Gold Melting Kiln

The Most Popular SuperbMelt 1-2kg mini gold (Ag, Cu, Al etc) melting kiln on the market

gold melting furnace
mini gold melting furnace

The mini gold melting kiln is suitable for melting 1kg to 2kg of metals suitable for small scale melting requirements. The mini gold melting kiln has a melting temperature of 1600 degree celsius suitable for melting gold, silver, copper, aluminum, brass, bronze and their alloys. The gold melting furnace uses induction heating technology to melt metals at a fast rate to save energy.

The mini gold kiln is used by small jewelry businesses, research laboratories, mines, it can also be used for personalized melting. The power required by the mini gold melting furnace is about 3.4kw to 3.8kw and the minimum melting time is 2 minutes. The gold melting kiln is easy to use by one operator, install and maintain.

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mini gold melting furnace with speedy melting rate
Extremely speedy melting within 2 mins per batch and 24h continuous working greatly improve the efficiency of production.
mini gold melting furnace

Small 1-2kg gold melting kiln is portable size design, light weight, easy to carry and fix.

mini induction gold melting machine
Comparing with traditional melting, SPB-DH reduces the loss of precious metal, safe work, save operation cost.

Why SuperbMelt 1-2kg Mini Gold Melting Kiln

Professional R&D Team:
Over 15 years R&D experience in gold machinery with a top engineer team supported
High Quality:
Only choose famous brand main electric components for production
ISO CE SGS Approved:
Professional certification bodies certify that the machines are of high quality

    Any Question About SuperbMelt Gold Melting Kiln

    Gold Melting Kiln Buying Guide

    Chapter 1:

    Application Fields of Gold Melting Kiln

    Have you ever thought of recycling your old gold jewelry but killed the thought as soon as it came to mind due to lack of resources or finance?

    Whether you are a professional gold miner or a hobbyist looking to recycle old jewelry, this buying guide is detailed for you. This gold melting kiln buying guide highlights all you need to know before and after purchasing an electric furnace.

    Ranging from the industries where jewelry furnaces are widely used, steps and processes involved in understanding how to melt down gold, palatable gold melting machine for home or enterprise use, and the gold melting machine suppliers available, we covered it all. All we ask is that you take out time to analyze this piece before settling for any gold melting kiln.

    1.1, Smelting the Gold Ores

    Gold ore is a naturally occurring resource in the world. It can be found within Granite. It appears to be most common in Rainforest, 40-70 blocks under the surface, but can be found in many different biomes. Gold Ore can be mined and refined to create Gold Ingots. Gold Ore veins have light streaks running through them with subtle gold color. They look similar to the surrounding Granite and can be easy to overlook.

    Pure gold is a product of refined gold ores. In gold ores natural state, its value is diminished. To enjoy the value of your gold, you need to smelt the gold ore. Smelting involves simple procedures designed to remove impurities from gold. While there are different ways to smelt gold, most miners and recyclers are well accustomed to the traditional smelting process because of its cost-effective nature.

    However, it’s important you note that while the traditional methods of smelting gold are still as effective as ever, its reliability, flexibility, and portability are in question. The process involved is quite strenuous and most time risky. If you have gold ore, mines, or gold dust and you are looking to remove non-metal impurities from it, we recommend you make use of an induction furnace.

    The notion of purchasing a mini induction furnace might seem quite expensive and not worth the investment when you are looking to smelt gold on a one-off basis, but that doesn’t mean its importance can be undermined. In chapter 2 of this text, we will highlight the benefit of a mini furnace, for now, let’s keep our focus on the application industry.

    1.2, For Recycling old Gold

    You would find an old piece of jewelry lying around worthlessly in almost every home. Most people don’t know how to recycle old jewelry, so as soon as any fine piece of jewelry starts losing its original color or texture, they are retired to another box and left to rot. We designed this text to help you make the right gold melting kiln buying decision as well as show you the processes involved in using a jewelry furnace.

    The thought of recycling old gold jewelry shouldn’t leave you worried or perplexed. Gold can be recycled in multiple ways; the most common method is via the use of propane kiln while the most reliable method is through a small electric furnace.

    Note that the influence of gold melting kiln is recycling does not only revolve around old gold jewelry. A mini furnace can also help simplify the process involved in jewelry casting, semi-finished product casting like a rod, plate, tube, and metal recycling.

    Carrying out recycling activities with an induction furnace is simple, inexpensive, and less risky. The precise and efficient smelting process it provides earned it a remarkable reputation across multiple industries. If you are looking to recycle gold in small quantities, it’s best you opt for the mini furnace, otherwise, you should explore our catalog for a sizable gold melting kiln.

    1.3, For Jewelry Casting

    Learning to efficiently design or cast a piece of jewelry is a lucrative skill you can build a reputable career from. While the jewelry casting industry is not as crowded as most other industries, the processes, steps, and intricacies involved in casting a piece of fine jewelry are quite complex and in most cases time-consuming.

    Simplifying the jewelry casting process has led to the design and creation of multiple tools, equipment, and machines. Amongst the many tools and equipment needed to make gold nuggets and gold bars, the gold melting furnace is at its core. It’s almost impossible to cast a piece of fine jewelry without making use of a gold melting kiln.

    Jewelry vacuum casting machine for silver and gold casting

    knowing how to melt down gold is the first step involved in jewelry casting. And only a gold melting kiln can help you melt down gold to the desired shape.

    Before the inception of the induction furnace, resistance furnace enjoyed widespread usage. Most successful jewelry casting and mining companies in the market today once built their manufacturing and production line around the good old brick and mortar furnace. But nowadays, you would hardly find a jewelry casting production line making use of a resistance furnace.

    Most top dogs in the jewelry casting industry have learned to idolize the civility and accurate finish induction furnace brings to the industry. Yeah, there is propane kiln, resistance furnace, and induction melting furnace—they can all smelt gold and they are all flexible enough to provide customized designs but they don’t provide the same finish. If you are looking to carry out a small jewelry casting task and your needs revolve around a smooth and efficient finish, then a mini melting furnace should be your preferred pick.

    1.4, For Industrial Application

    Since we began this text, we have not made mention of the efficacy of gold melting kiln outside the jewelry and gold mining industry. If you are wondering if the gold melting kiln is only useful to experts and professionals in the jewelry industry; it time you take such thoughts off your mind.

    Portable melting furnaces have gradually become a basic requirement to individuals in multiple industries. The day-to-day reliance on mini furnaces by professionals in aerospace, engineering, education, electronics, and even medicine is on the rise.

    It might surprise you to know that gold melting kiln is also useful in finance. The gold bars and granular use for stock and deals are by-products of an efficient gold melting furnace.

    While there are multiple variants of gold melting kiln available, it’s important you note that their reliability is based on the activity you are using them for. For example, if you are looking to recycle worn-out electronic parts on a one-off basis, it’s only fair that you make use of a propane torch or resistance furnace, however, if you own an electronic company where the need to smelt metals is core to your day to day activities, it’s best you purchase an induction furnace.

    It’s also important you keep in mind that the type of cast or end product you obtain is highly dependent on the gold melting kiln you are making use of. In simple terms, knowing how to melt gold and make jewelry or how to melt metals for an electronic part is not the only requirement needed to keep your business afloat, keeping an intuitive eye out for the latest innovation and tech is necessary.

    Chapter 2:

    How to Melt Gold Nowadays

    Since you now know how widespread the dominance of gold melting kiln has become, it’s high time we looked at the gold melting equipment available.

    From ancient civilization till date, man has created multiple gold melting tools and equipment. Amongst the many available, propane kiln, resistance furnace and induction melting machines are notable three that have been able to stand the test of time. To further demystify their influence in the gold melting industry, let’s take an inside look into the usage and durability of the above-listed gold melting equipment.

    2.1, How to Melt Gold by Propane Kiln

    A propane flame is hot enough to melt pure gold. It will also melt gold alloys but the melting process does not separate gold from other elements, like silver or copper. There are several different methods to melt gold, and in this section, our focus is on propane touch.

    This gold melting method will melt a bar of gold within a few minutes. Put the gold in a crucible and place it on a fireproof surface. Bring the lighted torch to the gold and watch it melt in minutes. You can lower the melting temperature by adding borax to the gold beforehand.

    Focus the heat from the propane torch slowly and deliberately on the gold pieces. Do not do this in a hurry, or else you may blow up the gold pieces or crack the crucible. If you want more heat, you can use an oxy-acetylene torch instead of a propane torch.

    If you are melting some gold powder, make sure you supply the same amount of heat on the entire powder so as to get uniformity when melting gold. Use a pair of strong tongs to pour the melted gold into the awaiting receptacle to form your desired, new shape.

    Melting gold should be carried out by qualified personnel that has the necessary safety wear. The gold is placed into a crucible, which is a container that can withstand temperatures above the melting point of gold. Crucibles that are used to melt gold are usually made of graphite. The crucible is placed upon a fireproof surface and a torch is directed at the gold within the crucible. The gold should melt within a few minutes.

    2.2, How to Melt Gold by Resistance Furnace

    Resistance furnaces are heating installations that use the heat generated by the Joule effect in appropriate heating elements (resistors) located on the walls of the furnace chamber and transmitted to the workpiece to be heated mainly by radiation and convection.

    The electrical energy transformed into heat in the resistors is used in part to raise the temperature of the charge and in part to heat the walls of the chamber and to compensate for the furnace heat losses.

    The basic principle of resistance heating is that, when current passes through some resistance, power loss takes place which appears in the form of heat. There are two types of resistance heating, namely, direct resistance heating and indirect resistance heating.

    The resistance furnace is used in the production of silicon carbide and electrolytic aluminum; the furnace charge (i.e., the material to be heated) serves as the resistance element. In an indirect resistance furnace, the heat-producing current is introduced by electrodes buried.

    The resistance furnace gold melting system is built for mining operations. It is more time-consuming when compared with the induction furnace system. However, it offers a wide range of temperatures, up to 1500 o C.

    Its temperature-controlling feature is automated. Resistance furnaces are well sealed, and this prevents heat from escaping from the vacuum created in the system. The resistance furnace also contains a gaseous medium that prevents oxidization and hardening of the gold sample someone is working on. But resistance furnace is not suitable for melting large quantities of gold—this type of furnace is built for small to mid-sized mining operations.

    2.3, How to Melt Gold in Induction Kiln

    The induction gold melting machine is used in both high and low production levels, whether at the mining facilities, gold refining plants, or during gold wholesaling/retailing. This process is efficient because it is environmentally friendly (and largely considered to be a Green Technology).

    It does not produce/release harmful emissions (pollutants) into the atmosphere, since the heating system is produced from the alternating magnetic current and directed into the SIC crucible or graphite. Other great advantages of the electric gold melting furnace are that the heating is fast and homogenous melts can be obtained by frequently stirring the melting gold using the equipment’s electromagnetic system.

    Since it doesn’t require combustion or an arc, the gold melting machine does not heat the environment where the workers are; the only generated heat comes from the actual melts. The entire process of gold melting using an induction furnace can be controlled, unlike other methods.

    1-2kg gold smelting furnace

    At a certain controlled temperature, it is possible to obtain only the gold without losing other alloys or precious metals. And one sample of the cast gold represents the whole batch of melted gold. However, an induction furnace is not mainly suitable for gold refining purposes, and the oxidization of other alloyed materials may occur during the melting procedures.

    2.4, Comparison Between the Propane Torch, Resistance Furnace, and Induction Furnace

    ItemPropane Torch Resistance Furnace Induction Furnace
    Degree of productivity HigherHigherHighest—because no warm-up or cool-down cycle needed and start-up time is surprisingly fast.
    Homogenous Melt Does not have an electromagnetic stirring featureDoes not have an electromagnetic stirring featureThe electromagnetic stirrer makes it very easy to produce homogenous melts.
    Energy generation Unclean energy through combustion is requiredElectric or slag generationClean/green energy generation through electromagnetism
    Moten Metal stirring No stirring function. It is by resistance heating transferringNo stirring function. It is by resistance heating transferringThe magnetic field will stir the molten metal to realize mixing alloy abundantly based on induction heating
    Working TimeAfter 2 to 3 hours working, it needs 30 minutes to stop working for coolingAfter 2 to 3 hours working, it needs 30 minutes to stop working for cooling24 hours continuous working
    Chapter 3:

    The Kinds of Gold Melting Furnace that SuperbMelt Provides

    SuperbMelt is an electro-machinery enterprise dealing in the manufacturing, sales, and distribution of melting, casting, and forming machines for smelting or molding gold, silver, copper, bronze, zinc, aluminum, and lead.

    SuperbMelt is home to multiple variants of the gold melting furnace. We provide gold melting kiln of different sizes, specifications, and models. Whether you are looking to melt gold and create gold nuggets or desire to remove impurities from gold dust via smelting, we have the tools, resources, and equipment you need to scale through.

    To help you get a detailed overview of the machines available in our catalog, their usage, and efficacy in the global market, we optimized brief descriptions of all the gold melting kiln available in our store. With SuperbMelt, you are guaranteed optimal satisfaction from every purchase.

    3.1, Mini 1-2kg Gold Melting Kiln

    Mini 1-2Kg gold melting furnace is an induction smelting furnace. Designed with a single-phase power source and optimized to heat the metal to a max temperature of 1600 degree Celsius, the smelting furnace has gained reputable traction in small and medium-sized refining companies, gold recyclers, gold mining enthusiasts, medical field, etc.

    Mini 1-2Kg gold melting furnace can be enjoyed by experts in numerous fields due to the fast processing time it possesses. With it being able to melt 2 kg of gold in 2 minutes, you can be optimistic about smelting over 1300kg of gold while banking on its efficiency within 24 hours.

    Mini 1-2Kg gold melting furnace is pack filled with lots of highly sought-out features. Its reputability has made it impossible for refining companies to place it in comparison with the regular propane torch or resistance furnace smelting style.

    mini gold melting furnace

    Features and Benefits of the Mini 1-2Kg gold melting furnace

    • Can go as High as 1600 Degree Celsius

    Every metal has its meting point. While most metals require high temperatures to melt, without the right temperature, you can end up burning yourself or spending more than the estimated time melting a tiny piece of metal. The SuperbMelt Mini 1-2Kg gold melting furnace can go as high as 1600 degrees Celsius. That’s higher than any mini smelting machine you would find in the market can offer.

    • 24 Hours Usage is Possible

    Yeah, you heard that right. You can use the SuperbMelt melting furnace on a 24 hours basis every day. Mini 1-2Kg gold smelting furnace ensures that you don’t have to change your schedule each time the task of melting metal is eminent. Mini 1-2Kg gold melting furnace is designed to work on a 24 hours basis non-stop {you can wake up in the night and smelt metal in your pajamas}. Note that you wouldn’t have to spend more than two minutes melting up two kilograms of any metal you put into the furnace.

    • Mini 1-2Kg Gold Melting Furnace is Designed with IGBT Tech

    Have you heard of the Insulated-gate bipolar transistor {IGBT technology}? Not wanting to bore you with industry jargon, the IGBT tech enables you to enjoy high efficiency and fast switching. Its presence in the Mini 1-2Kg gold melting furnace allows it to reduce power consumption while still operating at an optimal level. In essence, you wouldn’t have to worry about high voltage or a high level of electricity consumption while making use of the Mini 1-2Kg gold smelting furnace.

    • Fully Optimised Installation Guide

    Like we stated before, SuperbMelt is tailored towards serving you better. A lot of melting machines available in the market would require the technicality of an expert or technician to set up. Our Mini 1-2Kg gold melting furnace comes with an installation guide not just on paper format but also as in an MP 4 format. The video tutorial ensures that you don’t have to rely on the credibility of any technician or have to spend hours beyond the estimated set-up time trying to install or use your newly acquired smelting machine.

    • Inbuilt Green Technology

    Yeah, we know you might be wondering if you can operate with the Mini 1-2Kg gold melting furnace behind closed doors or inside the house. Yes, that’s very much possible. With the latest inbuilt green technology installed in the induction smelting machine, you can enjoy its services on a 24 hours basis without bothering yourself about harmful gas or fumes.

    • Models

    Mini 1-2Kg gold melting furnace comes in various models. The available models include SPB-DH1 and SPB-DH2. Their smallish nature makes it easy for you to move the machine around. The gold smelting machine also possesses descriptive buttons. You don’t have to worry about increasing or reducing the temperature level below or above the required temp each time you want to melt a handful of gold or any other metal.

    Application Fields for the Mini 1-2Kg gold smelting Furnace

    Refining Companies; while they have large-scale refining companies that have to smelt over 20000kg of gold in a day, you would easily find a lot of small-scale companies that would enjoy a lucrative mode of operation just smelting 1000kg a day. Apart from the highly esteemed durability that the Mini 1-2Kg gold melting furnace provides to small companies and refineries, its environmentally friendly feature also makes it a good pick. Not to forget, SuperbMelt also offers two years warranty. You wouldn’t have to purchase the gold smelting machine scared that it wouldn’t be able to operate at the desired rate.

    Gold Recyclers; Yeah, we enjoy making particular references to gold because it’s one of the most valued precious metals available in the market. Although that does not in any way undermine the credibility of the Mini 1-2Kg gold melting furnace, it can be used to melt all precious metals. It’s no news that recyclers haven’t had it funny over the years. Having to settle for the strenuous process that comes with making use of propane touch or resistance furnace each time you want to smelt a small amount of gold. With the Mini 1-2Kg gold smelting furnace, it doesn’t take more than a click of a button.

    Gold Mining Enthusiast: there are a lot of individuals who fancy mining gold for fun. Let’s admit it, the process and the experience involved kind of provides a different type of thrill. If you don’t want to end up with metals with little to no market value after embarking on the journey attached to mining, acquiring a Mini 1-2Kg gold melting furnace would go a long way. The furnace is quite small and does not require a huge deal of electricity to smelt gold. Having the smelting furnace art home would only pose risks when not kept at a precautionary distance away from children.

    3.2, Integrated 3-10kg Gold Melting Kiln

    Integrated 3-10Kg gold melting furnace can be regarded as the upgraded version of the Mini 1-2Kg gold melting furnace. No, that didn’t come out right, the Integrated 3-10Kg gold melting furnace is a more valuable option. While its focused on increasing the amount of gold or metals users can melt within a specific amount of time, the high-quality equipment and exceptional melting time it offers is quite extraordinary.

    With the Integrated 3-10Kg gold melting furnace, you can melt over 2000kg of gold a day without causing any environmental hazard or pollution. Designed with green technology, you don’t have to worry about toxic fumes or gas.

    The Integrated 3-10Kg gold melting furnace is suitable for any environment. Its inbuilt green technology makes it possible for users to make use of it behind closed doors. Although, it’s advisable you keep out of reach of children to avoid unprecedented scenarios.

    3-5kg gold melting furnace

    The SuperbMelt Integrated 3-10Kg gold melting furnace SPB-H8, which is the largest in our store weighs about 20kg. Purchasing the gold smelting machine would provide you with an installation manual in a paper and video format.

    The Integrated 3-10Kg gold melting furnace is in no way complicated or hard to set up, although a few complaints regarding set-up complications have been recorded. However, with the SuperbMelt instructional video at your disposal, you wouldn’t have to spend extra funds trying to set-up the furnace.

    3.3, 20Kg-30kg Manual Tilting Gold Melting Kiln

    SuperbMelt has been at the forefront of the metal casting industry due to its renowned ability to provide machines that supersede the expectations and quality that most other experts in the industry deem probable. The SuperbMelt 20kg-30kg manual tilting gold melting kiln is unlike any other gold melting machine available in the market.

    Created with high-quality equipment, the machine provides users with the ability to heat any mental of choice at 1800-degree Celsius. 20kg-30kg manual tilting melting furnace can smelt up to 30kg gold within 6 to 8 minutes. This SuperbMelt smelting furnace has two models to its name SPB-TB25 and SPB-TB35. Both operating with the IGBT induction heating technique, they can be used to melt Gold, Silver, Copper, Brass, Bronze, and their alloys.

    Small Induction Furnace

    20kg-30kg manual tilting melting furnace has been tested and certified by tons of reputable industries. Proper listings of all the sectors it can be applied are made below. The smelting furnace requires manual tilting to get the metal out after melting.

    3.4, 10-50kg Chain Tilting Gold Melting Kiln

    The further you go, the merrier it becomes. We have talked about all the smelting machines available in our collection for melting precious metals below 50kg. With a 10-50Kg chain tilting gold melting furnace being the first in line for SuperbMelt smelting machine capable of melting up to 50kg worth of metals at a go, the thought of the fantastic features it offers is quite exhilarating.

    small chain tilting induction furnace

    10-50Kg chain tilting gold melting furnace is suitable for smelting platinum, copper, gold, and silver. Operating at a max temperature of 2800 degree Celsius with a turnaround time of 10 to 20 minutes, it is regarded as a priceless smelting furnace for Precious metal refineries, Jewellery casting companies, Aviation industry, and the likes.

    Smelting 50kg of precious metal at a go isn’t a feat that a lot of smelting machines would be able to keep up with. For the SuperbMelt 10-50Kg chain tilting gold melting furnace to attain this feat and still provide its user with the portability and reliability it is widely known for, a few tweaks were made to the designing style.

    If you have been reading along, you would have acquired substantial knowledge as to why the tilting design remains a highly appreciated one. However, if you skipped to this section based on preference, it’s important to note that the tilting design inculcated in our smelting furnaces capable of smelting over 20kg metal is geared towards reducing spillage.

    3.5, 10-100kg Motor Tilting Gold Melting Kiln

    While this is not the most prominent gold smelting furnace in our collection, the 10-100kg motor tilting melting furnace can provide every company with the financial boost it has always desired. Designed to offer a one-person smelting action, the smelting machine comes with a graphite and silicon cubicle.

    Electric Metal Melting Furnace

    Like all the other smelting machines we have made mention of thus far, the 10-100kg motor tilting melting furnace is suitable for smelting ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Its usage is widely accepted in factories and college researching companies.

    In all our listings, we haven’t made mention of any furnace making use of the motor tilting engine. 10-100kg motor tilting melting furnace is capable of smelting up to 100kg of any metal at a go with a melting time of 20 to 30 minutes when the cubicle is hot, and 40 to 50 minutes when the cubicle is cold.

    SuperbMelt took necessary precautions to ensure that users can utilize the smelting machine to its maximum potential by attaching a motor tilting furnace. The 10-100kg motor tilting melting furnace makes room for companies to enjoy a one-person operation while the issue of spillage is reduced to its barest minimum.

    A lot of manufacturers find it hard to produce heavy-duty machines that would be able to last for long hours. When we made mention of us being at the frontline of the metal casting industry for over 15 years, it might have come off as a brag, but that’s in no way the intended purpose.

    Our reliability and proficiency in the industry earned us this reputation. Purchasing our 10-100kg motor tilting melting furnace would grant you instant access to a smelting machine capable of operating for 24 hours non-stop.

    All our machines come with a one-year warranty. If after making use of the 10-100kg motor tilting melting furnace for over 24 hours, its reliability stands questioned, you shouldn’t have a hard time getting in touch with our support service.

    3.6, 50-250kg Hydraulic Tilting Gold Melting Kiln

    The 50-250kg hydraulic tilting melting furnace is the last on our list and the biggest available in our store. The durability, portability, efficiency, and reliability of the 50-250kg hydraulic tilting melting furnace can be seconded to none. This renowned giant is suitable for smelting any type of metal. Whether ferrous or non-ferrous. The 50-250kg hydraulic tilting melting furnace comes with different cubicles and induction coils suitable for melting different metals.

    Apart from the sizes and models available, the 50-250kg hydraulic tilting melting furnace possesses a lot of distinct features that make it rank on a whole new level ahead of its counterpart. Before we forget, the melting furnace takes 20 to 30 minutes to melt any metal when hot and 40 to 50 minutes when cold.

    If you have been wondering if the 50-250kg hydraulic tilting melting furnace is as big as its capacity to smelt up to 250kg of gold at once, then yes, it’s quite big. While it doesn’t require a plot of land of its own, you would have to keep a sizable portion for it. This smelting furnace operates with a hydraulic box control.

    It’s no news that you wouldn’t fancy even a pinch of the liquified metal touching your skin. To ensure that this result is at all times aborted, SuperbMelt made provision for the melting furnace hydraulic box control operational via a remote trolley panel. This ensures that you don’t have to be in close proximity to the mold while pouring out the melted metal.

    Chapter 4:

    Conclusion: How to Choose the Right Smelting Furnace

    Now to the big question; how do I choose the right smelting machine? Since you now know the different variants of gold melting kiln available, their reliability, and potential in the global market, it’s only fair that we highlight the necessary information you need to keep in mind when making the big buy.

    While you might find a couple of questions interesting when purchasing a gold melting kiln, it’s important you know the right questions to ask and where to fixate your focus. The two question you want to keep in mind when purchasing a gold melting kiln include

    What’s my Gold Capacity?

    Most jewelers and professional miners keep a concrete record of their annual operations. Before jumping to a conclusion as to whether a gold melting kiln would be good for you or not, weigh your gold melting capacity.

    With SuperbMelt, you get the opportunity to choose from a 1kg to 500kg induction furnace. Most goldsmith and gold miner make use of mini gold Melter, that is the most popular. The refinery refine-range of 10kg to 1000kg gold. We recommend the 5kg gold melting furnace up to the 500kg hydraulic tilting melting furnace for big factories and laboratories.

    What’s my Business Model?

    Your business model says a lot about the type of gold melting kiln to invest in. For jewelry shops, goldsmiths, small dealers, and small gold miners, we recommend the mini gold melter. It is cost-effective, portable, and provides fast melting.

    Mini 1-2Kg gold melting furnace can be enjoyed by experts in numerous fields due to the fast processing time it possesses. With it being able to melt 2 kg of gold in 2 minutes, you can be optimistic about smelting over 1300kg of gold while banking on its efficiency within 24 hours.

    For refinery, we recommend advanced chain tilting gold melting furnace offering PLC control with tilting with high tech design. If your business model requires a smelting machine that’s over 50kg, you can opt for the hydraulic tilting melting furnace


    If the buying process is seeming too strenuous and you are looking for an easy way out, SuperbMelt got you covered. To buy a reliable gold melting kiln without experiencing the headaches and setbacks attached to the market survey, put a call through to our support service today.

    Chapter 5:

    FAQ Guide

    Could I get gold from your gold melting kiln?

    Our gold melting furnace cannot purify gold. It can smelt gold ore or sand to remove non-metal impurities to extract gold and other metals. Some customers use it to melt old gold or make gold bars. If you are looking to purify gold, we recommend you make use of a refining system.

    What is the heating principle for gold melting?

    The principle of gold melting is induction heating. Amongst the many gold melting processes we listed out, induction heating is the most reliable and efficient.

    Could we use this furnace to melt most metals like iron, gold, silver, copper, and aluminum?

    Yes, our machine could melt most metals. But for melting ferrous metal and non-ferrous metal, it needs to be equipped with different coils and crucible to realize a smooth and effective finish. For iron steel melting, we make use of silica crucible {alumina crucible} for melting. For gold, silver, and copper, we make use of graphite crucibles. Please check the attached specification file of melting capacity.

    How can I solve gold loss in gold melting kiln?

    To solve gold loss, you need to regulate the furnace temperature in the right sequence. Gold loss is usually caused by overheating the metal or heating above the melting point.

    How many ways does gold melt?

    Gold can be melted in three ways, by using an induction heating furnace, propane torch, or resistance furnace. To enable you easily pick which would be suitable for your melting need from the above listed, let’s elaborate a bit on the effects usage of each smelting technique has.

    Can you melt down different karat of gold together?

    Yes, you can melt different karat gold together. However, it’s important to note that smelting gold of different carat together wouldn’t provide you with a higher carat percentage.

    Can you melt down gold to make jewelry?

    Yes, to make jewelry, the gold material must be melted down. Jewelry has, for a long time, served as the most patronized by-product of gold. Note that due to gold’s fragile nature, most times to attain a piece of shiny and more durable jewelry, pure gold is mixed with alloys.

    Can you melt gold rings to make new ones?

    Yes, you can melt a gold ring to make a new one. However, you might want to keep in mind that the melting process can reduce the expected karat due to the presence of impurities; thereby causing a shortage in the molten magma needed to make a new ring.

    Can you melt yellow gold into rose gold?

    Yes, you can melt down yellow gold into white gold. Gold naturally exists in yellow color. Freshly mined gold or pure gold exist in the yellowish nature it is widely known for. White gold, on the other hand, contains 10 to 18-carat gold, which means that white gold is not pure gold. Most jewelers prefer melting down yellow gold by adding metals like palladium. This process which undoubtedly adds impurities to the gold also changes its color to white.

    Does gold lose value when melted?

    No, pure gold doesn’t lose its value. Instead, it acquires more value. Since gold is mined in an impure nature, the process of melting is required to help purify the gold. All the gold materials and pieces in circulation today underwent the melting process.

    How do you melt gold dust?

    To melt gold dust, you can make use of a propane torch, resistance furnace, or an induction heating machine depending on the amount of gold and the budget involved. If you are melting gold ores or recycled gold or you are looking to remove impurities from the gold, you might want to make use of oxidizing agents during the melting process.

    How do you remove copper from gold?

    To remove copper from gold, you would have to smelt the gold. This process involved the application of flux {a combination of sodium carbonate and borax} to the gold piece, then melt using any preferred melting technique.

    How do you separate gold from other metals by melting?

    To separate gold from other metals by melting, you would have to remove or pour out the impure substance that rises to the top of the material after a liquified form {molten} of the precious metal has been attained.

    How do you smelt gold jewelry?

    Gold jewelry is commonly smelted by gold recyclers. Just like the process involved in smelting gold ores, jewelry requires proper application of flux on the materials before being placed in a heating furnace.

    How do you smelt gold with borax?

    To smelt gold using borax, you would have to create a mixture of disodium tetraborate {borax} and sodium carbonate. This mixture is generally regarded as a flux. After such mixture is obtained, application of the flux on the gold before heating would enable the impure substance attached to the gold to rise to the top of the cubicle when heated.

    How many degrees does it take to melt gold?

    To melt gold, you would require a furnace that can heat as far as 2000 degrees Fahrenheit although the estimated melting point for gold is 1945 degrees Fahrenheit.

    How much gold is lost when melted?

    If you are melting an 18-carat gold to obtain 24-carat gold, you will lose over 25% of the gold after the melting process. In situations where you are melting 9-carat gold and 18-carat gold combined to get 24-carat, you would lose up to 50% of the gold.

    What can I use as a crucible for gold melting?

    Graphite is a perfect material to use as a crucible when melting gold. There are tons of graphite crucible available. If you are looking for a suitable crucible for your gold melting kiln, get in touch with our support service today.

    Does SuperbMelt provide services abroad?

    Yes, we provide services abroad. Our machines are easy to operate and maintain. The machine comes with a one-year quality warranty. During the warranty period, spare part replacement is free by express. If the machine cannot be fixed due to manufacturing issues from our end, we replace it with a new machine for free. Note that this policy excludes issues such as wrong operation, lack of water, and overvoltage.

    Which parts are easy to break in the induction melting furnace and What spares should I buy for future replacement?

    The crucibles are consumable products. The life of a crucible is 30 times melting, it’s essential you prepare according to your business. Note that the induction coil is prone to spoilage when you fail to add water for cooling or due to wrong operation. You can purchase an additional induction coil for a spare.

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