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Gold testing machine features
Gold Carat Checking Machine

Superbmelt gold testing equipment for sale is used to detect and analyze the elements present in metals. The gold purity equipment by Superbmelt is used to determine the authenticity of precious metals and base metals. Metals such as gold, silver, platinum, palladium, etc, can be analyzed.

Superbmelt gold testing kit for sale performs a non-destructive, accurate, fast and clean precious metal analysis. The gold testing kit is applicable for use in jewellery making, pawnshops, precious metal mining, banks, government agencies, etc.

We have the best and most affordable jewellery testing equipment for sale. Contact Supermelt today for inquiries and orders. 

Gold testing machine features
Analyze the percentage of all metal purity
Gold Analyzer feature
Analysis of gold, silver, platinum, palladium purity
Gold Analyzer feature
Testing the thickness of metal coating

Why SuperbMelt XRF Gold Testing Equipment

Professional R&D Team:
Over 15 years R&D experience in gold machinery with a top engineer team supported
High Quality:
Only choose famous brand main electric components for production
ISO CE SGS Approved:
Professional certification bodies certify that the machines are of high quality

    Any Question About SuperbMelt Gold Testing Equipment

    1. How do you really know that gold is real?

    The value of a jewelry piece depends on the presence of the base metal. In some cases, to get more profit, some jewelers use a huge quantity of base metals, and that can lower the purity value of the gold. But there are some methods using which you can detect fake gold. These are acid testing, magnet testing, checking the hallmark, the weight, and size test, and more. However, these methods are not reliable and accurate. So, it is advisable to use an XRF tester to accurately test the gold. You can get one in your budget by buying one under gold testing equipment for sale.

    2. Can simple methods identify the types of impure gold?

    Well, there are different fake gold types that can’t be identified easily using the simple gold purity detection method. Now, you might be wondering how? Well, different precious metals utilized as the base metals while making jewelry will have the same qualities and properties as real gold.  

    So, it can be a little confusing for the pawnshop owners and jewelers to detect fake gold and pure gold. Sometimes, you may get tungsten layered with gold. In general, tungsten is brighter than some pieces of gold jewelry. And when you test that using some simple methods, like magnet or acid test, it may be difficult for you to say which one is pure.

    On the other hand, another metal that can look or feel like pure gold is copper. This metal is brighter than gold. In some cases, zinc, platinum, or palladium metal can also be used. Pieces of jewelry made off copper or tungsten are confusing to people. But you can test such metals using our XRF gold tester.

    3. What are the gold testing equipment on the market?

    You will find different types of gold testing equipment in the market. That may include an acid-testing kit or a hand-held portable gold testing machine. Before choosing one, you should know that each kit has its own capabilities and usefulness. Now, let’s talk about them in detail.

    • Desktop XRF gold testing machine

    Using this machine, you conduct metal identification and qualification tests. It is designed to provide the users with the most sophisticated gold testing method. To test the gold, you need to place a sample inside the machine, and the machine will show you the result in 5 seconds. Desktop editions produce powerful X-rays. As a result, there will be a better sensitivity, and the resolution level is also quite high. The machine has a compact size, and you can even place it on your table.

    • Handheld XRF gun

    If you are looking for something small and portable, then choosing a handheld XRF gold tester from SuperbMelt can be a great choice. Even though it is small in size, it will never provide you with the wrong results. Most of the handheld XRF machines come with SDD detectors that are very powerful, and their battery can last up to 12 to 15 hours. No matter what the industry is, this machine can be a perfect companion when it comes to testing the purity level of precious metals. One machine can test multiple metals, for example, carbon steel, cobalt, palladium, gold, copper, tin, zinc, and more.

    • Gold spectrometer

    Gold spectrometers come in various forms and can effectively carry out multiple functions.  In general, there are two types of spectrometers that you can use to detect whether the gold is pure or not. For example:

    Optical spectrometer- It can study the light intensity as a function of frequency or wavelength. When a light source moves through a precious metal, it emits a spectrum of lights that the machine can study. It will reveal the composition of the metal you are testing. Well, fake gold and real gold will produce a different band of lines.

    Mass spectrometer- It can evaluate the level of different substances in a combination, and for that, it uses the quantity of a gas-phase ion and mass to charge ratio. Well, the spectrometer will depend on different factors, like masses, frequencies, wavelengths, and more such properties.

    4. How does the SuperbMelt gold testing equipment work?

    The working process is very simple to understand. First, the machine produces x-rays. Then the x-ray hits the metal that you want to test. When this happens, a fluoresce reaction sends x-rays back to the machine. Now, the detector present in the machine evaluates the energy spectrum level. After that, you can see the result on the LCD panel. The machine can show the accurate value of every element present in the sample. The machine can easily measure elements or metal between 12 to 92 atomic numbers.

    5. What are the applications of the Superbmelt XRF gold testing equipment?

    One of the major applications of SuperbMelt’s XRF gold analyzer is to test the metal purity level. As the portable machine comes with an SDD detector, it can offer the result much faster without compromising the accuracy level. What’s more? This single machine can analyze multiple non-precious as well as precious metals, such as niobium, cobalt, vanadium, titanium, and more. Furthermore, you can use this to test the thickness of the coating in metals. If you are dealing with an industry where metal production is important, or you have a jewelry shop, then buying an XRF machine will be very useful. To buy one now, you can have a look at the gold testing equipment for sale.

    6. How to choose the right gold testing equipment?

    Well, if you have never used a gold testing machine before, then you should go from something that is easy to use and uncomplicated. Make sure that the device comes with a user manual. Besides, it is very important to make sure that the gold tester detects solid gold as well as gold-plated materials. Besides, ensure that it can analyze different metals and elements. If you are looking for a cost-efficient solution, then buying a machine with long-lasting probes can work great.

    On the other hand, don’t forget to check the battery capacity and detector type. Well, for the best product, you can always go for SuperbMelt’s XRF analyzer. Go for an xrf gold testing machine for sale and buy the machine now.

    7. How do you use the XRF gold testing equipment?

    You don’t have to do anything special to use the XRF gold testing equipment. All you need to point the handheld XRF gun towards the metal and then press the trigger. It will take up to 5 to 7 seconds to analyze and display the result. In fact, it doesn’t require extra tools to carry out testing. If you want to get this under your budget, then this is the right time. Have a look at our xrf gold tester for sale, and you can ask us for a free quote.

    8. What are the benefits of using portable XRF gold testing equipment?

    If you compared it with other XRF machines available in the market, you would realize that the XRF analyzer offered by SuperbMelt comes with a lot of benefits. However, some of the remarkable benefits that one can enjoy using our potable XRF analyzer are:

    • Better speed

    It has been proved that our portable gold analyzer is efficient as well as fast. In fact, you can easily analyze the purity level of your gold in just 2 to 5 seconds. Not all the machines available in the market can offer such speed.

    • Easy to use

    Our machine is quite easy and comfortable to use. Well, there is no need to go through extensive training to use it. However, for better handling of the machine, it will be better for you to know more about the machine and how to use it properly.

    • Compact in design

    The Analyzer is quite compact, and you can operate the machine quite easily in a small area. There is no need to buy those huge or bulky machines that take a lot of space. Whether you have a pawn shop, laboratory, or small jewelry shop, you can always go for our machine.

    • Budget-friendly pricing

    Well, the XRF machine from SuperbMelt comes with an affordable price tag. This is a major reason why our machines are so popular across the world. Don’t worry about your budget and explore the gold testing equipment for sale to place your order now.

    • The maximum level of precision

    One of the best parts of our XRF gold testing gun is its higher degree of accuracy or precision. That means it offers an accurate metal purity level and also detects the presence of more than 50 elements in the metal. It can easily detect the purity in silver, copper, iron, aluminum, tin, and more.

    The machine comes with a 9000mAh of lithium battery that can work for around 12 hours. Besides, you will also get an extra 27000mAh of super battery for recharging the power supply anytime you want. The technology and software used in this are quite advanced.  

    9. How accurate is an XRF silver testing machine?

    Even though the machine offers accurate results, the accuracy will depend on different factors, for example, homogeneity, concomitant elements, elements, concentration level, sample types, and more. Besides, you should always remember that lighter elements are less accurate than heavier elements.

    The accuracy range from 0.1 percent to 100 percent will be a little higher than the 1ppm to 1000ppm of accuracy range. On the other hand, accuracy for metals will be much better than the accuracy of plastics and minerals. If you want to improve the accuracy, then just adjust the XRF analyzer’s response time using the material samples by applying the standardization and known concentration.

    10. What are the purity ranges of gold jewelry?

    In the case of gold, the purity level is generally described as 24karat (k), 14k, 18k, or 10k. However, you should always remember that based on the purity level, the strength, durability, and malleability of the gold will vary.

    For instance, even though 24k gold is pure, it is very soft and malleable. So, to make it durable, different alloys are combined. On the other hand, 10k gold is durable. But you will have to compromise with the purity. To check the purity value, you can use SuperbMelt’s XRF analyzer. So, have a look at the gold testing equipment for sale and place your order now.

    11. What are the purity ranges of silver jewelry?

    In silver, the purity level is generally described as 80 percent, 83.5 percent. 792.5 percent or 99.9 percent. In the market, you will find different silver-made jewelry prices with the 925 mark. That means these jewelry pieces are made using sterling silver. It is one type of allowing that has 92.5 percent silver and around 7.5 percent copper. The common quality stamps are Stg and .925.

    12. Is XRF a surface technique?

    To clear your doubts related to the XRF technique, we would like to tell you that XRF is an elemental analysis method, and it can easily quantify various elements. In general, the characteristic that the X-ray photons produced inside the sample have a certain level of energy. While floating towards the detector, the energy gets absorbed by other atoms present in the sample. In the XRF method, the depth will greatly depend on the element’s energy and the sample type. The depth can range from micrometers to centimeters.

    13. How long does it take to replace the test sample of SPS XRA 2000?

    As our machines are quite powerful, the test sample can be easily replaced within just four seconds in the SPA XRA 2000 model. Even though the machine can easily analyze different materials, but to obtain an accurate analytical result, you need to prepare a good sample. For more detail, you can always get in touch with the experts at SuperbMelt.

    14. How do you use the XRF gold analyzer?

    We have designed and developed the machine, keeping in mind the usability of the machine. So, using our XRF gold testing machine is quite comfortable. To test the metal, point the XRF gun towards the element of metal that you want to test and press the analyzer’s trigger.

    Wait for a few seconds and let the machine analyze the metal. After a few seconds, you can see the result on the LCD panel of the machine. However, if you are using a desktop version XRF analyzer, you will have to place the metal sample inside the machine. Within a few seconds, you will get a 100 percent accurate result.  

    15. How accurate is an XRF gold analyzer?

    There is no doubt that the modern XRF gold analyzer machines are very fast, and while offering a non-destructive method to evaluate the purity of the metal as well as metal compositions, it offers 100 percent accurate results.

    Besides, it can also analyze geochemical materials. Now, speaking about the accuracy, in general, heavier elements can be a little more accurate than lighter elements. On the other hand, the accuracy in the range of 0.1 to 100 percent is a little higher than the range of up to 100ppm. In the case of the XRF analyzer, the accuracy will be better for metals than the plastic and minerals.

    On the other hand, accuracy will be much better if the powder sample that you want to test has a smaller particle size. We would like to tell you that the accuracy level of the difference between XRF value and assay can be around 0.2 percent to 0.5 percent in case if you are testing gold. In the XRF analyzer, you can enhance the accuracy level easily by adjusting the device’s response time for the material you want to test.

    You can test your gold jewelry through the acid testing method. But here, you need to apply a few drops of nitric acid to the surface of the metal. Well, this type of testing can leave a mark on your precious metal, and this can be harmful to your skin. Furthermore, acid testing is not a reliable method and will not prove the karat value. So, it is advisable to use an XRF testing machine.

    16. How does an XRF analyzer work?

    Our XRF analyzer or handheld XRF gun works by utilizing the x-ray. The gun produces x-rays, and when the x-rays hit the metal, that creates a reaction. Then the atoms located in the sample metal release powerful fluorescent x-rays. The detector of the machine studies the x-ray’s energy level and measure the value of different elements present in the metal. The LCD panel will display the results.

    Well, the machine also supports digital multi-channel data transmission technology. In order to provide you with accurate testing results, our machine has the most advanced SDD detector. If you are looking for the best way to buy such a machine under your budget, then it’s time to check out the xrf gold analyzer for sale at the official site of SuperbMelt.

    17. How do you use XRF gold purity testing machine?

    Our XRF gold testing machine weighs around 1.7kg only. So, you won’t face any issues while holding it. The machine is quite easy to use, and you don’t need any extra instruments to carry out the metal testing with this device. There is no complex method used in this device.

    Now, let’s talk about how to use the machine. First, you need to bring the XRF analyzer close to the metal. Then, you need to press the device’s trigger. Now, after a few seconds, around 3 to 8 seconds, the machine will show the result. When testing, the machine the LED will flash red light. When you are using this, there is no need to send a sample to the lab and wait for weeks to get the result. Check out our products and place your order now.

    18. How accurate is an XRF gold purity testing machine?

    We have developed this XRF gold purity testing machine to simplify the precious as well as non-precious metal testing process. Our machine never fails to offer accurate results, and it doesn’t affect the metal. Well, when it comes to testing metals, heavier elements may not be quite accurate as lighter elements. So, 0.01 to 100 percent accuracy will be more than 1ppm to 100ppm of accuracy. We would suggest you to configure the response time of the machine based on the metals to get a better result. Our machines come with high-resolution detectors and advanced processing electronics to work better than other machines available in the market. So, go on and check out the gold testing machine for sale to buy one now.

    19. Is your machine accurate?

    Well, SuperbMelt’s XRF testing machine is quite famous for its 100 percent accuracy. And for that, our experts have used advanced metal testing technology. Our gold and silver testing machines are designed and developed to utilize the energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence analytical method. The best part of this method of gold analysis is you can test the metal faster and obtain the result within 1 to 10 seconds.

    What’s more? In this machine, you can also increase the testing accuracy level. For that, you need to configure the response time for the material you want to test. Speaking about our machine’s deviation range, it can go from 10 ppm t 30ppm. So, for faster results with better accuracy, you can always trust SuperbMelt’s XRF gold testing machine.  For more detail, you can always get in touch with us.

    20. Will your X-Ray analyzer harm body health?

    If you are planning to buy SuperbMelt’ XRF gold testing machine for sale but are worried about its safety, then you don’t have to worry about it at all. Our machine is 100 percent safe to use. We know that x-ray radiation can damage your skin. So, to lower the exposer limit, we have developed a robust structure for your XRF gold analyzer.

    However, while using the device, you should follow the usage instruction mentioned in the box. By following the instruction, you can lower the exposure limit. Besides, while testing a metal using the XRF gun, don’t place your finger or hand between the gun and metal.

    You can always trust this machine to carry out a non-destructive method of metal analysis. When you use traditional methods, they can damage your precious metals, for example, the nitric acid test. But an XRF analyzer uses an x-ray to measure the value. So, don’t think much and check out the gold testing equipment for sale at SuperbMelt and place your order now.

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