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    Superbmelt non ferrous metal melting furnaces are suitable for melting precious metals and base metals from 1kg to 250kg. Superbmelt precious metal melting furnace is suitable for all melting needs.

    The induction metal melting furnace by Superbmelt has an IGBT induction heating technology that ensures a fast, efficient, cost-saving and energy-saving process of metal melting. The melting furnace has a melting temperature of 1600 degrees celsius to 2800 degrees celsius. The efficient melting process provides high-quality casting. 

    Superbmelt non ferrous metal furnaces are used in scrap metal recycling, precious metal mining, steel production, etc. 

    At Superbmelt, we have the expertise and the capacity to provide our customers with their specific metal melting requirements. Contact Superbmelt today for the best induction melting furnace.

    Superbmelt Non Ferrous Metal Melting Furnace list

    induction melting furnace

    Superbmelt mini non ferrous metal furnace is designed for melting up to 2kg of metals within 2 minutes. Metals such as gold, silver, copper, iron, etc can be melted with the furnace. The maximum melting temperature is 1600 degrees celsius. The maximum power requirement is approximately 3.5kw to 3.8kw. The mini furnace is suitable for melting in jewellery making, laboratories and personalized use. The furnace is highly efficient for continuous melting.


    induction melting furnace

    The integrated melting furnace is suitable for melting up to 6kg of metals in 4 minutes. The melting temperature is 1800 degrees celsius. This makes it suitable for melting gold, silver, copper, iron, etc. The maximum power required for melting is about 15kw to 25kw. The integrated melting furnace has wheels that make it easy to transport. It is suitable for jewellery making, mining, metal recycling, steel production, etc.


    induction melting furnace

    Superbmelt integrated manual furnace is designed for melting 12kg of metals within 5 minutes. The melting temperature is 2800 degrees celsius, suitable for melting platinum, palladium and other high-temperature metals. The maximum power required for efficient melting is 15kw. The melting chamber is designed for the easy removal of molten metal. The PLC unit makes it easy to use and control. This melting furnace is used in foundries, metal recycling, etc.



    The split manual furnace is used for melting base and precious metals measuring up to 30kg within 8 minutes. The maximum melting temperature is 1800 degrees celsius. The power required for melting is between 25kw to 35kw. The PLC unit makes the furnace easy to use. The melting chamber has a tilting device that makes molten metal removal easy for operators. It is used for medium and large scale melting in foundries.   


    induction melting furnace

    The chain tilting furnace is an industrial-sized furnace suitable for melting 50kg of metal. The IGBT induction heating technology saves about 15% to 30% of energy. The maximum power required is about 45kw. Metals that can be melted with this furnace are gold, silver, copper, iron, etc. The melting chamber has a chain tilting design that makes it easy to remove molten metal. It is used in steel production foundries, metal recycling, etc.


    induction melting- furnace

    The motor tilting furnace is used for melting up to 80kg of metals. Metals that can be melted in this furnace are gold, silver, copper, iron, etc. The melting temperature is between 15kw and 160kw. The IGBT induction technology saves 15% to 30% of energy use. The melting chamber is designed for the easy removal of molten metal. The motor tilting furnace is efficient for melting in foundries, steel production, metal recycling, etc.


    induction melting-furnace-

    Superbmelt hydraulic melting furnace is designed for industrial application. The non ferrous melting furnace is suitable for melting up to 250kg. Metals such as gold, silver, copper, iron, etc, can be melted with this furnace. The maximum power required for melting is between 15kw to 160kw. The hydraulic furnace is designed for an efficient melting and easy removal of molten metal. Superbmelt hydraulic furnace is suitable for steel production, scrap metal recycling, etc.


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    1. Why metals need melting: How induction smelter works in the foundry industry?

    Metals are popular for their impressive ability to withstand extreme environments or working conditions. For example, caustic environments, high temperature, heavy loads, high impact, and nonstop cycling. Well, when it comes to combining different types of metals to create a product, the first thing that you need to do is melting the metals. By combing different alloys, you can create a robust metal that can be used in jet engines, high-power machinery, furnaces, combustion engines more.

    On the other hand, in the gold jewelry industry, metal is melted to remove the impurities from different precious metals. So, if you are looking for the easiest and fastest way to melt different types of metals, you can always go for a non ferrous metal melting furnace offered by SuperbMelt. The melting furnaces work based on induction heating technology. Now, let’s understand how induction furnace.

    These advanced furnaces function with magnetic fields instead of electrical arcs. Under this process, the metal that you want to melt is charged into a durable crucible that will be surrounded by a high-power electromagnetic coiled copper. The coil produces a magnetic field by using an alternating current. When the metal melts, the electromagnetic power produces eddies. In this metal melting method, you don’t have to use any gasses. However, you should remember that induction furnaces can’t be utilized to refine steel or gold.

    After the metal is properly melted, it is poured into a mold. In the case of ferrous manufacturing, ladles are used to transfer melted material. No matter what is your metal melting requirements, you can always use a metal melting furnace for better productivity.

    2. How to remove impurities by smelting?

    Well, during the smelting, most of the impurities will be burned off in the furnace. For example, when it comes to gold, it is extracted from gold ore that contains a huge amount of impurities.  To remove those impurities, different chemicals, for example, mercury or cyanide solutions to the gold. This process makes the gold to coagulate.

    Another method that you can try is by melting the metal in a crucible. Just put the metal in a gold melting furnace and heat it. If you are melting gold, then the required temperature will be more than 1100-degree C. When you heat it, the dross will come up to the surface. You need to remove that to eliminate the purities.

    3. How to melt different kinds of metals nowadays?

    When it comes to melting metals, you need something that can produce a great amount of heat. Based on the metal you are using, the melting temperature will vary. But if you are looking for the most effective way to melt different metals, then using gold melting equipment will be a perfect option for you.

    A non ferrous metal melting furnace is the most advanced as well as efficient metal melting method. In the market, you will find different types of melting furnaces, such as electric arc, cupola, and induction furnaces.

    However, among all these options, you will find the induction furnace quite effective than others. It melts metal by applying the powerful charge in a durable and non-conductive crucible. The crucible is covered by a copper-made coil that effectively transfers heat to the crucible where the metal is placed. These machines are very fast and will take a few minutes to melt the metals.

    4. How to melt non ferrous metal nowadays?

    Earlier, to melt different non-ferrous metal, gas propane or cupola heating methods were used. Even though these old methods are still useful in different cases, these methods are now being getting replaced by a modern induction metal melting furnace. Such machines are very powerful as well as efficient and can melt metal faster than other machines. The best part is that they produce uniform heat during the process.

    5. How to choose the right non-ferrous metal melting furnace?

    There are some important factors that you need to consider to buy the right type of non-ferrous metal melting furnace. These factors are:

    1. Types of metal you want to melt

    Remember that melting equipment will have various melting temperatures. So, you need to choose one that can support different melting temperatures.

    1. Check the quality

    Even though the quality can influence the price, you should always get one with a robust structure so that you can use the machine for years. And with SuperbMelt, you can always get the best quality gold melting machine.

    1. Size of the machine

    Based on your daily melting requirements, you need to choose a melting machine. If you have a large mining business, go for a machine having a melting capacity of more than 300kg.

    1. Check the mode of melted metal removal

    Some machines let the melted metal to be tilted, and in other machines, you will have to completely remove the crucible.

    1. Cost

    Another important factor to consider is the gold melting machine price. At the same time, check the after-sale service quality of the manufacturer so that you can enjoy a hassle-free metal melting operation.

    While buying one, make sure that the gold smelting equipment is 100 percent compatible with the crucible you are using. Well, you can always trust SuperbMelt to get the right type of induction metal melting machine that will come under your budget and match your requirements.

    6. At what temperature does pure gold melt?

    Pure gold melts at a temperature of 1064-degree C. However, the boiling point of gold is 2845-degree C. Pure gold is very soft, and to make jewelry pieces, different types of alloys are combined with it during the melting process. That will change the melting point, properties, flexibility, and strength of the gold. If you are looking for a machine that can easily attain such a higher temperature, then buying a non ferrous metal melting furnace from SuperbMelt will be the right option for you. You can check out the models at our official website.

    7. Can you melt down different karats of gold together?

    Well, it is possible to melt different karts of gold together. However, it can affect the purity value of the gold product. For example, if you combine one gram of 28 karats gold and one gram of 22 karats gold, then you will get two grams of 25 karts gold. However, to melt gold with different purity levels, SuperbMelt offers a good quality induction gold melting machine that will simplify the melting process. Not just gold; using that, you can melt different ferrous and non ferrous metals.

    8. Can you melt down gold to make jewelry?

    Yes, using a gold smelting furnace, you can easily melt gold to make new gold jewelry pieces. The machine is very powerful, and it will take up to 10 minutes to melt around 10 to 15 kgs of gold. However, you need to purify the gold before you can use that to make jewelry.

    9. How efficient is induction heating?

    As per the experts, the induction heating method to melt metals is quite efficient and powerful than other methods. Compared to propane torch or oven heating machines, such machines can offer different benefits; for example, you don’t have to worry about precision, the ramp-up of metals, and more. Besides, such machines can offer you the right heating temperate throughout the process.  

    While using it, you can make sure that there is minimal waste of energy. As a result, you will not deal with heft electric bills every month. Besides, the machines come with a water cooling system that helps in keeping them running for hours. So, you can now easily melt huge amounts of materials in a day. It can operate 24 hours without developing overheating issues. For more information, contact our experts now.

    10. How is melt rate calculated in induction non-ferrous metal melting furnace?

    Melt rates are also known as melting speed. It will vary for different allows and meats at a certain applied KW. The reason behind this is a difference in the melting point of different metals. For example, at around 15000-degree C, the melt rate of steel can be 1000 kgs per hour. In the induction machines, the melt rate will depend on the heat the machine can produce.

    11. What are the advantages of electric heating over other forms of heating?

    It has been proved that electric heating can offer a perfect alternative to traditional oil and gas-fired furnaces. Even though electricity may cost you little more than propane or gas furnaces, you will find an electric gold melting furnace very efficient than other types of furnaces.

    On the other hand, all the electric melting furnaces are very safe to use. SuperbMelt’s gold smelting equipment comes with an alarm system that can notify the users about the errors. Besides, they don’t produce much noise or odor. As the machines are very fast, they can melt more gold in less duration.

    An electric melting machine comes with a quality electromagnetic stirring system that lets you enjoy a uniform consistency. The best part is that SuperbMelt’s gold melter models are user-friendly.

    12. What are the advantages of electric heating?

    In simple words, electric heating is all about the production of powerful heat energy from electrical energy. Heating is important for different applications, for example, heating a building for different industrial purposes, such as metal melting, drying, tempering, and more. But when it comes to melting metals, you will find the electric heating method much better than other methods. The non ferrous metal melting furnace that uses the electric induction heating method is quite faster than other machines. Now, let’s discuss some major benefits of electric heating

    • Cleanliness

    As ash and dust are completely eliminated in such a system, you will enjoy a clean and clear metal melting process.

    • Economical

    The electric heating method is very cost-effective. Besides, such machines don’t need any attention. So, you don’t have to hire extra employees to operate the machine. As they can melt more metals in a few minutes, you can produce more products and enjoy better profits.

    • Ease of control

    You don’t have to be tech-savvy to use the machines. The machines come with reliable, simple, and accurate temperature control settings. As they have a water-cooling system, you don’t have to worry about over-heat problems.

    • No flue gases

    As no flue gases are generated in the electric heating method, there will be no risk of objects or the atmosphere being heated. It doesn’t affect the surrounding area.

    • Special heating requirements

    Different types of metals require different heating methods. For example, heating of non-conducting metals, uniform heating of metals, heating metals with no oxidation, and more. Well, no matter what is your requirements, when you have an induction furnace, you can effectively melt different metals. Visit SuperbMelt now to get the best metal melting furnace.

    13. What can you use as a crucible?

    Crucibles are generally used to melt gold or other metal. For efficient results, you should use a crucible that can easily withstand the different levels of temperatures as you will be using it to melt different types of metals. Besides, while buying one, you need to make sure that the crucible can match the operating frequency of the induction furnace you are using.

    If the operating frequency is low, then buying a crucible made of silicon carbide will work great. For heavy operation, a graphite-made crucible will work best. If you are feeling confused and don’t know which one to buy, then we would suggest you contact our customer support team for expert advice. SuperbMelt has different types of crucibles that will definitely match your unique requirements.

    14. How do you remove impurities from gold?

    As gold is extracted from the ore that contains different types of impurities, you need to purify it before you can use it to make gold jewelry. Well, some of the most common techniques that you can use to eliminate the impurities are:

    • Wohlwill process

    One of the popular large-scale purify process is the Wohlwill process. Using this, you can get 99.99 percent pure gold.  Speaking more about it, it is an electrochemical process that uses 24K gold as a cathode and 95 percent gold bar as the anode. A current is applied in the system that utilizes chloroauric acid. The cathode will then collect the pure gold, and you can melt those gold later to create gold products.

    • Cupellation

    Under this process, the gold ores are treated under higher temperatures and that separate noble metals, for example, silver or gold, from the base metals, like lead, copper, zinc, and more. The process generally oxidizes the base metals. Under the cupellation process, gold is melted at more than 1000-degree C.

    • Miller process

    This process can offer you 99.95 percent pure gold. The method includes applying chlorine gas through the unrefined and melted gold. When you apply the gas, it will make base metals to turn solid, and they will float on the top. You can skim off them to get 98 percent pure gold.

    However, to melt gold at such a higher level of temperature faster and efficiently, you can always trust SuperbMelt’s gold or silver melting machine. Check out the available models and place your order now.

    15. How long does gold take to melt?

    Just like other metals, gold also requires a higher level of temperature to melt. For example, the melting point of gold is 1064-degree C. So, first, you need to get a machine that can produce such an amount of heat. The melting duration will depend on the type of machine you are using and the amount of gold.

    However, no matter what your requirements are, when you have the best gold smelting equipment from SuperbMelt, you can easily increase the overall productivity. These machines are small in size but can melt different metals faster. For instance, melt up to 250 kgs of gold; it may take around 10 to 15 minutes. What’s more? The melting process is also very efficient, and there will be no material loss during the process. For more detail or to know the gold melting machine price, you can contact us by visiting our official website. We are quite famous for developing quality metal melting machines in the industry.

    16. What can you use as a crucible for non-ferrous metal melting?

    In the market, you will find different types of crucible that you can use to melt non-ferrous metals. But while buying, you need to make sure that the crucible can easily withstand the melting temperature of those metals. For example, if you want to melt brass, it should withstand a temperature of 930-degree C. Copper melts at around 1084-degree C. Well, for the best melting result, you can use a graphite-made crucible. And you can buy one from SuperbMelt. For more detail, please feel free to get in touch with us now.

    17. How do you get gold from gold ore?

    To separate gold from the ore, you need to use the cupellation method. In the process, the gold ore obtained from the earth is melted at a higher temperature to get gold from the ore. Not just for gold, this method can be very useful to get silver from the silver ore. Such ores come with different types of base metals, such as zinc, copper, lead, and more. When you heat the ore at a higher temperate, like 1100-degree C, all the base metals will oxidize.

    And the core metal will remain in the crucible unaffected. In some operations, gold jewelers used borax to separate borax from gold. If you are looking for a tool to melt gold ores, you can always use a gold melting furnace that can melt ores within a few minutes. For example, to melt 5 to 10 kgs of gold, the machine may take around 10 minutes. Don’t think much; check the gold melting machine price and get one now. You will witness an increase in your productivity.

    18. How do you melt gold dust?

    To melt gold dust, you can use different melting methods, such as a propane torch, gas furnace, coal furnace, induction furnace, or electric furnace. But remember that a small portion of gold duct can be wasted if you try to melt them using gas or propane torch. Now, you might be wondering, is there any easy and efficient way to melt gold dust?  Well, the answer is yes, and all you need to use is a non ferrous metal melting furnace for this.

    Now, let’s see how to melt the gold dust in an induction furnace. First, you need to add a few amounts of borax into the melting furnace before putting the gold dust. You can use flux, a combination of sodium carbonate and borax. You need to mix them with gold dust before the melting process. Once done, turn on the induction furnace to start the process. Once melted, you can now transfer the melted gold into a mold to create the product.

    The best part is that you can get an induction furnace in different capacities and sizes. Starting from the gold dust to hundreds of kilos of gold, you can melt any quantity using a gold melting machine. Not just gold, you can use these machines to melt other metals, for example, copper, steel, iron, silver, steel, and more. When it comes to buying good quality and durable gold melting equipment for your project, you can always get in touch with SuperbMelt.

    19. How do you melt gold rings?

    If you want to melt gold rings, first of all, you need to make sure that you have all the required equipment and tools. For instance, a gold smelting furnace, protective gear, flux, a durable crucible, and more. Besides, to melt your gold rings, you need to heat them at more than 1064-degree C as this is the melting point of gold.

    While melting, you need to use flux, such as borax or sodium carbonate, to remove the purities. Add flux based on the number of gold rings you want to melt. When you have the best gold melter at your home, you don’t have to worry about melting your rings. And for the quality machines, you can always trust SuperbMelt. We offer best in class gold melting machine, which is quite famous in different industries. So, don’t think much and visit our official site now to check out our machines and to get a free quote.

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