Induction Metal Melting Furnace

Based on advanced IGBT induction technology, the induction power rates from 15kw ~160kw to equip various types of distinctive furnace bodies. It is applicable to melting 1kg~ 200kg gold,silver, copper, zinc, aluminum, lead and other ferrous or non-ferrous metal.

The customized induction melting furnace can meet the requirement of homemade foundry, laboratory research, jewelry casting and precious metal recovering.The obvious features of Superb IGBT induction melting furnace are lower power consumption, higher melting efficiency, lower noise, small occupied land, lower air pollution and no-training operation.

Designed for 10-80kg metal melting furnace.

According to ferrous melting or non-ferrous melting, the crucibles will be taken use of different material.

Graphite crucible is special for non ferrous metal. Magnesia crucible is suitable for ferrous metal.</>

It is constructed for one-man pouring action.

The furnace body is mounted onto a steel frame,By hand wave control,the furnace body can be set in any position when tilting.

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Designed for 5-20kg non-ferrous metal melting machine.

The ingenious construction brings the convenience for the tilting controller.

The machine set the tilting joystick.

The chain tilting speed is adjustable according to requirement.

The crucible replacement will be done within 1 min.

The favorable appearance brings the great market.

It is recommended for your precious metal melting application.

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Designed for 50-250kg metal melting machine.

The steel frame construction ensure lifelong working and reliability.

The tilting controlled by hydraulic box with remote panel.

It highly improves the furnace stability and operator’s safety.

Comparing others, this type of furnace is combined with magnetic yoke to improve melting efficiency.

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Designed for 1-8kg gold melting furnace.

It is an integrated design of power supply and crucible.

Comparing with high frequency 15kw, the power is stronger.

The medium frequency 15kw can melt one batch within 5 mins.

The molten metal is carried by tong.

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Designed for small capacity 1-5kg non-ferrous melting for laboratory or jewelry shop application.

Suitable crucibles are placed for melting metal.

Whenever melt is ready, crucible (made of graphite, silicon carbide etc) containing liquid metal will be held by manual tong so that it can be easily carried out towards mould with the help of hand tools.

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Designed for melting and  casting 1-6kg  jewelry gold, silver and other precious metal.

The whole process  of jewelry melting and casting  is under the condition of vacuum with protective gas to realize  the high density, smooth surface, high compactness and almost non air bubble.

Specially designed microprocessor control. Temperature control by PID with accuracy of +/- 2℃。



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This machine adopts medium frequency induction heating method to melt 1kg – 4kg platinum, gold and palladium. The temperature could be up to 2600 degrees. So some metal with high melting point could be also melted.
Medium frequency power not only provides speedy melting efficiency but also proceed strong electromagnetic stirring in the melting process. It will help to make highly even metal liquid for alloys. The full melting time of this machine is less than 5 mins.
There are other many obvious benefits like easy operation, convenient maintenance, safety working, low loss, low noise and 24 hours continuous working.

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The machine is designed for gold bullion or ingot, silver bullion or ingot with customized weight and size.

Under the vaccum and inert gas protection,it perfectly solved the problems of the casting gold or silver bullions like metal oxidizing, metal shrinking, irregular shape and wave surface.

Based on IGBT induction technology, the casting effieciency is in the top level to realize high production rate and safe running.

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Jewelry continuous casting machine is designed for high-density gold, K gold, silver and other enhanced precious metal plate, rod, rectangular rod, circular tube and other shapes of products.

Leading downwards method is adopted in casting controlling the internal sand holes of finished products at the lowest limit and making the finished products reach the further processing requirements.

Jewelry continuous casting machine adopt gas protective melting, prevent metal oxidization and the casting way of power traction.

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