Steel Plate Induction Heating Machine Instruction

Steel Plate Induction Heating Machine Instruction:

Location: Zhejiang Wenzhou

Time: 2014.11.28

People: Di Wen, Manager Ma, Kelvin Lin, Engineer Liu.

Event: Yiyang company customers test steel diathermy technology

Results: Success

Steel parameters: 400 × 150 × 8mm

Simple procedure Note: According to steel samples of customers, we customized the appropriate sensors, customers require a temperature about 1000 °c.Because it is the overall material diathermy, we take use of 160KW induction heating equip-ment.The heating time is about three minutes.The frequency in the heating process is about 20KHZ.
Because the heated steel plate is large, the time from the cold material heated to 600-800 ° is fast. However when heated to 800-1000 ° the device current is basically sat-urated, so the heating time is slowed down. Therefore, to improve the efficiency of production pace,we must charge material in cycles, it results in heating device cur-rent remains constant, and ultimately to ensure that the heating time is about 90s-120s.

160KW heating equipment in heating steel plate process ,the characteristics: rapid heating, power enough, moderate frequency, normal heating pace.

Instruction for steel plate induction heating machine

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