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The involved industries could be the metal melting process for casting,including steel, cop-per,aluminum,gold,silver, lead,tin,some alloys and so on.The heat-treatment process including met-al brazing, metal rods or bars through heating for forging, metal bending,metal quenching etc.

Normally, the construction of ferrous melting furnace is different with the one of non-ferrous melt-ing furnace. You will get the different specifically designed coils and crucibles for different metals to let the furnace to reach the best efficiency. For the details, you can check with our sales engineer to get the right program.
As our IGBT power machines,except our model HF15 matches single phase 180V~245V, the basic requirement of other machines is 3 phase 340V~420V 50/60Hz.The power supply also can be customized to match your local voltage. As silicon controlled rectifier power supply, the rectifier transformer need be equipped with it.For customizing the transformer, the parameter of primary high voltage in your place need be clear.Our workers can solve your the problem of transformer supply.
In theory with normally maintenance,it is forever. As our first batch of machines,some are still in the operation.However the technology is always in development.You should focus on the higher effi-cient equipments with more advanced technology.The investigation of machines replacement is necessary to keep yourself in the competitive edge.
The refractory supplier’s recommendations should be into your consideration.They will provide you the details on the specifications and performance characteristics of your detailed refractory materi-al.
You must contact your refractory supplier and completely understand the type of refractory Con-tact the induction furnace supplier as well to make certain the refractories being considered are compatible with the design of the equipment. If it is time to the end of the lining life time, you must replace it whatever it looks good or not.
As one of top suppliers in the induction field over 15 years,the machine’s stability and efficiency is warrantied.The confidence is from our superb technical engineers team.There are some doctors graduated from Zhejiang university which is the origin of induction technology in China.
Yes. Contract comes into effect within 15 days from the supplier to provide: layout and civil founda-tion drawing.You can finish civil foundation according to that.If refer to some large melting sys-tem,the civil working guide will be also provided on-site by us.The engineers will be also responsi-ble for the machine’s the installation and commission guide abroad. As to small power machines like our IGBT series, we are sure that you can operate them according to our manual and video.
The detailed fault description and photos should be informed to us.Our engineer will judge which part meets trouble,then provide advise and accessories list you need. The spare parts will be sug-gested to purchase by our sales manager for ensuring minimum downtime. If some problems can not be solved through communication, the engineer will be dispatched to debug onsite according to your requirement.
In our melting furnace series,as for the same application,there are several furnaces for your choos-ing to meet customer’s different demand like furnace tilting way,investment budget,melting rate,melting capacity, floor space and so on.Our sales person will recommend you the suitable type based on your requirement.
There is no way to evaluate the life of electronic components. That is why we recommend that an adequate supply of spare parts be maintained at each foundry location.
Our all machines’ standard warranty is 12 months from the date of signing the turning over docu-ment after commission.
To make sure of each phase of the cable square size, first need to determine the size of each phase current. Current is based on the size of transformer capacity and the secondary voltage. For example: there is a casting factory transformer capacity is 1000KVA, the secondary voltage is 400V, then the formula is: 1000KVA / 400V / × 1000, it is each phase of the transformer output cur-rent value, a value of is 1.732。While the current copper wire per square millimeter of flowing is generally 2A ~ 2.5A。Calculate in accordance with the 2A, cable of the factory is 721 per square.
Maybe given potentiometer internal line break,change new one.
Maybe SCR radiators are internal corrosion or thickness scale, maybe controlled silicon chip bad contact, or pulse transformer cause damage, it is better to replace the new.

IF voltage= DC voltage x 1.3
DC voltage=Input voltage x 1.3

A、One end of multimeter is connected the connection copper bar, one end is connected the ca-pacitor case. If the resistance is 0, then the capacitor is breakdown, it needs to be check one by one.
B、Use the multimeter to contact SCR side copper bar, if the resistance is 0, then the SCR has been a breakdown, need to be replaced.
C、Stretch the water cooling cables which need to be measure to the longest, then use a multime-ter to measure both ends, if the resistance is tend to infinite or pointer is not stable, then can deter-mine water cooling cables internal break, if the resistance is 0,it means the water cooling cables in good condition.

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