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How to Make Gold Jewelry Chain

The demand and popularity of jewellery chains is constantly increasing and they are the fundamental portion of jewellery. Commercially made jewellery chains have easily recognisable template designs. But buying precious metal jewellery is costly. Furthermore, pre-made chains come in different protected films and it makes it challenging to repair them.

Therefore, if you need a chain for you latest jewellery design, be it for a neckless or for a wristband, in the long run, it is better to produce your own than depend on someone else. If you are intimidated due to the complex processes and tedious steps, fret not. Our gold chain manufacturing machine can help you make a gold chain within a few hours.

Gold Jewelry Chain Designs

Gold Jewelry Chain Production Line

1st Continuous casting machine

Continuous casting machine casts gold into a rod. Adopts the gas insert melting protection technology for accurate and automate temperature control and stirring. [Learn More>>]

3rd Wire drawing machine

Wire drawing machine draws the thick wire into the thin wire after drawing processing, the wire diameter achieve the required standards for jewelry chain production processing. [Learn More>>]

5th Jewelry hammering machine

Feed the finished jewellery chain into the machine, and get the target shape by hammering.
jewelry chain manufacturing

Cast a gold rod

jewelry chain manufacturing

Roll the gold rod into thin wires

jewelry chain manufacturing

Drawing the gold filament

jewelry chain manufacturing

Making jewelry chain

jewelry chain manufacturing

Hammer the jewelry chain

jewelry chain manufacturing

Faceting jewelry chain surface

2nd Jewelry roll mill

The Superbmelt electric rolling mill is designed to roll the produced crude gold rods into very thin wires. [Learn More>>]

4th Jewelry chain making machine

Feed the filament into the jewelry chain making machine, weave the jewelry chain through winding, cutting, welding and other processes.

6th Jewelry chain faceting machine

The jewelry chain faceting machine is suitable for mirror finish lapping, plain cut, lines, stars, bevels, chamfers step cut on flat chains.

1st Continuous casting machine

Continuous casting machine casts gold into a rod. Adopts the gas insert melting protection technology for accurate and automate temperature control and stirring. [Learn More>>]

2nd Jewelry roll mill

The Superbmelt electric rolling mill is designed to roll the produced crude gold rods into very thin wires. [Learn More>>]

3rd Wire drawing machine

Wire drawing machine draws the thick wire into the thin wire after drawing processing, the wire diameter achieve the required standards for jewelry chain production processing. [Learn More>>]

4th Jewelry chain making machine

Feed the filament into the jewelry chain making machine, weave the jewelry chain through winding, cutting, welding and other processes.

5th Jewelry hammering machine

Feed the finished jewellery chain into the machine, and get the target shape by hammering.

6th Jewelry chain faceting machine

The jewelry chain faceting machine is suitable for mirror finish lapping, plain cut, lines, stars, bevels, chamfers step cut on flat chains.

There is always a demand for gold, silver, copper, and stainless steel jewellery. Manufacturers across the world are constantly looking for advanced machines to enhance the process of making gold chains and jewellery. But the modern process of making jewellery with the best gold chain manufacturing machine is here. The steps are as follows.

  • Obtaining pure gold by melding the gold ore and melting it in an induction furnace can take much time but using a machine makes the process of smelting faster.
  • The next step is to make golden rods using a contentious casting machine to obtain circular, rectangle or any shape according to the design.
  • Next, you can use a jewellery rolling machine to convert these rods to thin wires with shiny and smooth surfaces.
  • Using a wire drawing machine, these thick wires can be converted into as thin as required for the chains.
  • Making the jewellery chain using the gold chain manufacturing machinecan help you fashion different chains such as snake chain, double curb, etc.
  • Next, you can use the hammering machine to perfectly bind the parts. Since the machine is automatic, this process is simple.
  • Lastly, you can use a jewellery faceting machine to facet the surface of the chain and make it shine.
These gold chain manufacturing machines provide the highest quality materials for clients and can offer a wide range of solutions for different problems.

1. How do you manufacture a gold chain?

With time, the process of manufacturing a quality gold chain has gone through a great revolution. Earlier, manual methods were used to create gold chains; however, this can be done using a professional gold chain manufacturing machine that you can get from SuperbMelt.

This form of gold chain production process is one of the fastest and most efficient processes available today for creating good-quality chains. Besides, you can also create solid as well as hollow chains. This is a unique work process, and I can run at more than 200 links per minute.

Our machines are here to improve the gold chain production cycle so that the manufacturers can enjoy a great level of production efficiency. Besides, there will be no loss of material. So, let’s have a look at the production process of gold chains using these machines.

  • Getting the material, i.e., gold

Before you can begin with the process, you will have to get quality gold. For that, you can use an induction furnace and crucible to melt gold ore. For the best quality furnace, you can always trust SuperbMelt. After that, purify the gold and combine other alloys to make the pure gold durable.

  • Making rods

After obtaining the material, you need to create a gold rod. This is where you can utilize a continuous casting machine available at SuperbMelt. Our machine is made of durable material and has the latest technologies. So, using it, you can get the desired shaped gold rods, for example, circular shapes, rectangular, circular, cylindrical, and more.

  • Turning gold rods into gold wire

Now, you need to convert the large-sized gold rods into gold wire. Don’t worry at all, as you can use SuperbMelt’s rolling mill for that. The machine applies the right amount of pressure, and the wire will have a smooth surface. The entire process will take only a few minutes, based on the length of the gold wire.

  • Getting the right diameter

If you want to make thin-sized chains, then you need to lower the diameter of the wire. We also have a machine that uses the drawing process. Once you get the right diameter, you are all set to use a gold necklace making machine to make chains.

  • Making beautiful gold chains

Here, you can use a gold chain maker machine to start making durable and beautiful gold chains. The machine is very advanced and can be used to make different types of gold chains, for example, box chains, rope chains, snake chains, and more.

These are the processes that are followed by the jewelers to make a gold chain. The introduction of different gold chain-making machines has made the production process a lot easier and faster. Besides, you can also use a hammering machine and a faceting machine to give your gold chains the right shape and shine.

If you are looking for the best quality gold chain manufacturing machine to produce quality gold chains, then you can always trust SuperbMelt for this. Our machines are very powerful and can run 24 hours without developing any issues. Besides, while using the machines, there are no need to use any consumables, for example, soldering gasses, twin containment wires, cleaning fluids, and more.

2. How is gold made in factory?

In a factory, gold is created by separating the gold from its ores. This method is called cupellation. This process includes treating the gold ores at a higher temperature to separate gold from the base metals, such as zinc, copper, lead, and more. The base metal will get oxidized during the process. Here, the gold is heated at temperatures more than 900-degree C. You can use an induction furnace of SuperbMelt and heat the ore at 10640-degree C to get gold.  

Now, you need to remove the impurities from the gold. Pure gold, when extracted from the mines, comes with a huge amount of impurities. To separate them, you can use different chemicals, for example, cyanide solution as well as mercury.

These chemicals will coagulate the gold, and you will get clumps of gold. Another method is heating the gold at 1100-degree C. After a few seconds; you will see a dross on the surface. Remove them out, and at the end, you will get pure gold.

3. Is it hard to make a gold chain?

If you are talking about making gold chains manually, then the process is very challenging and time-taking. Besides, there is no guarantee that the result will be accurate. However, if you are using a gold chain maker machine, then you can easily create quality gold chains within a few hours.

The entire process can be automated using the machine. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with SuperbMelt, one of the leading box chain making machine manufacturers, and get a quality machine now.


4. How do Jewelers make chains?

In simple words, all the chains start out as thin wire. First of all, the wire is perfectly annealed using a furnace. After that, it is drawn through a die to get the desired diameter. This is called the drawing process. The process makes the wire durable and hard.

Once done, the thing wire is processed through a gold necklace making machine, or you can say a forming machine where it will be threaded through the previous links, cut, and formed into the chain’s next link. During the process, the jewelry chain cascades downward. In the end, you will get a chain.

5. Do they make 24K gold chains?

Well, in general, making gold chains using 24k pure gold can be a little challenging as the gold will be very soft. Even though the machines can make it, they prefer to use 14k or 21k gold to make chains by combining different alloys to the gold.

6. What are gold chains made of?

In general, gold chains are created using 18k, 20k, or 21k gold. For example, if you are buying a 14k gold chain, then remember that it will have 14 parts gold and around ten parts of other metals. They can be palladium, zinc, copper, nickel, and more.

7. How do I start a gold jewelry business?

For starting a jewelry business, you need to complete all the necessary tasks like business registration, tax registration, getting licenses for selling hallmark jewelry pieces, and more. Besides, you will need machines to simplify the different processes, like getting gold from the ores to making jewelry chains.

This is where you can always trust SuperbMelt. We are one of the most reputed chain making machine manufacturers and deal with the production and distribution of melting, forming, and casting machines for different precious metals. Our machines will offer you a smooth jewelry production process.

8. How long does a gold chain last?

Well, the lifespan of the gold chain will depend on how you are using it and what type of gold chain you have. If you use the chain regularly, then it will tend to wear out faster. On the other hand, a gold-plated chain can last around two to three years. A real gold chain can last for years if it is crafted properly.

9. Which gold chains are the strongest?

As per the experts, rope, mariner, curb, Figaro, and cable gold chains are some of the strongest chains available in the market. If they are thick in design, they can last for years. Besides, a wheat chain made of multiple links can also be a durable option.

10. What karat gold is best for chains?

Remember that in the purest form, gold is very soft and can’t be used for regular wear. Even though higher karat golds are pure, they are not suitable to be used in gold chains. So, it has been seen that most jewelers prefer to use 14K or 18K gold to make gold chains or necklaces.

11. Do gold chains break easily?

Yes, if you have hollow chains, they can break or dent easily. Besides, they are less expensive and challenging to repair. However, solid gold chains are durable and strongest.

12. How do you make links in jewelry chains?

In general, after creating rings, the rings are twisted with two pairs of flat-nosed pliers. You can make the first few links easily, but then you need to start linking the rings together to create chains.  After that, you can solder every link with hard solder. This can be a time-consuming process. However, you can make it simple and faster using a gold chain maker machine. And for the best machine, contact SuperbMelt now.

13. Can you weld a jewelry chain?

Yes, you can weld your jewelry chain, and for that, using a welder can be a good idea. You don’t have to be worried about getting the right type of welder, as SuperbMelt has different options for you. With SuperbMelt, you can get a mini laser welder, split laser welder, and desktop laser welder at the most affordable prices.

14. What are the different types of jewelry chain?

Some of the most popular types of jewelry chains are:

  • Trace chain

One of the most popular chains to make jewelry is the trace chain. Such chain comes with multiple small oval-shaped links, and that creates a perfect chain and looks minimal. You can get one in different lengths and thicknesses. Sometimes, they can come coated with gold or sterling silver.

  • Belcher chain

Such chains are also called Rolo chains. These are similar to a trace chain, but you will find the links are a little wider than the thickness of the chain. They look sturdier and quite popular among men. You can buy a mini or maxi belcher chain based on your preference.

  • Hayseed chain

Hayseed chains created using a bead bracelet machine can look super beautiful, and it feels very lightweight. The rings are intricately linked together to create the chain. You will find the detailing of the chains is very delicate and produces sparkle under the light.

  • Curb chain

When it comes to using a heavier-looking chain, you can always go for a curb chain. Here, the links are twisted and flattened properly, and once laid flat, they are interlocked together. This can be the perfect chain for creating a statement necklace.

  • Snake chain

These chains are also called Brazilian chains. You will find them different from others as they are not made of links. The design of a snake chain includes smooth metal plate links tightly combined to form a flexible chain. This smooth chain provides the users with a sophisticated look.

  • Rope chain

The rope chain has a very interesting look and is made of links woven together to create a stylish twisted effect. It will look like a rope. If you are looking for a chain that canattract everyone’s attention, then this chain is for you. Such chains are created from silver or gold using chain making machine. So, visit SuperbMelt now and check the jewellery chain making machine price and get one now.

  • Figaro chain

These chains are very pretty and can come with a great level of detail. The chain has flattened links, and in general, the design includes three short links divided by one longer link. The changing size of the links creates a stunning look.

  • Bead chain

These are also known as pelline chains or ball chains. No matter what is your style statement, bead chains will perfectly match it. The chain comes with a tiny metal sphere of small balls, and there will be not open links. The elements are fixed at a regular interval along the chain’s length, and there will be some connector bars. If you love bead chains, then you will also love satellite chains.

  • Spiga chains

Spiga chains are created using different twisted oval links, and they are combined together in a single layer. In the end, you will get a beautiful chain. The chain will look symmetrical. The design will look like different metallic fibers combined together, creating a perfect textural appearance. The chains are semi-rigid and very sturdy.

No matter what types of chains you want to make, you can use a chain-making machine. And this is where SuperbMelt comes to play. We are quite popular in offering high-quality and industry-grade gold chain manufacturing machine that can be used for making durable chains from different materials. Get in touch with us now for a free quote.

15. How do they make necklace chains?

Today, it is not a challenging task to make neckless as now you can use a gold chain manufacturing machine. Such machines can create durable and different types of gold chains within a few hours. All the processes, like making gold rods, converting the rod into wire, and giving shape to the wire, and more, can be carried out by the machines. For durable machines under your budget, you can always trust, SuperbMelt.

16. How are silver chains made?

Speaking about the silver chains, they can be made using the manual process as well as using machines. However, the manual process will take time, and you may not find an accurate design in the end. But using the best rope chain making machine, you can easily create quality silver chains faster, without compromising the accuracy of the design. In fact, a machine can make beautiful silver chains with more than 6000 links within just two minutes. After creating it, you can use a faceting machine to polish the chain.

17. What are the different types of chain necklaces?

As discussed above, in the market, you can find snake chains, box chains, cable chains, rope chains, curb chains, and more.

All you need to choose the right one based on your style preference. The major reason behind the availability of different chains in the market is the introduction of chain-making machines.

In fact, you can also set up your own chain shop using these machines. Just choose one of the trusted gold chain making machine manufacturers, and you are ready to go.

18. What is the best material for a necklace?

  • Silver

One of the widely used materials for necklaces is silver, or you can say sterling silver. Sterling silver means it has 92.5% silver and around 7.5% copper. The material is long-lasting and highly durable. You can use this to make body jewelry, bracelets, necklaces, rings, and more.  However, silver is a little softer than titanium, platinum, and gold, and you need to take proper care of a silver necklace.

  • Silver-filled material

It is also called a silver overlay. The only difference is that the wire is created using pressure and heat, and during the process, a layer of silver is applied to the cheaper metal. It can be much thicker than the standard plating.  The chains or necklaces made of silver-filled materials can be long-lasting and affordable.

  • Gold

Gold necklaces are a mix of gold and some other alloys, for example, zinc, nickel, copper, silver, and more. While making necklaces, jewelers generally use 18K, 21K, or 14K gold as such karat golds are durable.

  • Platinum

Speaking about platinum, it is the rarest as well as the most expensive of the metals. However, the price is justified as you will find it more durable and it doesn’t tarnish. You can use a rope chain making machine to create beautiful chains from platinum. As appearance matters the most, in some cases, platinum is alloyed with cobalt and copper to get a different look. On the other hand, combining it with other metals makes it more durable. Under platinum group metals, you can use iridium, rhodium, palladium, and more.

  • Titanium

When it comes to using the hardest metal to make jewelry, you can always trust titanium. It is much harder than platinum, silver, gold, and steel. Besides, it is easy to color, lightweight, and resistant to scratch. On the other hand, titanium is completely hypoallergenic, and that makes it popular for body-piercing jewelry as well as implants.

19. What is the strongest style of chain for a necklace?

As per the experts from all types of chains, when it comes to choosing the strongest style of chain, one can always go for the rope chains. They are the heaviest and most durable types of chains. Furthermore, you will find them very textural. Thanks to their unique designs, you can easily wear them with a pendant.

A necklace made of rope chains can last for years. On the other hand, solid gold chains are also very durable and strong. However, hollow gold chains are inexpensive, but they are easy to break and very challenging to repair.

20. Will gold plating wear off?

Yes, gold plating can wear out with time and can easily flake off. It will soon expose the base metal. On the other hand, it also loses its luster with time. If done properly and using the right technology, gold plating can last for up to two years.

21. How do you know if chain is real gold?

  • Have a look at the marking

To know the purity of the gold chains, you can have a look at the hallmarks made on the clasp. In general, real gold chains come stamped with different kart marks like 24k, 14k, or 18k. Some chains may have a KGP mark. That means the chain is not real.

  • Magnet testing

Remember that real gold never reacts to a magnet. So, if the gold chain sticks tightly to the magnet, then the chain is fake. It has some other metals.

  • Test with skin

In general, real gold is a shiny raw material and will never tarnish. Besides, it will never create a green mark on your skin. If the chain has any sign of discoloration, then you are using fake gold.

  • Use nitric acid

To carry out the test, you need to create a small scratch on the chain. After that, apply a few drops of nitric acid to it. The acid will damage the fake pieces of jewelry, and you can see a green mark. If there’re is no reaction, then you are using real gold.

If you are looking for an effective way to know whether the gold chains you are using are real or not, then you can use an XRF analyzer offered by SuperbMelt. Using this machine, you can test the purity level within a few minutes.

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