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  • Induction Melting Furnaces Service

    Induction Melting Furnaces Service

    Superb not only supply you the most qualified induction equipment,but also think about how to let our customers operate the equipment well for a long time, so Our team will provide you the most strict and professional pre-sale technical support and after-sale installation, maintenance and improvement.

  • Technical information

    The supply of technical information

    1. Middle Frequency Furnace Operation manual
    2. Middle Frequency Furnace Series Drawing
    3. Middle Frequency Furnace Foundation drawing
    4. Model of Crucible Drawing
    5. Circulating water cooling system diagram
    6. Electrical control Schematic drawing
  • Technical Support

    Technical Support and after sale service

    1. Installation and training services on-site will be provided under customers’ requirement
    2. Prompt technical consultation and support will be offered.
    3. Provide consumable parts with favorable price
  • Plant Services

    Plant Services

     Feasibility Study and Project Reports
    We undertake the feasibility study, that is the preliminary study to determine the viability of a project. If the project for steel plant construction is feasible, we also prepare the project report in a structured and logical format.

     Detailed Engineering of project and Equipments
    We offer detailed engineering which includes layout planning,cost control, designing of steel plants,commissioning of plant components and quality assurance.

     Equipment Designs and Production Drawings
    Turnkey steel re-rolling plant has been involved in new equipment design and development, building custom production and process equipment.

     Complete Integration
    Integration is a process of combining or accumulating. When it comes to complete integration in our steel plants, our vast capabilities enable us to design any sized plant, build it, disassemble it and ship it directly to our client’s site.

     In House Application Engineering
    Aside from the normal supply of materials, we are able to offer our clients the Complete Analysis of Architectural Drawings and Specifications, Sourcing and Review of Product guaranteeing Compliance with Specifications, Equipment and Product recommendations to client utilizing our expertise and capability to meet our client’s needs.

     Expansion/ Modernization for increasing the Capacity
    The expansion and modernization program continues even after the final execution of the project.

     Turnkey Erection and Commissioning
    It depends on the client’s recommendations and according to it erection or commissioning is being done.

     Personnel Training
    The efficiency of our turnkey steel projects can be vastly accelerated by training the employees towards their respective projects.

     Successful Running
    Along with installation and designing of plants we are also responsible for successful running of the plant.

    We have our team of experts who are constantly supervising every phase and module of turnkey steel plants so that end result will meet with the client’s expectation.

     Equipment Servicing
    We also provide servicing of various tools and equipments used in steel plants from initialization phase to completion phase.

     Development of Spares
    We are involved in indigenous development of spares etc. by design & proper selection of materials.

     Waste Management
    We take utmost care in waste management.