300 ton Hydraulic Press

300 ton hydraulic press
300 ton hydraulic press

Superbmelt 300 ton hydraulic press machine is used for processing complex metal shapes in a short time and large volumes. It is suitable for high volume productivity of forging, clinching, moulding, punching and so on. For each of these applications, the press plate and dies may be different but the structure is the same. Superbmelt 300 ton hydraulic press has the capacity of processing up to 300 tons of metals. 

Superbmelt hydraulic press machine works with metals such as titanium, silver, gold, aluminium, copper, iron, tin, tungsten, etc. The stroke of the working table and the system pressure helps to regulate the stamping process. The entire 300 ton pressing machine requires about 4kw to 11kw of energy for an effective stamping process. 

Metal production industries opt for machine presses because of its high level of automation, quick processing and easy maintenance. Superbmelt hydraulic press machine for sale offers all these and more.

Why SuperbMelt 300 ton Hydraulic Press

Professional R&D Team:
Over 15 years R&D experience in gold machinery with a top engineer team supported
High Quality:
Only choose famous brand main electric components for production
ISO CE SGS Approved:
Professional certification bodies certify that the machines are of high quality

    Any Question About SuperbMelt 300 ton Hydraulic Press

    1. How should I determine what type of hydraulic press I need for my application?

    A hydraulic press is a machine press that uses a hydraulic cylinder that further generates a compressive force. The complete process depends on certain physics principles and works through different mechanical processes.

    When trying to determine a hydraulic press for a certain application, you must know tonnages. So, it’s important to understand the tonnage requirement before selecting the type. Let’s have a look at types of hydraulic presses.

    • Movable Table Hydraulic Press

    This type of hydraulic press is also known as the H-frame press, which features a stationary frame and manual movable table. It makes it easy to carry overhead loads. The movable table hydraulic press is available in tonnages up to 100-200 tons. This type is usually used for assembling, extracting, straightening, and fabrication. The table is mounted over rollers for efficient top head loading and positioning. It is known for its greater efficiency and smooth operation.

    • Movable Frame Hydraulic Press

    The movable frame hydraulic press includes a large fixed bed and movable frame, and all its presses include a power frame and work head transverse. It can feature a stationary table with an operational movable frame and a cylinder. These are useful for straightening plates, fabricating sheet metal, and other processes like assembling, extracting, bending, and testing applications. There are available in different tonnages between 150 and 600 tons. A 300-ton hydraulic press is considered more efficient for various applications.

    • Air Operated Hydraulic Press

    The air-operated hydraulic press has the capability to eliminate hand pumping as it works with an air pressure of specific measurement. The by-pass hole prevents it from excessive ram extension. This hydraulic press type is best for time-saving due to its rapid RAM approach. It has double air pumps that work with a double pumping procedure for faster pressing. The tonnage capacity of an air-operated hydraulic press can vary from 25/50 tons to 200 tons. 

    There are various options available in SuperbMelt, so if you are planning to buy the best 300 ton hydraulic press, it’s better to opt from their site.

    2. How does a hydraulic press machine function?

    The hydraulic press machine works based on Pascal’s Principle. According to the principle, when pressure is applied to the confined fluid, the changes in pressure occur throughout the entire fluid. Pascal’s principle depends on three kinetics: pressure, force, and area; the hydraulic press functions depending on these major factors.

    The initial process starts with enforcing hydraulic fluid force into a double-action piston. When more force is applied, the compressive force in the small cylinder pushes the fluid into the larger cylinder. The frequent movement of the larger piston forces the fluid to flow back into the smaller piston cylinder. 

    The mechanical passage of these fluids between the pistons initiates increased pressure, which produces a mechanical force that drives the anvil on a hydraulic press downward upon the workpiece, which is deformed to give it the desired shape. After the completion of the movement, the pressure gets released, and the anvil returns to its original state.

    The working function of the hydraulic press is best suitable for various operations such as forging, clinching, molding, blanking, punching, deep drawing, and metal forming. A 300 ton hydraulic press is best suitable for the above process. To get more information about the working functions of different hydraulic presses, get in touch with SuperbMelt.

    3. Do you provide customized solutions?

    If you are looking for the best-customized solutions advanced in automation techniques, then visit the SuperbMelt site. They are well-known for providing automated solutions which are efficient and cost-effective.

    • Automated Coin Minting Line Solution

    Our company is recognized for providing professional solutions to clients. Coin minting solution is one of our professional solutions, and we are considered the best coin minting solution provider across the world concerning our experience records. Our hydraulic coin press machine is designed with a steel fabricated body specially designed to mint coins, gold, and silver.

    It can press up to 150 tons of metals. Our machine can be described as an upstroke coining press because it features an extra hydraulic cylinder for return stroke and delivers a RAM travel speed. Due to its advanced features, it provides the best minting solution for gold, silver, and bar metals as per the market’s demand.

    Therefore, you can opt for our service provider as we serve with excellence and experience for a one-stop service solution. Our firm has experience of more than a decade in providing this service, on-site training, and technical support.

    • Automated Coin Stamping Solution

    This is another automated solution the company provides, and it is best known for its wide use in the coin stamping process throughout the world. The hydraulic coin press machine has various advanced features with perfect tonnage and pressure requirements. 

    SuperbMelt even provides various other customization solutions and other services for different operational applications. Even if you are planning to buy hydraulic press machines for these solutions, you can check the availability of various machines as per your requirement. An automatic hydraulic press machine is even available in different price ranges.

    4. How much pressure should a hydraulic press have?

    The pressure of the hydraulic press depends upon the type of application. Different types of hydraulic pressure machines come with different pressure capacities. The pressure is calculated by finding piston area from piston diameter, and then the pressure is multiplied by cylinder area. The international standard in high-pressure hydraulic tools is 700 to 10,000 psi maximum. It is advised to purchase a hydraulic press up to 300 tons. The hydraulic machine manufacturer knows better to stabilize the pressure in the machines.

    You can easily find a 300 tons hydraulic press in SuperbMelt in affordable ranges.

    5. How many types of hydraulic press machines are there?

    • Four-Column Hydraulic Press

    This kind of hydraulic press is basically used for different materials, and it is eligible for various pressing technologies such as blending, punching, clinching, etc.

    • Single Column Hydraulic Press

    According to its name type, it constitutes a single column and a C-type frame. It works as a small hydraulic press with a multi-functional medium which is suitable for correcting shaft parts and profiles. This is also known as the C-frame press.

    • Vertical Hydraulic Press

    This vertical hydraulic press of hydraulic press has two columns with an overarm connected with it. In this working process, the pressure is applied vertically.

    • Horizontal Hydraulic Press

    In this type of hydraulic press, the workpiece lies between the vertical plate, and here the pressure is applied horizontally, which is parallel to the axis of the hydraulic press machine.

    • Universal Hydraulic Press

    As the name suggests, this machine type is used for various types of pressing processes such as forging, punching, etc.

    You can even prefer custom hydraulic press machines as per your requirement. 

    6. What makes hydraulic presses popular in industrial production?

    The hydraulic presses are popularized in industrial production due to their advanced features and application. It plays a vital role in the manufacturing and production process. The hydraulic press machines are known for their versatile nature as they can be used for the various operational processes in the manufacturing units.

    It operates effectively as the machines are designed for smooth pressure with constant RAM force. The hydraulic machines are used for necessary industrial processes such as forming, pressing, bending, stretching, assembling, embossing, and compaction.

    The desired work can be completed within limited time and pressure as per the requirement, which further helps in the production process. Therefore, hydraulic techniques are getting popularized in different industries such as cosmetic, automotive, electric, and home appliance industries, etc. 300 ton press machines are usually preferred in industrial processes.

    7. Between the hydraulic press machine and the mechanical press machine: which is better?

    When comparing the hydraulic press machine with the mechanical press machine, you can easily differentiate them based on their properties, features, and working. According to the research, the hydraulic press machine seemed to be much better than the mechanical press machine by studying its versatility. No doubt that the mechanical press machine offers a good rate of production, but when you look after the working process, the hydraulic press machine has the capability to function efficiently even in a complex process.

    Hydraulic press machines are known for performing automation processes with greater efficiency. It can do several complex tasks such as speedy automatic minting, coin making, logo stamping, etc. These automation techniques are better performed by 300 tons hydraulic press. Therefore it is widely preferred in the industrial sectors.

    8. Is the hydraulic press machine more energy efficient?

    The hydraulic press machine is more energy-efficient than other traditional press machines. The power consumption of the hydraulic press machine can be controlled as necessary by adjusting the pressure. The pressure level determines the power consumption. Therefore, adjusting pressure in hydraulic press machines can save up to 60 percent power. The energy-efficient factor is primarily noticed in automated hydraulic press machines. Hence they are widely used in industrial operations. A 300 ton press machine is more energy-efficient.

    The SuperbMelt has got the best energy-efficient hydraulic press in reasonable price ranges. Therefore, for more details, contact their professionals. You can check the 300 ton hydraulic press price from the SuperbMelt online store.

    9. What kind of experience does SuperbMelt have building hydraulic press solutions?

    The SuperbMelt has experience of more than a decade in building hydraulic press solutions. Their experience records speak about their diligence and excellent service and solutions. Their manufacturers and experts go through detailed research and then implement their strategies and plan to build the solutions to meet the market’s value. All the sources and materials they use are of high quality and advanced features.

    The experts are always ready for the upgradation of solutions to match the current need of the technological advancement era. All the services and solutions have special certification and are approved by ISO CE SGS. The firm also received feedback from trusted customers, emerging in its business in past years. Therefore, to get the versatile hydraulic press solutions to contact the experts of SuperbMelt. The 300 ton hydraulic press is best known for its versatile qualities.

    10. What type of controls come with SuperbMelt hydraulic press?

    The Hydraulic press machine is associated with a motor system that drives the entire process with the help of components like pistons, cylinders, and pipes. The hydraulic press has many control components, such as a hydraulic motor, direction control valve, pressure relief valve, pressure gauge, and limit switch. These components feature a PLC system in the hydraulic machine.

    The control system makes the work process more efficient and convenient. These unique features are hardly noticed in any other mechanical press machines. The servo-driven technology implemented in our hydraulic system is more energy-efficient and can save energy up to 50 to 60 percent. 

    11. What type of power will SuperbMelt machine require?

    The SuperbMelt hydraulic machine primarily functions with the help of kinetic power or fluid power. Fluid power is the special requirement type for the hydraulic press machines, which drives the workflow. The hydraulic fluid is pumped into the cylinders and motor with a given pressure in the initial process.

    The motor further requires electric power for operating. Therefore, fluid power is a specialized usage of fluids under pressure that generates, controls, and transmits power. It works step-wise by a pressurized fluid bearing technique directly on a piston in a cylinder or a fluid motor. 

    12. What types of applications have been achieved with SuperbMelt machines?

    The SuperbMelt machines have various applications based on their advanced features. The machines are capable of providing various services and solutions. For example, hydraulic press techniques are used for coin making, logo stamping, and minting gold and silver coins, medals, and bars. It even offers the best jewelry chain-making machines for creating gold, platinum, silver, and hard alloy chains. They even have other important types of machinery such as laser machines, metal casting machines, and induction melting furnaces. 

    Due to the availability of these machinery types, they have a huge range of applications, and hence they are preferred by various industries. The SuperbMelt solutions even got great applications; they solve different problems and provide quality solutions. For example, the coin minting solution of SuperbMelt is known for building several coin-making lines across the world. Their experience and professionalism state the supremacy they achieved with their machines. Go through the hydraulic press machine price and get your order.

    13. What are the different types of hydraulic presses offered by SuperbMelt?

    Based on the structural form, the SuperbMelt hydraulic press machines can be differentiated into

    • Four Column Hydraulic Press

    This structural type is suitable for pressing various substances such as plastic materials, forming powdered products, cold extrusion metal forming, sheet drawing, bending, penetration, transverse pressing, and correction processes. The four-column columns can be divided into two-beam, three beam, and four beam hydraulic presses.

    • C Frame Hydraulic Press

    These hydraulic presses have an extendable working range, enabling lengthened hydraulic cylinder stroke. It even enables pre-set working pressure. The maximum retractability is from 260 nm to 800 nm. 

    • Horizontal Hydraulic Press

    This is considered a multi-purpose hydraulic press with various properties such as assembling, disassembling, straightening, compressing, stretching, bending, and punching. The working table of this hydraulic press is movable, which makes it more convenient to use.

    • Two Pillar Hydraulic Press

    This unique hydraulic press is suitable for different operations such as bending, pressing, and shaping various parts. It is even used for metal powder products forming. 

    The hydraulic press is classified into punching, power forming, metal forming, pressing, extrusion, and other processes based on the application.

    The SuperbMelt hydraulic presses are also divided based on tonnages. Different types of machines come with different tonnage and pressure management. Therefore, the hydraulic presses are available in different tonnages. 300 ton press for sale available on the online site, for purchasing you can browse easily through it.

    14. How safe is hydraulic press in industrial production?

    Accidents related to the hydraulic press machines are common; it usually gets prone to hazards like overheating the motor, damages in piston, cylinders, or other parts, leakages in pipe and pumps, and high power consumption and due to other relevant issues. But you can get prevented from these problems if you have a SuperbMelt hydraulic press, which comes with security and safety measures to prevent incidents and hazards. 

    SuperbMelt hydraulic press is associated with a servo-driven system which comes with specialized features such as monitoring power consumption, pressure adjustment with pressure gauge, set speed limit, and many more control features. Therefore, the SuperbMelt hydraulic press is safe in industrial production processes. The 300 ton hydraulic press is widely used in industrial processes.

    15. How durable is the hydraulic press?

    The SuperbMelt’s hydraulic press machines are known for their highly durable nature. The durability of the hydraulic press is known by its pressure application. The common pressure range of these machines in industries is from 1000 to 3000 psi. The durability property of the hydraulic press can be checked by its quality, performance, and other applications. Due to its highly durable nature it is used for various operations like metal pressing, bending, molding, etc. The 300 ton hydraulic press is best known for its durability.

    16. What are some advantages and application examples of hydraulic press?

    The hydraulic press has different advantages, which makes it more reliable. The advantages are propelling the usage of machines in various industrial sectors, which enhances its market demand. In-built overload protection is a major advantage that lets the machine hold bulk loads with safety measures.

    Due to the presence of various controlling features, it is considered safe compared to other mechanical presses. The design of the hydraulic press is compact and can easily handle the pressurized workflow as we discussed earlier, its versatility which is another advantage. Hydraulic press machines are cost-effective and offer a full power stroke.

    The hydraulic press has a huge range of applications in different industrial sectors. They’re used for various operations such as blanking, forming, forging, assembling, punching, sheet molding, and clinching. Hence, they are widely used in automotive, aerospace, thermoplastic, and many others.

    The SuperbMelt’s 300 ton hydraulic press has all the above advantages and is applicable in various industries.

    17. What is the difference between hydraulic press and power press?

    There are many major differences between hydraulic press and power press which will clearly define its comparison. The hydraulic press usually functions by utilizing liquid or oil, and further, it moves by the application of pressure. But the power press utilizes gas or air for pressure application. The power press can be pneumatic, hydraulic, or mechanical.

    According to the detailed research and comparison, the hydraulic press is stronger and dependable compared to the power press. Therefore, this press is better applicable for specific types of tasks; Hydraulic presses are used especially for tough metals or large amounts of products. Therefore, when you are opting for a reliable and convenient work process, then a hydraulic press is the best option.

    18. Does SuperbMelt provide automated solutions?

    SuperbMelt is famous for its automation solutions around the world. They are widely known to provide different automation solutions for various operations in industrial processes such as forging, clinching, molding, blanking, punching, deep drawing, metal forming operations, etc. These processes are necessary for operational units in industrial sectors with automated techniques. The automatic coin minting system and metal processing system, the known automated solutions provided by SuperbMelt. The hydraulic press for sale with automated solutions is available.

    19. How do I choose a hydraulic press?

    For the selection of the right hydraulic press, you need to understand various features. Before purchasing the hydraulic press machines, kindly go through the list of features mentioned below.

    • Selection based on pressure

    Before selecting the right hydraulic press, you must have knowledge about the pressure requirement. For a particular service or solution, a required pressure amount must have been assigned, so understanding the right amount of pressure is more crucial. 

    • Check the controlling features

    The controlling features must be checked before purchasing; features such as power consumption limit, pressure handle, speed limit setting, and other relevant features are important to know to check to avoid future issues.

    • Selecting the right tonnage

    The hydraulic press machines come with different tonnages, different operations and techniques have different tonnage requirements when you need to choose the hydraulic press where the tonnage can be adjusted as per the requirement.

    The 300 ton hydraulic press, which has advanced features, can be the right option for multi-purpose services.

    20. What if we face a problem in the workmanship after installation?

    When a user is facing a problem after installation, there are many convenient steps to contact the experts. You can simply call them and book an appointment for the issues you are facing. Submitting an online application through the website is another convenient process. SuperbMelt’s customer care service is available for 24 hours on their site. You can easily consult them and submit your complaint regarding the installation. Immediate action will be taken by the experts.

    21. What does SuperbMelt engineers offer?

    As our company is known for experienced services for more than ten years, hence we also have the best-experienced engineers who are highly skilled and trained in these services. After the successful installation, they will train you to operate the machine and help you to let your workflow function smoothly. They are highly skilled in automated services, so as per the customer’s requirement, they can provide the best services. For relevant information like configurations settings and up gradation, you can contact the SuperbMelt engineers. 

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