Model SPB-H2 gold smelters M.MF03 gold smetlers
induction gold smelters
Heating principle Induction heating Resistance heating
Power 3.5kw 1.7kw
Melting time 2kg gold is molten within 3mins nearly 2kg gold is molten within 20mins nearly
Moten metal stirring The magnetic field will stir the molten metal to realize mixing alloy abundantly based on induction heating No stirring function. it is by resistance heating transferring
Power consumption The induction heating furnace can save over 10 times power consumption per kilogram than the resistance heating furnace
Cooling system Need water cooling No need water cooling
Protection alarm Over voltage warning, Over current warning, lack of water warning, phase loss warning, improper frequency warning Simple working
Working time Theoretically, 24 hours continuous working After 2-3 hours working, need 30 mins stop working for cooling
Price $1100 nearly $350 nearly
Remark If you have requirement about melting time and long time working, the induction gold smelters are the best choice. The resistance furnace is more simple and cost saving. Generally, the life time of induction gold smelter is much longer than resistance one.

In industrial settings induction furnaces are most used to melt gold. This is because gold has a high melting point. The induction gold smelters used are speedy melting furnaces, which are ideal for small scale casting, and manual tilting furnaces, which are preferred for continuous manufacturing processes and large-scale casting.

However, you can melt gold as well in your garage if you have the right equipment. In fact, this is the easy ways to melt gold right at home.