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The importance of metal granules is evident in their contributions to various industrial sectors, spanning from material preparation to various aspects of high-tech industries. Particularly, dried metal granules play a crucial role in maintaining the quality, stability, and reliability of metals, achieving optimal results in diverse applications.

SuperbMelt offers a comprehensive solution through the Granulation Dryer production line for fully automated granule production. From casting granules to drying, SuperbMelt provides top-notch solutions to assist manufacturers in rapidly and efficiently producing various industrial products, components, electronic elements, medical devices, and more. This helps manufacturers enhance production efficiency, product quality, and save on labor costs.

If you are in search of a metal granule casting and drying machine or other metal processing equipment, SuperbMelt can customize professional solutions tailored to your metal processing needs!

How Metal Particles Are Manufactured and Dried?

Granulation is a common method used to create metal particles, and drying these particles is an important element of the manufacturing process. An outline of the production and drying processes for metal particles is provided below:

Granulation Process:

a. Melting: The metal is first melted, often by induction melting or another type of melting technology.
b. Casting: After the metal has melted, it is poured into molds or granulating apparatus. Techniques like air atomization, water atomization, or other granulation procedures can be used to accomplish this.
c. Solidification: When metal droplets produced during the casting process come into touch with a cooling medium—typically water—they harden into tiny particles.

Drying Process:

a. Separation: The metal particles are taken out of the cooling media following the granulation process. Screens and other separating tools may be used in this process of separation.
b. Pre-Drying: To eliminate extra moisture and improve the effectiveness of the following drying process, it is customary to pre-dry the metal particles before to the final drying step.
c. Drying: In order to remove any last traces of moisture, the metal particles are then put through a drying procedure. Several drying techniques, such as air drying, oven drying, or the use of specialist drying equipment, can be used for this.
d. Quality Control: To guarantee that the metal particles have the appropriate size, shape, and moisture content, quality control procedures are carried out during the production and drying operations.

SuperbMelt uses cutting-edge machinery and manufacturing lines to offer a complete metal granulation and drying solution. The particular metal, the required particle properties, and the production volume can all affect the precise techniques and tools utilized.

Metal pellet manufacturing and pellet dryers for different processes

If you are looking for one or more types of pelletizing equipment, we have listed here some of the common machinery needed in pellet making.

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