you on your expenses. In case of a breakdown or whenever the gold testing machine requires servicing, the warranty will take care of the cost within the two years.
    3. Manufacturing quality?You must always consider the manufacturing quality of your XRF gold purity testing machine suppliers. Are their machines certified as of high quality? Do they have the capacity and standards for producing such machines? Purchase your machine only from manufacturers who have the required quality and standards.
    • Price

    XRF gold purity testing machines do not all cost the same. Their features, capabilities, quality, and the uniqueness of the brand manufacturers dictate their cost. When selecting a gold purity checking machine price, the machine to purchase depends on your budget. Consider the following crucial factors before spending your money.

    1. Is the XRF gold purity checking machine price reasonable? Compare the prices of the available gold purity checking machines in the market and purchase the one that comfortably fits your budget. There’s no point in buying a ridiculously expensive machine with all your money and not have the ability to maintain and service it. Maintenance and servicing of an expensive gold carat testing machine will obviously cost a lot. Therefore, buy a machine that fits your budget and one that you can comfortably maintain and service.
    2. Is the price competitive? Gold and silver purity testing machine prices vary from one manufacturer to the other. Some gold purity testing machine costs are higher, while other gold purity testing machines have a low price. So, do detailed market research, compare the competitive prices and purchase one that you can afford without much straining.
    • Servicing

    XRF gold purity testing machines are specialized and professional equipment. Hence, they require not only quality but also regular servicing. This ensures that their quality does not diminish over the years. Purchasing a gold testing machine from a company that gives a two-year warranty means that the manufacturers will incur all the machine-servicing expenses for the two years. You will not spend any servicing money during the warranty period. Consider the following important points while selecting your XRF gold purity checking machine.

    1. Follow the instruction manual to the letter.Every XRF gold analyzer comes with an instruction manual. It contains all the instructions for the correct and appropriate usage of the machine. Ensure to follow each of the instructions provided to achieve effective results and prolong the life of your machine.
    2. Only use parts that are compatible. Never use your XRF gold analyzer with parts that are not compatible with it. It is much better if you only use parts that are manufactured by the same XRF machine manufacturer. Exposing the machine to foreign parts from different manufactures will only destroy your precious machine.
    • Maintenance

    If you purchase your gold carat testing machine from a good manufacturer with a well-laid-out warranty, you’ll be saved maintenance costs for the period that the warranty lasts. Soon as the warranty period is over, the maintenance of your machine becomes your sole responsibility. It is important that you buy your machine from a good manufacturer that will support and assist you in getting a professional technician to take care of your machine.

    1. Avoid self-maintenance.If you are not an expert in maintaining XRF gold purity testing machines, then do not attempt to self-maintain it. Tampering with parts of the gold carat testing machine you are not knowledgeable about will expose it to damage and break down.
    2. Avoid exposure of the XRF gold purity testing machine to weather.Ensure your gold percentage testing machine is always protected from weather elements like rain, direct sunlight, snow, or dust. Exposure to these factors will lead to rusting, destruction, and eventually, the breakdown of your precious metal purity testing machine.

    It is important to note that XRF gold quality testing machines are available in a wide range of prices determined by their performance and features. You should, therefore, buy a gold testing machine that best suits your budget and needs.

    Chapter 6:

    FAQ Guide

    What elements can XRF detect?

    The best XRF gold purity testing machines can examine and determine many elements simultaneously. It gives a quantitative analysis of Au, Zn, Cr, Os, Ru, Ir, Mo, Ni, Pt, Ag, Cu, Pd as well as qualitative analysis of Fe, Zn, Co, Rh, W, Ni, among others.

    What are the benefits of using a portable XRF machine?

    There many benefits of using a portable XRF gold analyzer.

    • It provides one hundred per cent non-destructive analysis results and does not interfere with the original gold quality.
    • Portable, light-weight, and ideal for use in remote locations.
    • It gives highly accurate results within a short period of as minimal as 5 seconds.
    • Simple application and does not need complex training to use.
    • Provides highly accurate results when used to identify pure gold in all gold compounds, regardless of their size.

    How accurate is an XRF gold purity testing machine?

    The accuracy, precision, and dependability of the XRF gold and silver purity testing machine continue to increase dramatically with time. XRF gold analyzer is highly professional and will give accurate results when utilized to measure the karat of gold. It gives accurate and dependable results in a period of 3 to 10 seconds.

    What is the time setting for analysis?

    The XRF technology specifies that the higher the time setting for analysis, the more accurate the results. Normally, the time is set at 40 to 120 seconds for analysis.

    What is the initialization used for?

    The purpose of initialization in a gold purity analyzer is to mechanically re-adjust the Au peak to 0. Before weighing any goods using the machine scale, you must first re-adjust the peak to 0. Every element possesses a unique spectrum. The difference of each spectrum is displayed at different positions on the X-axis of the software. Hence, you must fix a reference spectrum to 0. The spectrum of other elements will then be fixed. If the Au spectrum is set at 0, the software will identify where the Cu spectrum is, where the Ag spectrum is, and where all other elements spectrum is. If the Au of the machine is not re-adjusted to 0, the machine will give false results.

    What jewelries could do the initialization?

    The only jewelry that can be used to do the initialization of the software is pure gold.

    How often do we do calibration?

    There isn’t a need to do the calibration frequently. Calibration shall only be done by an experienced professional, and it’s only necessary when the analysis results are wrong.

    What are standard samples?

    These are the samples utilized to build a working curve during calibration.

    What is the solution if the results are not satisfactory?

    Whenever you get unsatisfactory results, the first thing to do is inspect the peak of the Au. In case the peak is not fixed at 0, you must perfume an initialization to re-adjust it to 0. Proceed to check where your gold sample is positioned in the machine. Ensure it is placed in the appropriate place on the testing window. Also, check to make sure your jewelry sample is well-proportioned. If the surface of your sample is not flattened and homogenous, then you’ll need to polish it.

    Could XRA2000 analyze plating jewelry?

    Yes, it can analyze plating jewelry. Ensure the plating surface is lean to make room for easy penetration of the X-ray. It is also possible to adjust the machine to meet the requirements of varying elements’ thicknesses from five to fifteen microns.

    Are XRF gold purity testing machines safe?

    XRF gold purity testing machine is completely in line with the safety standards with active radiation protection, high voltage protection, and X-ray overheating protection. Always handle XRF machines with great care when in use. Do not direct the portable XRF analyzer to others since it has a radiation effect. Desktop XRF gold testing machine provides 100% nondestructive analysis results. Its’ special door protecting the test chamber instantly shuts down all active X-ray radiation once the door is opened accidentally.

    Can XRF detect gold?

    XRF gold purity testing machines have a high-resolution detector and use X-ray technology to analyze and determine gold purity in a matter of seconds.

    Can XRF detect aluminum?

    Various XRF gold analyzers can measure light elements in low concentrations, including but not limited to aluminum, silicon, and magnesium.

    How does an XRF gold purity testing machine work?

    The XRF gold purity analyzing machine transmits X-rays to the gold sample. This excites the electrons momentarily, making them move at a high state. In the process, the atoms release radiation, and the XRF machine reads this radiation to examine the purity and authenticity of the gold sample.

    What is the principle of XRF?

    XRF gold percentage testing machine works on the principle that an individual atom releases X-ray photons when excited by external energy. An XRF machine fires X-rays at a sample. The X-rays cause the atoms to release energy, and each element’s energy is unique, thereby allowing the XRF machine to identify the components in a sample.

    Is XRF a surface technique?

    XRF is a powerful elemental and analytical technique that quantifies the elements in a sample and also provides qualitative analysis of each element.

    Why can XRF detect light elements?

    XRF analysis is a powerful technique that merges high precision and accuracy with straightforward, fast sample preparation. Measuring light elements can be challenging since the fluorescence released by these elements possesses low energy, and oftentimes, it is reabsorbed by the sample. The fluorescence released is also subject to being blocked by the air between the sample and detecting machine.

    What is an XRF instrument?

    An XRF instrument is a non-destructive machine that uses X-ray fluorescence to give both qualitative and quantitative data of a broad range of sample types, including solids, liquids, slurries, and powdery samples.

    How does XRF measure thickness?

    XRF technique calculates the X-rays emitted from a sample once its’ atoms are excited by an external X-ray source. The strength of this signal is then used to compute the thickness of the coating.

    Is your machine accurate?

    Gold purity analyzing machine is professional and designed to give highly accurate analysis. This may, however, depend on your sample itself. Make sure that your sample is not electroplated or acid pickled. Polish small test completely, and if the sample is too big, you can slice it into sizeable pieces and test it as such.

    How long is your warranty?

    The machine is sturdy and durable to last for years without any damage or quality depreciation. It has a one-year warranty.

    What kinds of precious metals can your machine test?

    The XRF gold purity testing machine uses X-ray technology to provide precise, non-destructive, and highly intelligent analysis of various precious metals. It can analyze metals such as gold, silver, platinum, palladium and also test other kinds of precious metals, including solids, liquids, and powders.

    Will your X-ray analyzer harm to body health?

    X-ray analyzer does not cause harm to the body. The X-ray released is weak, and the machine is designed with a protection function. The machine will automatically switch off its X-ray if the chamber is opened while still in operation.

    Can machine test for fake gold?

    The XRF gold testing machine is made to test the purity of gold. To test fake gold, you’ll be required first to melt your gold sample and mix it thoroughly with an induction melting furnace. You can then use the XRF analyzer to test the gold purity. Otherwise, you can drill different sections on the sample for the XRF to analyze the gold purity.

    Can it detect the exact percentage of the gold? Like 18kg is 75% gold?

    Yes. XRF gold purity testing machine will test and analyze the percentage of gold in your metal. X-ray fluorescence (XRF) finds its origin in geology. Initially, experts used it to determine and analyze geological materials. In the contemporary world, XRF applications have scaled up. It is the most suitable analytical technology for a massive range of materials. XRF provides you with an elemental analysis that is fast, precise, accurate, and high intelligence to meet worldwide standards and regulations.

    How do you use XRF gold purity testing machine?

    It is simple to examine the purity of your gold with the best XRF gold purity testing machine. What you have to do is place the precious metal in the test area, press the ‘measurement start,’ and the intelligent analysis system will examine the purity of the gold spontaneously. To use a handheld XRF gold purity testing machine, follow the following simple procedure.

    • Turn on the XRF gold analyzer by continually pressing the power button until the power light turns green.
    • The second and crucial step is to initialize the machine’s calibration by clicking the test result and the initialization test button.
    • To test the sample, press the XRF analyzer’s test terminal directly onto the surface of your gold sample. Pull the trigger to begin testing and continually press it until the test is complete.
    • While testing the purity of your gold sample, the light indicator of the XRF analyzer switches from green to red.
    • Your test results will be displayed instantly and accurately.
    Note: Do not put your fingers near the window film when the machine is in use. Do not direct the analyzer at others while still in due to the effect of radiation. To use a desktop XRF gold purity testing machine, follow the following steps:
    • Ensure the desktop XRF analyzer is connected to a power supply. Press the main power button to turn on the machine.
    • The analyzer has a high standard touch screen that allows you to set up the machine before use easily.
    • Open the door protecting the test chamber and Initialize the machine by placing pure gold in the test chamber. Cover the door and press the testing button. On the screen, click ‘initialize’, and the process will begin and complete automatically.
    • After initialization, place your gold sample in the test area centre to start analyzing.
    • The high-resolution camera makes sample placement precise and fast.
    • Your test results will be displayed accurately within a few seconds.
    • You can save and print your highly intelligent analysis results immediately.
    Note: The special door that protects the test chamber has closer switches that ensure the X-Ray is only active when the door is closed. The X-ray will turn off instantly once the door is opened.

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